Man arrested for tampering in Longview triple-homicide released


POSTED: Wednesday, April 9, 2014 - 6:24pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, January 6, 2015 - 7:05pm

Longview Police are investigating two different crime scenes they believe are connected after a shooting left three people dead Sunday night.

The first being in a Denny's parking lot in the 3100 block of South Eastman Road. Officer Kristi Brian told KETK a body, later identified as Joey Hollister, 15, was found late Sunday afternoon. It is believed to be connected to a shooting just a few miles away in the 800 block of Beaumont Street, said Brian.

According to Carthage ISD, the victim was a student at their high school. 


                      Joey Hollister

 At 7:35 p.m., Gregg County Pct. 1 Justice of the Peace B.H. Jameson pronounced Anthony Anderson, 35, dead at a home in the 800 block of Beaumont Street. 

                             Anthony Anderson

Authorities were able to recover a handgun in the 1000 block of Lilly Street, which is one block away from S Eastman Road. Officials are working diligently to put the pieces together and solve the crimes.

Officials identified one of the deceased as Tavarus Christopher Glaspie, 35, of Longview. He was pronounced dead at a local hospital around 7:45 p.m. on Sunday.

              Tavarus Glaspie (Courtesy: Facebook)

The Longview Police Department arrested JaCorey DeWayne Williams, 22, of Carthage, Monday on tampering charges. The suspect allegedly threw the recovered gun on Lilly Street from the getaway vehicle. He was released on $5,000 bond Wednesday.

                            JaCorey Williams

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How can you say this is just like Dalton Days? You people should try to get FACTS instead of freaking SPECTATING sometimes. As for the guy that said that this was obviously a robbery turned murder.And may very well be drug related.
How the hell do you know? where you there? Did you over here them talking or planning it? Or maybe you helped plan this robbery turned murder that was OBVIOUSLY and may very well be drug related. this is Ignorant and i hate thoses that SPECTATE state FACTS please!!

Spectating means to watch. Speculating means to assume. Over here indicates a place. Overhear means you heard something someone said. The street this shooting happened on is well known for drug activity. The car pulled up and exchanged at least 40 shots back and forth (earlier news reports). I won't speculate it was a robbery, but I will speculate it was either drug-related or gang-related.


Dalton Days? Playacting? I really doubt these actors today even thought about Cowboys and 'Dalton Days'. You are living in la-la land.

This was obviously a robbery turned murder. And may very well be drug related.

It would be better if you watched "The First 48' to understand these killings you see today.

Look forward, Dalton Days re-enact something that happened in the 1800' put your thinking caps on, are people going to look back on today's "killing fields" in 100 years? It's almost what goes around comes around again and again, and in years to come, the "Shootout at the OK Corral" and Dalton Days re-enactments will be overshadowed by the reality of today's lawless outlaws who settle arguments with shootouts on neighborhood streets in this country...great legacy!

Just goes to show how dense folks can post highlighted the wild west mentality of those hell-bent on killing, not Longview's Dalton Days, per se...question: how can a re-enactment of an 1800's shoot-out look to a child who is too young to discern fact from fiction? Absolutely, parents need to clarify the horror of shooting with looking at this event as "play-acting", but how do you explain the killing that happens daily with what look like the same guns the actors are using?

Dalton Days ? Really ?

I am sorry but where in the world did anyone mistake the renactment of Dalton Days for thos tragedy. Dalton Days had nothing to do with GROWN men having a gun fight today. Yes parents need to protect their children but they also need to TEACH their children. This tragedy had nothing to do with them attending Daltin Days and watching Longview's history. Praying for all the family and friends involved!!

Really? You think they shot each other because of a documentary reenactment from the 1800s? I'm just guessing, but I think this had a lot more to do with what their prior arrests are for than them watching a downtown play of a bank robbery. Also, I would be willing to bet that they never attended the Dalton Days reenactments, anyway. SMH

So what you're telling me is due to a person's criminal back is the outcome to death . Smh I really dislike this state of Texas so many hypocrites , there's always someone stereotyping a person . These people that your talking about has family, a love one that has read your insensitive comment. Grow up ,your life is far from perfect . I can only imagine what you've done you just haven't been caught... does anyone else see the irony of this shooting and the glamorized Dalton Days "guns, games, and good times" the Wild West still alive and deadly in Longview? Shooting others was the solution of choice with gunslingers in the 1800's, and things haven't progressed much at all in the US. Just think what kids must think about the Dalton shootouts...okay...I can shoot someone, but they'll just pop up in a minute or two...WRONG MESSAGE to send, bad way to sell tickets!

Thats why we as parents teach our kids the difference between the two. Im sorry these people are dead but to blame the Dalton Days is just as bad as others in the world not doing your job as a parent.

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