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KTBB's Question of the Day: Is There Enough Proof President Obama is a U.S. citizen?

POSTED: Wednesday, June 24, 2009 - 7:12am

UPDATED: Monday, December 2, 2013 - 9:59am

UNDATED—The editor of the popular Web site, World Net Daily, Joseph Farah, is offering a $10,000 reward to anyone who can prove they were present at the birth of President Barack Obama.

KTBB news anchor Garth Maier, asks East Texans if they think there is a lack of proof that the President was born in Hawaii.

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Glad to see the press investigating this issue. It's been a tremendously hot issue on the internet but not in the TV news. This puts pressure on Obama to release the "long-form" birth certificate. If he has nothing to hide, he should simply pay the $10.00 fee to release it and be done with the question once and for all. Proof is in the long-form birth certificate.

Now that's a silly question. Of course any British, Indonesia, Kenya, or other natural born individual is allowed to be president of USSA.

Barry AKA Obama needs to prove every thing we all know money and corruption is how he got where he is at ! Acorn Corruptions and money bribes and threats and dead peoples votes along with double registered folks and Cartoon Characters!
If Indeed he went to school on foreign aid Grants and His Birth was told by Kenyan Gram she witnesed his Birth over there and his indonesian citizenship was never ended he is indonesian citizen acting as Potus in USA this is illegal he has shown nothing but being in support of the NWO and he is a muslim we all know that he also ha bio sexual experience which contradicts the muslim beliefs ! He is a fraud fake phoney that has munipulated every one that he can to get where he is at I say start impeachment proces now ASAP before he completely destroys America ! Until he proves Kenyan Gram to be a liar he needs Proof!Also he needs to show he is American and he is not doing that in any Manner of actions at all !
Also He need to be arrested for fraud info given for Grants he help get awarded!

Fran B wrote: "This such a farse, and it shows that discriminstion is still rampant in this country." It's 'farce', and the farce is that YES, discriminstion is still rampant. The discriminstion is that McCain's eligibility was investigated by Congress! (Look it up if you don't believe me.) The mainstream news media is trying to marginalize this issue and the history around it, but McCain's eligibility was investigated, while a man with CLEARLY questionable issues surrounding his birth ... why, it's a HATE CRIME to even ask about that!

The Obama Campaign posted a document image on his website that they claim is a genuine copy of OBama's "original birth certificate." Not only does the image NOT show an original birth certificate -- it's a Certification of Live Birth (or, COLB), a short form transcript -- it's not even a real document, but a completely fabricated fake image from at least two different images: none of which are Obama's.

My research irrefutably proved, and Hawaii's State Registrar confirmed, that no Certification of Live Birth, date-stamped June , 2007, was ever produced for Obama.

Hawaii does have his original birth ertificate, ON RECORD, but Hawaii did not say what it is: whether it's a paper document or merely a computer record, and
It is this same database that is accessed to retrieve a basic set of birth information (basically, birthdate, birthplace, and the names and races of his Mother and Father) and to enter this dataset into a computer-generated form called the COLB.

The COLB cannot be used to prove where someone was born because the law in effect in 1961, permitted Hawaii to issue them to foreign-born children, up to one year of age, whose parent(s) were Hawaiian residents. Additionally, the COLB lacks any signatures of any witnesses to the birth.

Speaking of witnesses, OBama's paternal granfnother in Kenya, along with two other well-respected citizens of Kenya, have gone on record as having witnessed the birth of Obama in Kenya.

Insyead of spending $12 to get a paper copy of his original birth certificate, Obama has given his personal lawyer, Bob Bauer, over $1 million in campaign contributions to fight all of the lawsuits that simply ask him to release his original birth certificate snd prove that he really was born in Hawaii.

It has been more than two years since questions about Obama's real name and place of birth were first posed, and Obama has never given a copy of his real paper birth certificate to anyone with any authority to verify.

Meanwhile, John McCain was sued in March 2008 for the same reason that Obama was first sued in August 2008; i.e., that they are not natural-born citizens as required by the Constitution.

McCain produced a real, certified paper copy of his original birth certificate and presented it to the Senate, along with 2,00 pages of medical records.

All that Obama did was to post an image on his website of a totally fabricated and forged COLB, and then had his complicit cohorts in the print media claim that it was real.

If Obama really was born in Hawaii to Ann Dunham and Barack Obama Sr. on Aug 4, 1961, then he would not have committed felony document fraud to prove it.

Hi doc. Glad to see you're checking in.

Folks, if you're now to this, prepare to be astonished!

What's 'Barry Soetoro' hiding? Has he even given a reason yet, why he won't release the LFBC? This whole issue could have been neatly nipped in the bud, with just a little of that 'transparency' he likes to talk about. The more he ignores/fights revealing the BC, the less credibility he dispays. Not that he actually had any cred to begin with.

It is imperative the president be a natural born citizen and that he provide proof. If not, anyone from any country can run for the office. One caller said he was a natural born citizen because he married an American. No, that is not correct. He does not get automatic citizenship via marriage and that still doesn't make him a NBC. It matters to this country that the person responsible for protecting our nation and American citizens in fact be born here and have a love of this country and our Constitution and our Republic they are willing to fight for. Obama is doing everything he can to make us vulnerable to attack but cutting back on our missile defense, etc. Every American should be concerned and should demand proof from this man that he is a natural born citizen. Clearly he is hiding something concerning his birth. He is not above the law. It is the responsibility of the State Attorneys to vett the candidate for office. It is not that of the FBI or the CIA. Every State Attorney should be held accountable for this. And, just for your information, Pelosi and the Dems demanded proof from Bush and later McCain that they were natural born citizens. You can look it up on the net. So why don't they demand the same from Obama? You might want to call Pelosi and ask her!

Anyone spending over $100 000 in legal battles fighting law suites requesting documentation is a fraud and is NOT the president of the US. One has to be a moron to think any differently.

Tracy, Who the heck brought discrimination into this discussion, EXCEPT you. This is about the constitutional eligiblity of a man who is holding the highest office in the land. The only one who "ripping off" the middle and lower class is Obama. He is making sure there is no "middle" and fixing things so everyone will have to rely on government for all of their needs. That is a really bad trap and will be extremely hard to escape from. I prefer to make my own decisions like what type of car I drive, what I eat, what type, if any, insurance I have, whether or not I want to give my money to AIG or Citibank, and to keep my taxes affordable so that I remain in the middle class. If he is not a natural born citizen, he must be removed regardless of his ethnicity to reduce the damage.

All people are asking is for Obama to produce the goods... how difficult is that? Show the country your birth certificate and you can go about your business.

Yea! about time this subject gets some telivition time.

Any criticism of Obama is racist.

I think evertbody is wrong. I believe that he was a spot on the ground,
and the Kenyan sun hatched him.

The man is a fraud period. Listen to all the blind, who say "leave him alone"..."let him do his job"...NO, you sit down and shut up. I can't believe this peice of crap hasn't been impeached. No wonder barry has paid more than 1 million in attorneys fees to keep his records hidden. But hey, what do I know? Afterall I don't trust the mainstream media LOL

No, I do not believe he was born in Hawaii.

O's Kenyan grandmother says she was present at the birth of O in KENYA.
O's Sister said he was born in one hospital in Hawaii while O says he was born in a different hospital in Hawaii.
There is something fishy going on here.

Actually, it was his paternal step-grandmother, and she never said that. It's just another fraud by the lunatic fringe.

Twitchy, Twitchy, Twitchy, I've been holding back but you earned this this time.

Begone, foul Obot. Your very name screams treason and ignorance.

Obama's Kenyan paternal grandmother Sarah Hussein Obama, has stated that she was present at the hospital when he was born in Mombasa, Kenya. Sworn affidavits attesting to this exist for multiple persons, including Bishop Ron McRae of The Anabaptists Churches of North America and Kweli Shuhubia, an ordained minister for the gospel of Jesus Christ and a native Kenyan evangelist who was present serving as translator when Sarah Obama voluntarily and knowingly participated in a recorded conversation about her grandson Barack Hussein Obama II. Bishop McRae asked Sarah Obama specifically, “Were you present when your grandson Barack Obama was born in Kenya” This was asked to her in translation twice, and both times she specifically replied “Yes”.

Some desperately wish to dismiss this conversation outright due to some commotion at the end of the tape caused by Sarah's official Kenyan handlers, who understanding the significance of her statement, tried but failed to prevent Sara Obama from making this admission. She is proud that her grandson is going to be president. She does not know that being born in Kenya is a Constitutional disqualification. She said she was present at his birth. She answered in the affirmative when asked if Obama was born in Kenya.

The handlers who are fully aware of the significance of her admission then interrupted and insisted Obama was born in Hawaii. How could Sara Obama have been present at the birth, as she said she was, if Obama was in Hawaii? She was not in Hawaii at the time and was clearly saying she was present when Obama was born in Kenya. The translator has affirmed this.

Please listen to the tape yourself at this link:

In addition the Kenyan Ambassador to the U.S., his Excellency Peter Ogengo admitted during a live radio interview that Obama was born in Kenya and that the location of his birth is "already an attraction" and that a monument may be built there by the government. Ambassador Ogengo soon afterward retracted his live statement, possibly under duress from Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga, who claims to be Obama's cousin

Raila Odinga is infamous for causing violent political unrest following the December 2007 presidential elections in Kenya, resulting in approximately 1,500 deaths and over a half million people displaced by the election violence, before Odinga was eventually placated with the position of PM, offered by presidential incumbent and election winner Mwai Kibaki as a compromise to share power in hopes of ending the violence by Odinga's socialist supporters. This occurred subsequent to Obama visiting with Odinga in Kenya, where he reportedly gave Odinga nearly one million dollars along with providing political advice and openly campaigning for his cousin.

Investigative journalist and author Dr. Jerome Corsi, upon recently traveling to Kenya in search of information on Obama, including his birth records, was detained by Kenyan authorities, summarily informed that any such information is classified as 'top secret', and then deported with a dire warning that he never return to Kenya.

My patriotic brethren, to paraphrase both Thomas Paine and Ben Franklin: we must all hang together or surely we will all hang separately. Take heart in the famous last words of Continental Army Officer, Captain Nathan Hale: "I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country."

You see the struggle for freedom in Iran where defenseless people are being slaughtered and all you have to do to maintain your freedom is demand your elected Representatives honor our Constitution. Please do so.

Barack Hussein Obama II and his White House press secretary Robert Gibbs, have now both officially asked the American public to simply accept that Obama has already released and posted his BC on the Internet, so why won't Obama grant Hawaii permission to release it as well? Trust but verify!

If he has nothing to hide, WHY on earth would he have spent so much money on lawyers to keep the long form hidden? Campaign contribution money at that...shouldn't there be a law against that?

I live in Hawaii, and a COLB will not pass as a Birth Certificate to register your child in school or anything else. Foreign nationals were given these documents on the word of themselves, or someone speaking for them, that they were born in Hawaii. Sun Yat Sin of China has a COLB from Hawaii, he also was a Punahou student.

If the man has his "real" birth certificate locked up by the Gov. of Hawaii then he MUST be hiding something. Like the fact that he was NOT born here. Get the truth out, he is tearing our country apart and turning us into the old USSR. IF he is NOT a citizen then all the damage he has done so far can be reduced when he is thrown out of office

I don't suppose you've ever heard of privacy laws. He doesn't have his "'real' birth certificate locked up by the Gov. of Hawaii". Hawaii state law says only certain people are allowed to ask for a copy. Texas state law probably says something similar, like most states.

I so totally agree, I wish this would have be taken care of earlier, but, now is good too! Somebody do something before we all suffer the consequences....and there will be consequences, from what has taken place so far, we seem to all be in real trouble. America the land of the free is in danger.

Hurray for this TV station! I wish more TV stations would be brave enough to do the same! I believe that Obama does NOT have enough proof!

This such a farse, and it shows that discriminstion is still rampant in this country. As a nation our focus should be on those who are doing to rip off the middle and lower class, to seperate the have's from the have not's. This is a way to discredit Mr. Obahma and put even the smallest inkling of confusion and doubt in the minds of Americans

Tracy wrote "This such a farse, and it shows that discriminstion is still rampant in this country. As a nation our focus should be on those who are doing to rip off the middle and lower class, to seperate the have's from the have not's"

While you have your opinion, people such as yourself should neber vote, you apparently watch MSNBC/CNN and soak up the propaganda.
The only discrimination is when a Liberal is required to show proof of ID for voting, the presidency etc.
Get over your false racism and learn that we are a nation of laws, not feel goods. He MUST show proof or get out.

Why do you say this has ANYTHING to do with race? Obama is only 1/4 black, 1/4 arab and 1/2 white. He is multi-racial.

Why don't you say the same thing about Alan Keyes who is suing Obama? Keyes is far more qualified to be President and did run in the last election. In fact, he and Bob Barr were the ONLY qualified Presidential candidates that I know of. By the way, he is also black.

The should do the electoral college count again, throwing out all the votes for McCain and Obama, as neither were NATURAL BORN CITIZENS.

There you go Tracy, hide behind the old discrimination ploy. Nothing like a little race baiting to deflect from the issue at hand and prevent the truth from being told.

Obama is separating the wealth from the haves and giving it to the have not's just fine thank you. A modern day Robin Hood.

Can you focus on the issue at hand? That is, just release the long form document, showing the hospital of birth, date and time of birth, and the attending physician's name and signature. By not doing so, Obama is only discrediting himself. If he does authorize the release of the long form, all this "confusion", as you put it, will evaporate.

A farce? you say? Why is it a farce? Just because you say call it a farce? The fact is that Our Constitution requires a president to be a NATURAL BORN citizen and your hussein has not proven he meets the requirement.

You say we should focus on those who rip off the middle class and lower class??? Tell me: What rip off could possibly be more important to any citizen than stealing The Constitution and The Office of The President?

Stop being a racist and crying discrimination: This is a Constitutional issue that has nothing to do with race. Many people here also question John McCain's Natural Born status. Are you so dimwitted, you cannot comprehend the importance of The Founder's requirement for Presidential qualification? Thankfully, shallow thinkers such as you are in the minority here.

Uh ..., what?

Tracy, I am basing my opinion on the facts, not race. Please don't pull the race card. Have you even examined the facts for yourself? For instance, do you even know the difference between a "Certificate of Live Birth" and a "Birth Certificate?" Also, why is Obama spending millions of dollars to fight the lawsuits rather than just release his Birth Certificate? He's hiding something!

Tracy Honey, try to think this through. If he is an honest man then he should step up and put this all to rest. Naive middle schoolers such yourself will only compound the problem.


First you must have been educated by he government, since you can't spell. Second, good luck in having on of the have not's give you a job. Third, if someone asks if I am a citizen I will just show them my birth certificate, and it won't take a law suit.

It is BHO that is ripping off the Middle and loer class people. In fact, he is ripping us all off, destroying our Nation with debt. He is a cancer eating away our freedoms and eventually our ability to support ourselves

Why do you say that this topic demonstrates that discrimination is rampant?
The eligibility question is legitimate and has nothing to do with racism.
Who (other than those in power in Washington) are trying to "rip off the middle and lower classes?
All Mr. Obama has to do to end this confusion is produce his documents including his long form birth certificate and school records. Thus far he has refused to do so. This is not a race issue!

"This shows that discrimination is still rampant...."


This guy probably lied about his place of birth so he can run for the presidency, usurps and demeans the constitution of the United States, his liberal lying allies do everything except resort to violence to aid and abett the coverup, and you claim that people who are concerned with upholding the Constitution are engaging in discrimination?

Your a NUT...and like most liberals make no sense.
GEEEEEZE these clowns make me nuts!

Tracy... Yeah there certainly is discrimination. Obama has spent over eight hundred thousand dollars keeping his records sealed. (That's because he's legit...Yeah right!)
Even the Democratic National Committee threw the other candidates under the bus and assisted Obama with the cover up. Which means the D.N.C. discriminated against the other Democratic Presidential Candidates for a virtual unknown mystery man. This however makes him the perfect Democrat... a liberal, naive, multi-racial, socialist. The perfect push over for the puppet masters.

In the Primary election, I voted for Allen Keyes. So don't tell me that asking about whether or not he is a citizen is discrimination. Obama has spent over a million dollars to keep his birth certificate private. If he is an american, then let him release it to the public.

It has nothing to do with race. It's just that he has provided less proof that he meets the qualifications the constitution requires than I would need to get a drivers license or a social security card. There are two types of birth certificates. One is a certificate of live birth that no one accepts as proof of anything and the other is a long form birth certificate that is accepted. We are simply asking for a long form birth certificate. How is that prejudicial?

My God, Tracy -- you can even spell his NAME right, no wonder you were conned into voting for this inexperienced charlatan. We won't even go into the other, poorly-fleshed out and expressed thoughts in your message.

Wait for cap & trade, the skyrocketing energy prices and the onerous taxes that will be required to pay for 'universal health care' and interest on his runaway spending, if you think the middle class and lower classes are not going to be ripped off. "No tax increases for 95% of the country." Bwa-haahahahahahah... Hang onto your shorts, Tracy.

And -- how DARE you assert that racism is at the heart of this!? I want EVERYBODY to comply with the requirements to be president of our nation. I don't care what your color your skin is.

Get a clue.

Racist for asking for a birth certificate????? I'm sure that makes sense to someone. Lets use the race card for every issue while it still works.

Explain to me how this is discrimination. John McCain's OWN Campaign investigated his citizenship BECAUSE the constitution says Natural Born Citizen. Of course, Mr. Obama's campaign not only has refused to prove his citizenship, but have paid untold $100,000's to make sure this documentation is never released. I understand the law doesn't apply to certain politicians because they feel they are above the law. There's no confusion in my mind. The constitution says a Presidential candidate must be a citizen, John McCain proved his, your guy is fighting it. You want to focus on those ripping off the lower and middle class - Just wait until the cap and trade, card check, and the immigration legislation is in place.

I would suggest you learn how to spell "farce", "discrimination",and of all things "Obama". After you get that down, I would suggest you learn to do some independent research on the subject and study the Constitution. Some common sense might also help. Why does one spend amost a million dollars to keep their records hidden and to fight lawsuits asking for proof, if they are not trying to hide something?

Yeah, you're right. Obomba wants everyone to be separated from what is theirs.

What does incompetence have to do with race? What does lying to the American people have to do with race? It is evident thus far that Obama has no idea what it means to be an American because he was not here during his formative years. A six year old knows what it means to be an American more than this President. The Founders were brilliant in making sure the leader of this great nation be a "NATURAL BORN" citizen. Now I know why.

This has nothing to do with discrimination. It has to do with the Constitution of the United States. You know, the one document that grants us our freedoms and limits government. If he is NOT a natural born citizen, then he cannot be POTUS. Plain and simple. Personally I will vote for the most qualified person but we instead have an ursurper in office. If he is indeed natural born, then let him prove it like McCain was required to do. Why is he hiding all his records if he has nothing to hide? Simple question. How is this discrimination?

"As a nation our focus should be on those who are doing to rip off the middle and lower class, to seperate the have's from the have not's."

Tracy the only reason the "have nots" have nothing is because they are too lazy to get off their butts and work for anything. Every person in this nation has the same opportunity to succeed. I believe the election of Obama is proof of that. The "have nots" are too busy with their hands out expecting the rest of us to support them while they sit around having more welfare babies, smoking crack, and drinking their 40's. They have absolutly no self respect. Lazy, shiftless, dredges of society. Those people need to stop expecting others to do for them what they will not do for themselves. I am from a working class, blue collar family, was a single parent, and took the initiative to better my own life without government handouts. Everything I have, which isn't alot, I worked for and earned. Nobody has ever "ripped" me off simply because they were more successful and they didn't prevent me from being successful. Government handouts, welfare, and affirmative action has been the rip off of the working class. And, not that it makes a difference, I am not white.

The fact that he was evaded the simplest of requirements to become POTUS and has instead hired an army of lawyers to conceal personal information, should make you reconsider if he is a have or have not. It is very simple, he has promised transparency and has yet to show any. This has nothing to do with discrimination. Everyone is equal, there are no royals in this country sweety.

The class warfare that Obama is causing is definitely the point. Does he have the authority to cause this kind of upheaval in America? Spend time looking at the facts.

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