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Leadership on display

Leadership on display

My goodness, it was great to see and hear a statesman in the well on the floor of Congress today. Probably the only smart thing John Boehner has done since he became speaker was to invite Benjamin Netanyahu to speak today.

Texas Independence Day

It's a special day if you're a Texan. It's Texas Independence Day. It's a day a lot of brave people sat in a room at Washington on the Brazos and signed away their independence from Mexico.

In search of a spine

Emergency doctors from the DC area have been called to our nation's capitol. The reason-- the spine of the Republican Party seems to be missing or has atrophied. The FCC Thursday slam-dunked this net neutrality bill.

Sleeping through government takeover

While we've been covering the weather this week these things have been happening.

Hit control-alt-delete

I did a commentary on this subject a few weeks ago. No one seems to care. Your internet is about to change. The internet...not created by Al Gore but by the military for communication.

New Jersey Madness

This from Fox News: A retired teacher is facing 10 years in prison and the loss of his state pension for possessing a flintlock pistol that may not have been fired since George Washington was alive, according to his attorney..

Nothing to scream about

Neal Barton gives his Point of View.

Don't shoot my robber baby

My favorite news story of the week. Recently in Mobile, Alabama...a robbery happens at family dollar store. The 18-year old thug has store employees down on their knees while he points a hand gun at them.

Dismantle the DHS

Government at the federal level for all of my lifetime has been a bloated cow with too much cud (your money) to chew on than anything else. Did we ever need a department of energy? What a joke.

More Obamacare speed bumps

The time to sign up for Obama care ended last week. For some it will be a tough lesson in what the law was all about. But...that being said some dems are heading to the hills.

Everybody can vote

We told you yesterday the administration was going to try and swing it where illegals could get tax refunds, even though the never paid into the system.

They're coming for your internet

You better put your hand on your wallet and hang on because once again the Federal Government is slobbering over the internet. Ol' Ted Kennedy hated we were not taxing it.

States fighting back

It's obvious many in the country have had enough of the overreach of the federal government except the federal government...especially republicans who ran against it and are now...meh...

Are the 'warmists' the alarmists?

Another article was published that says the hype about man-made global warming is false.

The real numbers

Media tongues were wagging today. The AP reported U.S. employers added a vigorous 257,000 jobs in January, and wages jumped by the most in six years - evidence that the job market is accelerating closer to full health.