Neal Barton's POV


Feedin' Uncle Sugar

Uncle Sugar has to eat. A huge hog at the trough. If you run into trouble, you have to cut back. You have to stick to a budget.

Worried about what?

Gallup is at it again-- this time about global warming again. They question how worried are you when it comes to global warming or what some are now calling climate change.

Sleep well, America

 We won't call terrorists, terrorists. We call wont call ISIS a terror group because we don't want anyone to be mad. We are trying to negotiate a nuclear treaty with Iran. They hate us.

Too many cooks

We've all heard that phrase too many cooks in the kitchen. If you are an adult you know what that means. I found this piece in today's Daily Caller very interesting and a lot like too many cooks.

The doctor is not a politician

This is from the Texas Tribune. I didn't even realize a lot of this was going on or was legal.

What transparency?

this administration promised to be the most transparent ever. So far, it's not even close.

Your tax money at work

I could not help but notice this morning on CNN, a Whitehouse spokesperson did not congratulate Bibi Netanyahu on his victory. They only congratulated the people of Israel on their election.

Where are the savings?

When it comes to immigration, I was told over and over and over this was going to save me money after all the potential voters were allowed in. Then--this sobering report from CNS News was filed.

Global Whatchamacallit

Just a few years ago, I was hearing from anchors on national morning TV shows there was not going to be snow anymore. Their kids would not be able to enjoy the snow like they did.

Time has come for a change

Can we just do this? Isn't it about time? I mean, come on. The change back to Daylight Saving Time.

Decisive action for all rule breakers

You know, it's hard to believe here in 2015 we had another incident like this, especially from a college campus.
Imagine a world...

Imagine a world...

He's dead no, but remember the well known voiceover actor you're here every time you went to the movies?

Don't rock the boat?

Don't you love some boat-rocking?  The Washington Examiner reports Sen. Tom Cotton challenged Vice President Joe Biden's criticism of the GOP's letter to Iran, questioning his foreign policy expertise.

At least some spine from rookies

The Washington Times reports Republicans will raise the government's borrowing limit without threatening a default, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell guaranteed Sunday, placating the markets but potentially surrendering the party's

Do you feel the rebound?

Does anyone feel the so-called rebound of the economy?