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15 mil to Mexico


POSTED: Wednesday, July 16, 2014 - 6:11pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, July 23, 2014 - 11:00am

All of the illegals we have coming through from Central America are all coming through Mexico. Our good friends, Mexico.

You know, the country who is holding one of our Marines captive? A guy who had PTSD and had guns, so he took a wrong turn and they still have him-- chained to a bed like a dog.

When asked why they won't let him go, Mexico said "they are a country of laws."

Really? Since when?

And now -- in my opinion -- they still don't act in good faith toward our nation. We are sending them some suck-up money.

USA Today reported the United States is quietly expanding its training of Mexico's armed forces, helping to reverse decades of mistrust that made Mexico's military reluctant to cooperate with its northern neighbor.

The amount the Pentagon spent on training Mexico's armed forces, though small, increased to more than $15 million last year, up from about $3 million in 2009, according to U.S. Northern Command, which oversees U.S. military contacts with Mexico.

The training comes as Mexico's armed forces have been drawn deeper into the country's war on drugs and organized crime.

"For decades, Mexico's military tried to remain autonomous from the U.S. military," said David Shirk, a fellow at the Wilson Center.

Why can't they stand on their own? Don't we send them foreign aid? We send everyone foreign aid and it seems all they do is slap us.

Don't get me started about the U.N. I could go until 10 p.m. If Mexico is a nations of laws, how come they are not stopping train loads of illegals coming through Mexico illegally? What a sham.

That's my point of view what's yours?

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Meanwhile as Microsoft lays off 18,000 they push to take in more 'guest' workers. Yes aliens!

Hey and don... who owns Microsoft? WHO DOES HE DONATE TO?

Democrats, right don? Yes super rich liberals who lay off American workers while importing aliens and they donate to Democrats, including Obama!

Hope for change in 2014. Let's lay off democrats in just FIVE MONTHS.

News flash: MICROSOFT to lay off 18,000...

Obamanomics at it's best (or worse.)

FIVE MONTHS folks, just FIVE MONTHS till we can unemploy Democrats. Voe 'em out!

I wonder why the GOP & bush did not secure the border and end illegal immigration during the 6 years they controlled congress and the white house?
I wonder why the republicans gave illegal immigrants amnesty?
I wonder why t-party rick perry put the dream act into law in Texas?
I wonder why t-party rick perry said he would veto legislation that mandated E-Verify?
I wonder why greg abbott has not gone after Tx. businesses for employing illegal immigrants?

News flash: DELL to lay off 2,500 employees in North Texas and another 16,500 statewide
Republican economics at it's best (or worse.)

FIVE MONTHS folks, just FIVE MONTHS till we can unemploy Republicans / T-Partiers. Vote 'em out!


Obama can simply tell the INS to DEPORT THEM. Obama can tell the Border Patrol to CLOSE THE BORDER. Obama can tell ICE to arrest them. They have the funds. They are funded each year and have the money.

Bot don.. Obama does not want to close the border. Does not want to deport them (they need democrat voters in states where there is no voter ID laws.) And that is the problem don.

No deaf Obama can not simply tell the INS to DEPORT THEM, THAT LITTLE THING CALLED A U.S. CONSTITUTION SAYS HE CAN'T. OH, and deaf it is the t-party republicans who do not want to secure the borders because the Democrats have passed a bill that will do just that and it has been in the house of republatards for more than a year now with no action by the republatards. john boehner will not put it up for a vote because there are many republicans who will vote for it and said they would.

The United States needs to sanction Mexico and others for reparations and reimbursement for accommodating their poor and the incarceration of their criminals...Mexico and others have had ample time to get workable governments in place....especially Mexico....Mexico was infused with billions before WW1 as well as technologies that could have vaulted them into the world excuse... they have resources and labor what's the problem?

So what happen to all the reports of how tough Mexico was about letting people through their southern border?

I agree jp....hannity was bringing that up every night on xof for a month and now nothing out of him on it.

So Mexico says they are a "they are a country of laws." Yea Narco laws. But then Obama says the same thing then breaks then or ignores them or makes new ones up in his head.

And that is why... not about FIVE months away, voters have the opportunity to thank Obama for Benghazi, Fast&Furious, IRS scandal, DOJ scandal, illegals flooding country, loss of Iraq, loss of Afghanistan, five years of economic ruin, job losses, poverty, etc.... AND VOTE DEMOCRATS OUT!

Jul 09, 2014 ยท Republicans Want to Expedite Deportation of Minors GOP wants Bush-era trafficking law changed.

but refuses to fund changes to fulfil their desires. They want their cake and eat it too.....just pure stupidity.
Senate passed immigration law over a year ago and sent to the republican/t-party house who refuses to take any action on immigration. Sounds like a bunch of cry baby kids in the GOP and t-party

Republican leadership is whining because they're caught between their campaign donors and their constituents. Who do you think will win Don? Texans suffer from Stockholm Syndrome. They defend and protect their Republican abusers.

We are training Zeta's! Those Mexican military personnel we are training are actively recruited by the Zeta drug cartel. Another fine example of stupidity on the part of the US government! 4 billion for immigrant children no problem! 15 million to train drug gangs. What a deal! But when it comes to expanded Medicaid to uninsured Texans. Hell no! Perry, Cornyn, and the Canadian have principles. Immigrants and drug gangs first. Texans second.

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