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POSTED: Tuesday, October 11, 2011 - 6:53pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, October 18, 2011 - 3:38pm

The Occupy Wall Street crowd is moving uptown today..

Getting up and walking uptown because that's where all the
rich folks live.

They will protest them.

Darn the rich folks.

What do the 99%'rs really want?

I dunno.

I hear they want jobs.

Look in the want ads.

They want more money.

Look in the want ads.

I hear they want people to bring them blankets and sleeping bags because it's getting cold.

Go back to your parent's house...borrow some money from your folks and
and buy blankets and sleeping bags and mark up the price 15%.

You're a businessman or woman.

They have the right to protest.

Just like the tea party does. NYC their permit has expired but the mayor is going to let them stay anyway.

i know what its like to be discouraged in a job hunt.

When i got out of college in 1981 there was a recession then.

i couldn't not find anything that was worthy of me.

i was a college graduate.

i coudn't take just anything.

I was special.

That is..until my father told me the world did not
owe me anything and get a job.

I did.

A full- time the radio station across town from where i was working part-time.

i wont mention the salary...

It was embarrassingly low for an educated man like me....but i was working.

From there..I got a better job.

From there..i got a tv job...that paid less than radio..but it was better for me.

And now..I'm a proud part of the 53%'rs.

The 53% of americans paying federal taxes and paying the freight,.

And guess what?

i started at the dirty bottom doing a job I felt that was beneath me.

The movers and shakers in broadcasting then didn't give me an open invitation to succeed.

I guess my invitation was lost in the mail.

I had to earn it and prove myself.

Something i still have to do everyday.

Fellow 535'rs.

Let's unite.

That's my point of view whats yours?

Uou can email me at

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Barton has the right to free speech, but panders to a constituency of like-minded ultra-conservative teavangelicals who can't stand anyone not in lock-step with their divisive rhetoric and who couldn't care less about what rank-and-file Americans face each day. He caters to advertisers who reap the benefits of customers who listen and read barton's comments and those of other ultra-cons... "what about us" is one of millions paying the price of teavangelical warfare on America.. Nov. 4, 2012.

Want some cheese with that whine ?

Not worth a reply, mother always said "consider the source"'ve obviously never been on the side of those who have had the misfortune to fall on hard times through no fault of their own. Don't bother to reply.

That's in reply to Snydergirl

Neal had officially nominated himself as "The World's Worst Person In The World" award.
According to this guy everyone that is unemployed simply needs to go look in the want ads. If unemployed people wanted to work they would get a job. So stupid and ignorant Neal.
I'm a small business owner who has lost his home to foreclosure, his cars to repossession, and forced into Ch13, then finally a total liquidation in a Ch 7 bankruptcy. I understand the protesters pain. Don't think you better than us.

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