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POSTED: Thursday, July 3, 2014 - 9:17pm

UPDATED: Friday, July 25, 2014 - 4:20pm

The government came out with its labor numbers. If you even believe the unemployment numbers anymore, we're down to 6.1%. I still remember when Democrats were outraged that George Bush's unemployment numbers were at 5.4%.The government says twice as many blacks are out of work than whites.

You see the DOW hit 17,000 Thursday. You may want to cheer. I'm not cheering because we are printing money. It's not real.

With the economy creaking along, you may want to get a job with the government. The government touts it added 26,000 jobs in June. Others are not looking for jobs at all.The Labor Department reports 92,000 people are not working and don't want to.

One job flourishing is hauling illegal migrants across the Texas border. If you get a chance, Google Charlie McDuff's story about smuggling at the Rio Grande. He's a Detroit reporter who came down to take a look-see.

His story will make you laugh and want to become ill at the same time. The best and worst part is when just by standing there, he foils two immigrants being carried to America by a cartel member on a jet ski. The jet ski driver is so bold he gives the reported the finger and screams at him "you just cost me money." This Detroit film crew found illegals in the bushes before the Border Patrol does.

And an update, remember we told you Wednesday about the Oklahoma congressman who was denied a trip to see where the illegals we being kept in his own state by Health and Human Services? Now, they say Congressmen can visit holding sights, but questions will be limited and you have to leave your phone or camera in your car.

What in the heck is going on here? Didn't we decide this sort of nonsense from a king was wrong on July 4 more than 200 years ago?

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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It is real funny that there were no T-party signs, speeches or any mention of the T-party at the open carry rally. I saw no one hiding behind anything or anyone except the one lone protester in the chicken mask. He is insignificant with one exception and that is that the media, none of them made any mention of this idiot and his actions, instead focusing on the people peacefully and lawfully assembled and pestering them for comments. That is significant because it is half reporting.

Texas fundraisers show Obama's 'leadership'? Fundraisers idiot? All he does is hide from seeing the reality of what mess he has created.

News flash! Mayor Ray Nagin found Guilty of Corruption. He gets 10 years in the pen.

Nagin today... Obama tomorrow... one can hope for some change.

Vote in November as if your country depends on it, cause with the damage Obama has done to it, it does depend on it.

Hey idiot, show us how "Putin licked Obama's boots".

More like Obama licks everyone else boots.

Hahaha... idiot... if you THINK any of the Bush's back Obama... no they are just polite and don't comment (unlike Jimmy 'Peanut' Carter.)

Putin has not given back the Crimea, has he idiot? Well?

And you think he has 'backed down'.

Dream on idiot, dream on.

And for the rest of us folks, hope for change in 2014. Can't impeach Obama (yet) but we can show our displeasure and VOTE DEMOCRATS OUT. Vote enough of them out and IMPEACHMENT is do-able.

Your technically correct about the long guns, however I dare you to walk down any street in any city in Texas carrying a long gun and see what the cops do. As far as the State of Texas limiting our rights to carry handguns, let me remind you of last year and who it was that tried to stomp all over the second amendment. It was the liberal democrats, not the republicans and it was the republicans and the NRA and gun owners that stopped it and will do so again by voting them out in November

Texas Conservative Cowboy you stated "I dare you to walk down any street in any city in Texas carrying a long gun and see what the cops do".
Are you talking about cops certified by the state of Texas? That would mean Republicans of Texas are violating your 2nd amendment right NOT the Democrats , President Obama or the Federal Government.
Let me remind you that NO GOP president would allow you to carry a firearm into any Nat. Park but Pres. Obama did in 2009.


My fog lamps are on and working fine. I was at the open carry rally. I saw what this idiot did. Wouldn't surprise me if it was Don or Towne Idiot in disguise ( the chicken mask I mean) until a 70 year old Vietnam Veteran ripped up his faggot pink sign and pulled his mask off. Don't blame the veteran. The guy got up in his face and wouldn't quit. He got exactly what was coming to him. Guy acted just like Don and Towne Idiot.

Putin licked Obama's boots.
Obama proved he is the man.
He once again showed strong leadership by the world's #1 country.
He is forcefully addressing the illegal situation & has said these children WILL be returned to their homes.
He has kept his word on every public statement he has made.
He is making America stronger than when he started.
Bush and Repubs ADMIT they trashed this country.
The ADMIT they screwed up.
Bush ADMITS Obama has done a Great job fixing his mess.
41 & 43 back Obama 100%.

Only a liberal democrat idiot would have behaved in such a manner. Only a liberal oduma loving liberal would try to disrupt the presentation of the colors, the reading of the declaration of independence and an opening prayer. I saw no Tea Party flags nor any Tea Party speeches nor any mention of the Tea Party whatever. I did see this idiot trying to disrupt the event and I did see him get his pink faggot sign ripped up by a 70 year old veteran and I saw the same rip his chicken mask off.

You might take a good look at some of these ignorant, constitution hating T-Party morons that always hide behind someone or something.

Its ok. Doesn't matter how much you complain and try to convince other to join your liberal think tank and support this piece of shit some people call the POTUS, the fact is you piece of shit POTUS is now by every poll number out there rated the worst president since WWII and brother that is had to beat he like of Johnson, Carter, Clinton and yes even Nixon. Don't worry Don, the people of the United States of American know better and will send a message in less than four months. I'm ready

Cowboy, your fog lights are burnt-out.

No idiot... what is happening is the Democrats want them in. They bus them to states and cities were there is no VOTER ID LAWS and that way in the elections they can get them to vote DEMOCRAT, no id needed.

That is how they are gonna skew the election. They used the IRS this time to smother the Tea Party but that shtick has now been exposed. So it's illegals to vote and keep them in power.

Pelosi, Reid, Binden, and Obama would rather reign in a slum than serve in a prosperous country.

Why do all that when the programmable electronic voting machine can achieve any result desired? You sound like Beck or somebody using the reverse psychology of brown means democrat. Govt. media uses this to achieve the narrative of why one side of the coin loses to the other in that grand theatre show of Republican Vs Democrat. If you swallow that shtick then, you're mashugana. Oy veh.

Sun Jul 06, 2014 at 09:37 AM PDT.
N.C. College Students Say GOP Voter Suppression Law Violates 26th Amendment
The claim of age discrimination has been combined with other claims asserting the well-established racist aspects of these disenfranchisement measures. There will be a hearing on Monday to determine whether to delay the enforcement of North Carolina's voter ID law until the Court can make a determination as to its Constitutionality.
Evidently this new line of argument has Repubs nervous

Prediction, IF a rino becomes POTUS in 2016, within the first quarter of his adm. or sooner the labor dept. will go back to the old way of calculating unemployment sending the numbers back to 8+% and it will be squarely laid on the rino's shoulders. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if it's laid on his shoulders even before his inauguration. And the poor economy STILL won't be Odumer's fault

Nope, since both parties are a front for the financial dictatorship that controls our nation...... If it serves the Fed to further monopolize industry, or if a devalued dollar is required (what I believe) then, employment numbers will rise being one of the "fake" reasons to support the continued printing of dollars. Presently, the numbers reflect the media narrative required to keep the masses appeased.

pete, ad hominem attacks are just about all you know, right?

If you can't argue the facts seems you get personal. Guess being a democrat just makes you that way.

Don and Pete,
You should have been at the open carry rally today. I will tell you about liberal democruts. One protester showed up in a chicken mask carrying a pink sign yelling and trying to disrupt the posting of the colors, reading of the Declaration of Independence and even the Prayer. No respect whatever. Open carry group showed remarkable restraint until the idiot tried to get in the face of a Vietnam Veteran who took his sign away and ripped it up. Cops showed up just in time.

How do you know he was a liberal Democrat? He could have been a Republican, you know oneof those you call a RHINO that does not agree with the stupidity of the morons in the T-Party. It is a matter of FACT we have always had a right to openly carry long guns in public except for in protected school zones and the state of Texas is the only government that has restricted our rights to carry handguns.

C'mon pete, is all you know how to do is call people names and slander their reputation if you disagree with them?

@ Mossback; Thanx

Thousands of children show-up at one time on our border and you say me calling it an orchestrated event is delusional ? Or that Federals let them escape into the US via Grayhound is not a Washington agenda? And for what purpose but to be the cheap labor needed to compete with sweat-shop economies like China. Your low IQ is no excuse to hide behind facts before our eyes. Go cash your government check.

Oh, and don.... the rate went up in the last six months cause DEMOCRAT Barny Frank, who was head of the finance committee, forced banks to give out house loans with almost no collateral, no means test, and no credit check for all practical purposes. Yes Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac.

As a result there was a housing bubble.. Add to that gas prices went to $4 dollars a gallon and many a home owner, way way over extended, could not afford their houses or driving to work.

And that caused the crash.

better try reading about phil republatard grham and toxic derivatives , the housing market and the law he wrote and got passed as a ryder that allowed toxic derivatives to be traded causing the housing and financial crash of 2008 but he and his board member wife made millions on the deals.

News Flash: DEMOCRAT Pelosi goes to border and welcomes Illegals. DEMOCRAT Shelia Jackson Lee goes to border, hands out lollipops to illegals, and says it's not a 'National security issue.'

Bush never had the influx of illegals like Jimmy Carter did (Martel boatlift) nor what Obama has now. But Bush did have two major wars going on and he was defeating terrorist on both fronts AND HE DID DEPORT ILLEGALS!

Obama? Hah! All he does is run, gives the countries back to the terrorist, and plays golf.

One of those major wars was started by george WMD LIAR bush and he did not defeat any terrorist on any front.....h3ll, he could not even kill Osama bin Laden. george WMD LIAR bush did not deport as many illegal immigrants in 8 years as President Obama has in 6. It was bush who signed the agreement to withdraw our military out of Iraq and Obama who Kept Bush's word.

One job flourishing is hauling illegal migrants across the Texas border.

I wonder why the GOP and george WMD LIAR bush did not secure the border during his firat 6 years in office when the GOP controlled both houses of Congress? I will tell you why, because the republicans want cheap labor and that is why perry and abbott & the GOP of Tx. have done nothing but invite illegals to Texas.

George Bush's unemployment numbers were at 5.4%???? LOL neal that was the number when george WMD LIAR bush took office and his number when he left office was 8.2%.
Have you forgotten the 300 THOUSAND to 700 THOUSAND jobs Americans were LOSING EVERY MONTH of his last year in office?

I studied macro economics at UT. The numbers we hear regarding GDP, inflation, and unemployment are all skillfully manipulated. It's been done for decades. Most people have short memories. Politicians count on it. Rarely do voters prove them wrong.

This most recent child invasion, an orchestration from Washington Government that provides America with it's future "sweat shop" labor force to compete with China, should be the straw that broke the camels back. We used to keep the 3rd world out with ink, the law to prosecute employers who hire illegals. Fake gov't., New World Order @ work.

At this point Shelia I wonder if the administration and congress is run by pedophiles seeking new victims to abuse. It's also odd that no one is blaming the parents of these children or the governments of the countries they come from. Why should Dallas county taxpayers pay for these children's care? I also find it odd that 50,000 children spontaneously decided to risk life and limb on a thousand mile trek to America. Too bad there aren't any journalist to investigate the story.

The problem really is the labor figures only are based on those who apply for unemployment benefits. But those run out after about a year. After that.. YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN and thus you drop off their charts. Millions are unemployed but cannot get any unemployment benefits due to exhausting the benefits they had.

Thus the figures are FAKE. They don't account for all those who have no job, no employment, no nothing. And millions of 18 year olds have no job either.

Thanks to Obama. Remember that.

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