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A heartless, cowardly act

A heartless, cowardly act

POSTED: Wednesday, July 17, 2013 - 4:12pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, July 23, 2013 - 4:41pm

Nothing breaks my heart more than stories like this.

An innocent dog in Gregg County was found with 28 pellet shots.

Many, to its head.

From what I hear at the time I wrote this commentary, it will lose an eye.

Who in the world would do such a thing?

It has been scientifically proven that a lot of humans who hurt and kill other human beings started off being cruel to animals.

I cannot fathom anyone who can look at one of God's creatures, something which is basically helpless, and harm it.

We don't know the entire story here but this looks as if someone just decided to take target practice on a dog.

There is one thing if a dog is mad or is causing problems and has to be put down.

I'm not crazy.

But, our area is filled with people dumping off animals and not taking responsibility.

This has got to stop.

First of all, if this is animal cruelty, and how can it not be, this person or persons who did this need to be prosecuted until it hurts.

Just not a light sentence.

This is not a human being, but it does have feelings.

I read a book in The Bible, which says, “Man has dominion over animals.”

This means we are to watch them and care for them, and yes, as far as I am concerned to some, eat them.

But, not be cruel.

If you know someone who is cruel to animals and sees nothing wrong with it or has no problem with it, I'd leave that person alone, they are ill.

That's my point of view ,what’s yours?

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As I sit and look at my one off three Dogs, They love you so much and we love them. Even if you are not an animal lover god has given them mans best friend. What did this dog go through as he was being shot tied up on a short rope? I really want to find this punk and I would go to jail for what I would do to them. I cant wait to see who this was and what will be done. If a lawyer gets in the way, lets take out the trash also.

I hope we find this punk who hurt this animal/pet who did nothing but love humans. Yes a large reward is being offered and I wish that I could spend sometime with this punk before he goes to prision. I really think this was a teenager who did this. The large reward will weed them out as money talks. Someone knows who did this so take the reward and let us know who did this.

Shooting an animal just for being on your property is a state jail felony. The animal HAS to present a threat to health or damage to property for the shooting to be legit. The laws are there, but there has to be more pressure from the media and public on enforcement before things improve. It is true that the bible gives man dominion over the animals. It also says that a righteous person cares for ALL of God's creatures

Meanwhile, Louie Gohmert has yet to stand on the side of his constituents against the deplorable acts of the NSA. If being a Republican means I must live in a surveillance state, then I will not be a Republican.

It's just sad that somebody could be that cruel to that poor dog.

Neal you are so right, what people do to animals is sickening, I would love to see an abuser treated in
the same manner as they treated an animal , they should endure the fear and pain in equal measure.
but as long as animals are considered property, animal abuse will continue, If and when an abuser is caught and prosecuted they get the proverbiale slap on the wrist. There is little consequence so they will just keep on torturing animals and move on to people, vile and sickening.

I agree. Whom ever did this is a serial killer in the making.

They must be found and either straitened out with some shrink time or jail time for they are unbelievably cruel and have no empathy, and that is a mark of a sociopath.

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