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A more affordable presidential vacation


POSTED: Monday, August 12, 2013 - 11:49am

UPDATED: Friday, August 16, 2013 - 11:54am

President Obama is on vacation at Martha's Vineyard and that's okay.

The more he is on vacation, the less time he is thinking about spending money.

But, that does bring to me to his vacation.

Yes, the president needs vacations like anyone else, and it seems as if this president likes to go on vacation more than anyone I have ever heard of.

But, the expense is starting to bother me.

I know logistics are insane when it comes to moving the "Leader of the Free World" around.

But, what I am reading, of course not reported by the American media, is they are even arlifting the family dog in on an Osprey.

It's reported, it's the first time they've ever used an Osprey to help with a presidential vacation.

But, 70 hotel rooms for the "entourage?"

70 hotel rooms?

Listen, The Commander-in-Chief needs to be protected at all costs.

But, 70 hotel rooms that we all have to pay for?

Just who else is going on vacation.

No matter who is in office, I think the massive, tax-payer funded outings need to be stream-lined.

I'm all about the Secret Service being everywhere, but if you even read or see the documentary "The Kennedy Details," one of those Secret Service agents says you can only bring so many people before it gets ridiculous.

We really need to look at cutting back the purse strings when the president is on the road.

Most of the staff that go along can stay in D.C., and work and carry on business and communicate electronically.

This is the first president to carry a Blackberry.

Maybe someone else can carry the Blackberry while he putts.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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Hammer away at those who bash President Obama every chance they get. Read the comparison below, and the only common denominator for those who hate the POTUS is the color of his skin and nothing more. Try to hide your "color sensitivity" behind accusations, slander, out-and-out lies, but your inbred loathing of a man because of his skin color shines through. Bush 2 was one of the worst in history to run from Washington every chance he got. Obama deserves a vacation break from fools like you!

Truth by the numbers.
14 Number of vacation trips by Obama since January 2009.
92 Number of days, all or in part, Obama has spent on vacation
57 Number of vacation trips taken by Bush at this same point in his presidency
50 Number of visits Bush made to his ranch in Crawford
323 Number of days, all or in part, Bush spent at the ranch
7 Number of trips Bush made to his family’s compound in Maine
26 Number of days, all or in part, Bush spent in Maine
Stand your ground for Truth. POV has no facts.

There are many things to criticize this President about, but a family vacation should not be one of them. Both Bush and Regan took over a year vacation time during their tenure. No one said a word.

I just see the irony of him living the life of the rich and famous at the expense of the poor today, and tomorrow telling the poor they're victims of the rich and famous and how we should level the playing field. How about this. For his next vacation he and his family spend the day working a homeless shelter like many of the rich and famous, including many of his staunchest supporters and Hollywood leftist elite, already do.

I agree. When the country is running a deficit pork should be cut from the top to the bottom. A vacation at Camp David would be a dream vacation to my family. A 142 acre resort with golf, swimming, bowling, fishing, movies, hiking, biking, skeet range, horse back riding, a trampoline, sledding, snow mobiles, skiing, ice skating, billiards, and your own private chapel. Using Camp David would be a lot cheaper and it's easier to maintain security.

Obama is just yucking it up while he can.

He is a lame duck and he knows it. Scandals follow him everywhere and that is why so few interviews by news papers (except Jay Leno... a comedian.) He tries to forget the scandals like the IRS, FBI, Fast & Furious, Benghazi, and others.

As for money, why should he care. If anyone has to tighten their belts, well he would rather it be the peasants.

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