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A toast to lunacy

A toast to lunacy

POSTED: Tuesday, October 15, 2013 - 6:07pm

UPDATED: Sunday, April 13, 2014 - 4:40pm

Nothing is too good for our bureaucrats.

If you're in the federal government, you're a special person.

The last few years it's been rough on many of us. We've all had to watch our money. Things are so out of control in D.C., we are shut down while the
pencil pushers look for a way to make ends meet. But, right before the shutdown your state department, run by the sophisticated John Kerry, got what they wanted at the last minute.

This from the Daily Paul website:

"The U.S. State Department finalized a $5 million custom order for crystal glasses and bar accessories Sept. 30, one day before the government shutdown. The order was made just hours before Closing war memorial and installing orders that arrest veterans. May this go down as, 'let them drink from crystal wine glass moment.' Let them eat cake!"

Vermont company Simon Pearce was awarded the contract. It makes hand blown crystal that retails for about $85 per wine glass.

The order was for 12,000 pieces for American embassies.

While the timing looks problematic in light of the government shutdown, government orders are typically made during the last week of September, otherwise purchases will have to be held off for another fiscal year.

The State Department isn't alone with its late orders.

The Washington Post reports the Department of Veterans Affairs spent more than a half-million dollars on artwork.

By the way, I called Fat Dogs Liquor Store today, and they have wine glasses ranging from $3 - $40.

I'll bet the $3 glasses are plastic, or at least I hope they are, because when you tilt up your pinkie and the glass falls out of your hand it won't break.

That's my point of view what's yours?

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...mia culpa...old prune-faced McConnell conveniently slipped in $3 BILLION in the debt ceiling approval for his dam...and wasn't that a cute move just as he's defending his senate seat back home!! Just look at this miserable man's face...whether he's standing still or flapping his lips, he is one of the sourest and sorry looking men in America today. Don't know if Kentuckians have wised up since they last voted for this smarmy little man, but one hopes this will be his last year in office!

I guess the female equivalent to Hitler (our old friend, sheila) has put those of us who are not in lock-step with her moronic philosophies about government, presidents, media, etc., in our rightful place...under her combat boot, I suppose. Wonder what sheila think of the $30 million pork McConnell tacked on the debt ceiling approval for his state...and what about cruz's $24 BILLION gov't. shutdown...and what about the defunding of lots of food stamps for hungry Americans? Pathetic, Sheila!

You can't even see that Congress has us fighting among ourselves so that they can continue to bleed us dry. Both parties are wasting too much money! For every dollar lost due to the shut down, ten times that much was lost to fraud by a boat-load of welfare recipients. Congress is corrupt. We protect our crooks by attacking the idiots protecting their crooks. God save us. We should unite to kick all the bums out of Congress. But we can't because we're all idiots!

Isn’t it real Christian like of the republicans / t-idiots who have kicked Texas sickest residents / Citizens with pre-existing conditions out of the Texas insurance program

The foregoing is a celebration of socialism, the published proof that most who post on this site are "Front Page Idiots" parroting propaganda from this nations greatest enemy, media. That they rejoice over more debt, nationalized healthcare, the elimination of personal choice reflects their ignorance of this nations history, it's goals. I pity you all for being too stupid to know what you have allowed to happen to your freedom. I shun you for being too stupid to understand.

suz and deaf...tell us all what you think of the $24 billion price tag for the cruz-led clowns truly don't give a darn about his see nothing wrong with what this certifiably insane pseudo-senator has done to the US, and screamed that he intends to continue using his battering-ram techniques to try to destroy the Affordable Healthcare Act...passed by the House, Senate, affirmed by the SCOTUS, and signed into law by the POTUS...give it up, anarchists...your side lost!!

After all the damage Ted Cruz and the tea party has done to this country and the republican party the last few weeks alone, this is what you find to cry about Neal ? Its guy's like you with your style of thinking that's a large part of the problem today. The sad part is I don't know if you have the ability to recognize it.

How many crystal glasses could be bought with the 24 BILLION $$$ this shutdown cost the taxpayers?

I guess y'all like paying more taxes, huh?

Looks like all of those little signs that are posted everywhere along Texas highways with the slogan "PRAY FOR AMERICA" paid off.

87 House Republicans stood with the Democrats to save America from the T-Party Republicans.

Agree 100%. EVERY federal agency spends its $$$ on foolishness in the last month or so. Military in Afghanistan spent $34M on a command center they will never use & the Afghan army doesn't want!
Have to scratch my head as to Neil's heavy research- he's never done that before- into Fat Dogs. Are you getting some free beverages for giving them free advertising? Next he'll be looking up words in the dictionary. I imagine he's a Dixie cup type drinker. Bottoms up....Cheers!

The founders never envisioned a class of royalty that was above the law. But that is what both parties have turned Washington into. The media hypes this image of royalty.

Ted Cruz made the photo op with Palin last weekend wearing his Walls work coat LOL. He plays up the image of being a regular guy while he's married to a Goldman Sachs Exec. These people are playing us all for saps, and most of the Fox news viewers actually believe the script.

Yep, and that's just one reason why our government is broke and in debt.

$5 million is what you are crying about the democrats spending but the Republicans' shutdown is costing us $300 Million a Day. I think you have you priorities messed up there neil.

Shutdown Will Cost U.S. Economy $300 Million a Day

If crystal glasses are what you are worried about, you are more than a few bricks shy of a full load neil. Don't complain about a government shutdown that you supported ....that is beeing a hypocrite.

It's all the "crystal glasses" that add up to you paying more taxes. I guess you like paying more taxes, huh?

It's 'only' taxpayers money folks, so no biggie. It grows on trees and is printed by the Treasury.

Wrong Deaf. Our currency is "printed" by the Federal Reserve private bank.

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