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A Whiskey Rebellion


POSTED: Wednesday, October 26, 2011 - 5:42pm

UPDATED: Friday, October 28, 2011 - 5:00pm

They are calling it the "Whisky Rebellion" in Tennessee.

Because in that part of the world they will tell you there is a difference between bourbon and whiskey.

Jack Daniel's whisky is made in a dry county in southern Tennessee- Moore county. The whisky is actually made in the small town of Lynchburg.

Well, times have been hard there- like it has here- for the past couple of years and the area needs some sprucing up.

What to do?

One local citizen- and there is always one- says no problem. Just put a $10 tax on every barrel of whisky made at the Jack Daniel's plant. Have them charge more for the bottle of booze and the county and town will prosper.

This idea for this quick fix come from a 75- year old retired guy who used to work in the auto industry. He calls himself a concerned citizen.

This guy claims Jack Daniels has made a living touting that it comes from the small town of Lynchburg and needs to "give back."

The guy who runs jack Daniel's says they have already given back enough. The folks at Jack Daniels says they bring in a lot of tourism, and they do.

I have been there twice. And whether you drink or not it's fascinating.

And those people who visit eat downtown. I've seen it, I have.

J.D. employs 450 people. The whiskey make makes up for a third of the county's tax base. They say 60% of what you pay for a bottle of Jack is taxes.

But there is always a concerned citizen who has never worked a day in the whisky business who just want to stick it to the man.

Well, the man can move. And I tell ya, I've lived in Tennessee. They move that whiskey plant to a more business-friendly town there will be plenty of concerned citizens living in a dried up once prosperous town.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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Without the Jack Daniel's industry there do you think this guy would have sold one car? I know people who go there just to see the distillery. They spent money in this town. By them spending their hard earned money there, the people who live there could afford to buy the cars this idiot sold. It all goes around and someone needs to tell this guy it is time to move to a new place.

I join the cause of the rebellion from mexico not the 10% tax on each barrel of Jack Daniels

Just another ignorant democRAT immigrant from that progressive utopia Detroit, right? There should be some way for a community to get rid of stupid people like this one!! Maybe he just hasn't received the invitation to leave that he can't turn down.

Worked in the auto industry? Does that mean former UAW member? The anti-employer union, anti-business profit-all profit to the union extortionist union?

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