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Accidental foreign policy


POSTED: Tuesday, September 10, 2013 - 5:45pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, September 18, 2013 - 8:30am

Accidental foreign policy.

This has all happened in the past 24 hours:

  • President Barack Obama was in the middle of a mess he made about the attacking Syria "red line" comment.
  • He was still threatening to bomb Syria, John Kerry was in London lobbying for them to be on our side.
  • Kerry made an exasperated comment saying, "We'd back off of Syria if they would just let the international community hold their chemical weapons."
  • Vladimir Putin of Russia heard that and 15 seconds later said, "You're on!"

Obama didn't even know he had an accidental lifeline thrown to him until Hillary Clinton said, "The Kerry solution makes sense."

"Obama-ites" circled their wagons saying that is "their solution," claiming Syria was afraid of our firepower and somehow Obama and Putin started this conversation at the recent G 20 Summit.

That's poppycock.

While the president's acolytes are claiming victory, the victory goes to Putin. He just jerked the rug out from underneath Obama. He's the power broker in the Middle East and Russia is on the big stage.

Syria keeps their weapons and they're not going anywhere. This entire episode shows we have no foreign policy.

We've just made a deal with two of the most despicable men on the planet.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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I'm just glad we're not going to start world war 3 over a pile of dirt. Putin and Obama might have been playing good cop bad cop on us all along. But I really don't give either of them that much credit. At least now the UN will be justified to intervene if Assad screws up again.

The entire mideast is a giant, stinking mess. We should have done everything in our power back in the
1970s to keep the Shah going. The middle easterners are insane. Everytime I listen to the cockpit recording of the psychpaths chanting "Allah is great" while they crash United 93, I feel ill.

Don's right about that. He said off mike awhile back that he would "be more flexible with Russia after the election." Something stinks in Denmark about this whole deal. Congress better stop running the women, drinking the liquor and playing video poker and start paying attention to this scoundrel in the WH. He is not America's friend.

Putin is having Obama's lunch.

Do you really think an ex-KBG man would not ask for ALOT to get Obama's chestnuts out of the fire?

And do you not think Putin is doing this all for his benefit?

So is he going to really help or just take Obama for a very expensive ride?

My money is on the ride. But the expense will be ours, not just Obama's.

This was no accident, Obama has been negoating with russia all along. GREAT JOB PRESIDENT OBAMA!!!

No accident that we've been discussing Syria with Russia, true. We've also been discussing it with other Syrian allies, including China. The "Accident" was the side comment made by Perry when asked by a reporter if there was any chance we'd back off on attacking Syria- Kerry made a snap comment that we probably would if Syria would just turn over control of all her chemical weapons to the U.N. Russia took that to Syria. There're no reports that it had been included in previous discussions.


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