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Wednesday, April 6, 2011 - 6:04pm

We have become a nation of takers and not makers.

The nation is bleeding money, and still there are those in D.C. that want more and refuse to face the same arithmetic we learned when we were kids.

This new Rasmussen poll caught my eye. 64%- that's 2 out of three Americans- think we're are overtaxed. And nearly as many say any federal tax increase should be subject to a vote by the American people.

Complicating things for would-be budget cutters, however, is the belief by even more that any changes in Social Security and Medicare also should be voted on by the public.

You say amen.

Well, those in the political class disagree with you and still think they have the right to spend your money any way they want to.

While 79% of mainstream voters think Americans are overtaxed, 87% of those in the political class don't share that assessment.

They think what they are doing with your money is A-OK.

Here we are looking at a possible shutdown of the government, and we have told you before a government shutdown is not like a real business shutting down. Some of the feds maybe inconvenienced, but they'll get every cent owed to them.

The national media is beside itself although they have seen this before.

Rome is burning and no one will really look at the end game.

Our spending is out of control and we have a shirt time to fix it. Or, we're done as of the freedoms and the way we live right now.

That's my point of view what's yours?

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