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Sunday, March 1, 2015 - 4:06pm
Neal Barton's POV

Americans are catching on


POSTED: Thursday, August 1, 2013 - 2:36pm

UPDATED: Sunday, August 4, 2013 - 8:01pm

RARE is reporting on Wednesday, the Obama Administration released several newly de-classified intelligence documents in a damage control attempt over the growing NSA snooping scandal.

On the same day, The Guardian reported on the NSA tool XKeyscore, which can track everything people do online, including emails, Facebook activity, online chats and browser histories.

The White House just can't keep ahead of the bad news.

The administration maintains that these programs are necessary for the fight against terrorism, but the American people are not convinced.

The shift in attitude reflects a change in awareness. In 2010, few Americans knew the extent to which the government was logging the details of their daily lives. Proponents of widespread surveillance and data collection say that these methods keep Americans safer, and in some respects they do. But at some point the issue becomes how much intrusion on privacy is warranted for marginally decreasing increments of safety.

Like the bumper sticker says, "Oh how politicians hate unarmed peasants," and press which are not stenographers.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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If the IRS is used against political opponents then this will also be used and abused. There is no ramifications if it is abused. Just another phony scandal.

Dave, I read the article...with the heightened awareness that there might be copycat bombers who could order these items used during the Boston Marathon, it is understandable that these kinds of clustered online inquiries could be of interest to anyone...though this was upsetting for this family, I personally would have welcomed authorities finding that my family was innocent of anything that might have been suspicious. Officers were doing their job...vigilance and safety do come at a price

Look to George W. Bush for enhanced NSA surveillance programs to ferret out would-be terrorists after 9/11...CLUE, FOLKS...the NSA was authorized to step up surveillance by Bush, it isn't anything new, and it has prevented other terrorist plots on US soil. Get your heads out of the sand, quit listening to and parroting the lies of faux news, beck, rushbo, and all other un-American pundits who love to stir the pot and get all you right-of-right folks foaming at the mouth.

You're behind the curve. Everyone already knows this was started under Bush and it was just as unconstitutional then as now. Apparently though, you're counting it, as usual, as extremely criminal under Bush, but the expanded version under Obama as heroic.

Here's an example of the problem Syndergal. This is off the Guardian website.

New York woman visited by police after researching pressure cookers online

Long Island resident said her web search history and 'trying to learn how to cook lentils' prompted a visit from authorities but police say search was prompted by tipoff.

Glad they're finally starting to admit the scope of domestics surveillance. The government really should be unleashing this intense surveillance power on Wall Street. They are the ones responsible for the biggest financial collapse in the history of the world. US Investors were bilked out of an estimated $6.6 trillion in 2008. Currently there are $1.1 trillion in existence. Who's the problem?


neal wants you to sign a petition to scrub all intelligence gathering agencies, destroy any info that's been collected on possible terrorists, and wing it. He doesn't want you to know how many terrorist plots have been foiled since 9/11 because of efforts of these agencies charged with our security. He sees surveillance of any kind as a gross interference of an individual's rights...but folks, unless you have something to hide, isn't national security for ALL Americans worth it? neal says no.

And now CNN says CIA 'operatives', DOZENS OF THEM, were in Benghazi when it Ambassador was murdered.

So where was Obama and Hillary???

Why did they not take that 3 AM call?

If you watched the engineered crash of our economy in 2007 and you knew it to be more than a sub-prime buckle that caused mortgage derivative bundles to fail worldwide, and you saw the Federal Reserve finance in secret (6 Trillion $) to favored (Jewish) banks then you understood the purpose; monopoly building. Now this same group wants to know your business partners by logging our calls. It's a full-blown take-over of America's business by spying, it's government against the goyim.

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