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POSTED: Wednesday, June 18, 2014 - 7:07pm

UPDATED: Monday, July 14, 2014 - 12:50pm

I was planning to take on the absurdity of the IRS strongmen and women of the IRS who claim they lost all of their emails when something even more ridiculous than that popped up.

The United States of America Patent and Trade Office yanked the trademark of the Washington Redskins football team. They, whomever these faceless bureaucrats are, have decided the name Redskins is offensive. Just who are they to decide what belongs to whom is chilling.

Where does it stop? How about your heroes, the Dallas Cowboys? Cowboys, what a ridiculous name. The job of the American cowboy was only about 20 years. Cowboys were part of the westward expansion.

All it takes is a left -wing college professor to declare cowboys were evil because they drove cattle through native American land and
made defenseless Texas longhorns suffer along the trail and then had them killed in Chicago after a terrible ride from the railhead in Dodge City to Chicago.

Hasn't Paul McCartney claimed eating anything with a face a sin? We have to listen to him. He's a musician. He cares.

Let's get rid of the 49ers, too.

They raped and pillaged the beautiful California countryside, conquest for an evil substance which made men rich. And then the lorded that precious metal over others.

And what about giants? Who made them bigger and better than smaller people? It will never end.

You may cheer this. You just wait until it happens to you. You just wait until a government which every day is growing more muscle and gaining more audacity every day to tell you what to do, goes after you.

That's my point of view. That's yours?

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snyderpal, I happen to be a lily-White stuff it...your hatred of anyone who doesn't agree with you is showing, especially when you're blowing racist smoke. I'm out of ketk...this is the stupidest, most hate-filled, most insane site available on the internet...except for anything faux noise puts on the net...and where all of you get your news...sorry, noise' from liars. Adios, loons!


I used to deliver Meals on Wheels here in Tyler. We gave to real charities basically the cost of a car last year.

Sure all nations have sins, that IS the point. We were not angles, but the Indians sure were not either.

Strange thing is, if a American GI kills a woman or child, they often get brought up on charges, as has happened in Iraq and Afghanistan, and happened in Vietnam. Indians didn't bring their people up on charges... they celebrated it as an accomplishment.

SAINT DEAF, had to thank you for all they typo's you've provided for our amusement over the in "angles" may be the most aggressive militant, the most knowledgeable on every single anti-democracy issue, you may also be the most saintly person in the universe, but you are also a source of mirth and laughter...I'll continue to read your posts for the daily chuckle, and know you will earnestly try to provide...have a great life, everyone!

Must be a really slow day in the zoo for all of you to go on and on and on about this subject...pack it in, shut up, be part of the solution, go deliver Meals on Wheels, volunteer at a service organization in town, help an elderly neighbor, live your faith, work with young people (all ethnicities), give up booze, do an anonymous act of kindness every day, and quit your bellyaching! Life is way too short for all the slime you guys dredge up...go for a walk, for heaven's sake!!

As my name implies as you once told me, I am a real life Texas Cowboy. I'm also offended by the use of the term cowboys by the Dallas Franchise. You are quite correct with a few corrections. On the trail cowboys rarely carried guns. Cattle are spooky and a shot could start a stampede which could be deadly as well as costly financially. I am offended and always have been by Hollywood's idea of cowboys. Perhaps they should study Louie LaMour, Frederick Remington, and Charles Russell.

It just seems to me people are just looking for things to be offended by, especially those things that are either traditional or moral. I think mostly because they're looking for their fifteen minutes.

Oh and Pete,

What about Vikings? I mean are the Scandinavian people insulted?

Does any team with that name have to change it? Or hey..Utah is named after the Utes and the Dakotas are named after the Dakota tribes. And Delaware? What about it Pete????

And pete, to the Indian tribes land and property was what you could keep.

They killed and murdered and rampaged other tribes taking their land, their people, and their lives.

Plenty of history books show the real picture of what the Indians were.

Some were peaceful, most were not.

Not much different from the 'white man', but then that's a human flaw we all have, as shown in the Middle East right now.


Do you know anything about the Indians?
Like how many tribes? (hint, way way past 300!)
Did the tribes war on each other? (the answer is very much yes.)
Did they ENSLAVE other tribes? (alot of them did!)
Did they try to EXTERMINATE other tribes? (yep.)
Did they KIDNAP other tribes women and children? (yep some did.)
In fact, did the KILL kids? (oh yea, some did as policy.)
Did they have a policy to TORTURE captives? (oh yea... that they sure did.)
They were STONE AGE pete.

That a boy Pete, show us all your "lily" white racism. America knows you "forever" victims are just looking to tear down what you are too ignorant to be a part.

I am just offended, grievously offended, about the football team named "Dallas Cowboys".

Cowboys were brave men who ranged along the vast basically uninhabited plains of the Midwest while guiding cows of the ranchers. To make then honorable name into a, what, football team just offends me and all of the people who are decedents of the cowboys of the 1800s.

This must, (snicker), stop!

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