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POSTED: Monday, April 29, 2013 - 11:04am

UPDATED: Friday, May 3, 2013 - 3:37pm

According to T. Brietbart, “Some military chaplains trying to access the Southern Baptist Convention website this week were surprised to find it blocked with a message that it contained "hostile content."

The problem left military officials having to explain to leaders of the nation's largest Protestant denomination that it was an unintentional software glitch.

Some still are wary.

The reason why? It’s the loons who are making policy in this country.

Here is another example.

Mike Weinstein, founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF), in a column he wrote for the Huffington Post, “Weinstein will be a consultant to the Pentagon to develop new policies on religious tolerance, including a policy for court-martialing military chaplains who share the Christian Gospel during spiritual counseling of American troops.”

Weinstein decries what he calls the "virulent religious oppression" perpetrated by conservative Christians, whom he refers to as "monstrosities" and "pitiable unconstitutional carpetbaggers," comparing them to "bigots" in the Deep South during the Civil Rights Era.

He cites Dr. James Dobson-the famous Christian founder of Focus on the Family-as, "Illustrating the extremist, militant nature of these virulently homophobic organizations' rhetorically-charged propaganda." Regarding those who teach orthodox Christian beliefs from the Bible, Weinstein concludes, "Let's call these ignoble actions what they are: the senseless and cowardly squallings of human monsters."

No wonder the southern are dubious.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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And Texas has the best Christian Family moral values and that is why we have the below stats, right Mr. Thompson?

Health Statistics > Abortion Rate (most recent) by state : Texas has the 17th highest abortion rate in America. Guess is due to our great moral values and Christian family vaules.

Health Statistics > Chlamydia Cases (most recent) by state
# 2 Texas: 69,200
More of our good ole family Christian moral values

Health Statistics > Teen Birth Rate per 1,000 (most recent) by state
# 1 Texas: 62.9
Health Statistics > Suicides (most recent) by state
# 2 Texas: 2,363

No wonder the world is such a mess, men marrying men, women marrying women, people standing up for things God's word plainly speaks against. God have mercy on these people who are headed down that wide road. Dear Lord, keep your people always ready to defend the truth. Many of our families came here in the early years of this nation to get away from religious persecution, now it seems we have to fight in order to serve the Lord who gave His blood to set us free. God have mercy on this Nation.

Hey dumber than dirt charles, tell us, where in the U. S. Constitution does it say that America is a Christian Nation?

If you are able to see through our media's propaganda, able to listen to a foreign nations leader and decide for yourself, able to understand that our foreign policies are ALL about preserving our dollar with our massive military (or a hired insurgency) then, you are able to understand why it is necessary to motivate this nation under a unified religion which is not Christian. Look at our youth and understand the anti-Christian corruption, and know why we must embrace the morals of the Hebrew.

If this is about Klingenschmitt’s court-martial, even conservative,evangelical Christians say he was
court martialed because he disobeyed a direct order. He attended a political rally in front of the White House in March 2006 dressed in his Navy uniform, a violation of military regulations. This isn't about sharing the gospel, it's about someone who could not follow orders.

No Tinks, this is about the the new anti-Christian extremist, Mikey Weinstein, hired by our ruling class as a consultant to our military in a purge to remove "believers" from our all volunteer military. It smells the same as when Hitler purged the Jew from his fascist/socialist nation except now, Christians are being purged from this nation by the Jews. here's the link:

"He cites Dr. James Dobson-the famous Christian founder of Focus on the Family-as, 'Illustrating the extremist, militant nature of these virulently homophobic organizations' rhetorically-charged propaganda.'" Well...Focus on the Family is an extremist organization. Weinstein is correct. Does this mean Neal Barton likes extremist organizations and wants them to be counseling our troops?

Mickey Weinstein is to the United States dwelling Jew what Jesse Jackson is to the African American, an anti-Anglo radical promoting a racist agenda by way of a guilt associated attack. A career serviceman, Weinstein has received accolades for his attack of the Anglo using racially charged stories of his life's experiences as a Jew in the military. Instead of the old plantation slave stories used by Jackson, Weinstein cites the tormented Jew being of the race which killed Jesus.

Here comes DUMBER THAN DIRT charles with his stupid one size fits all and if you do not think they way he does then you should not have any rights.This is not a Christian Nation in the first place charles, this is a Nation built on the freedom of all to believe in what ever religion they want to believe in or to not believe in any religion at all if the want and our elected officials are bound by the Constitution to represent everyone no matter what they believe.

If this was too deep for you charles, then, consider how askew your politics are. Face it charles, you're the worst kind of idiot there is, too stupid to know you're stupid.

"But do your worst, and rack your invention for tortures for Christians; it is all to no purpose. You do but attract the world and make it fall more in love with our religion; the more you mow us down the quicker we rise; the Christian blood you shed is the seed you sow; it springs from the earth again and fructifies the more."

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