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Monday, March 30, 2015 - 10:32pm
Neal Barton's POV

Are you serious?


POSTED: Monday, April 1, 2013 - 4:22pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, April 3, 2013 - 1:17pm

I think Bill O’Reilly used to have a segment on his show called "The Most Ridiculous Item of The Day."

When searching for a topic today, this not only jumped out at me, but leapt like a bullfrog.

CNS News is reporting President Barack Obama, who has increased the national debt by almost $54,000 per household, has proclaimed April, "National Financial Capability Month."

His administration will do things such as teach young people "how to budget responsibly."

The President said, "I call upon all Americans to observe this month with programs and activities to improve their understanding of financial principles and practices."

Are you kidding me? We're 17-trillion in debt and have no plan on getting out. We spend money faster than Ben Bernanke can print it.

One day when interest rates go up, we'll be as wobbly, financially, as a drunk in a cabbage patch.

You cannot make this stuff up!

When the President took office in 2009 we were 10-trillion in debt. As of the 23rd of March, we were 17-trillion in debt.

Do I have to tell you how much debt he's run up?

The President also hasn't come up with a budget for 2014.

Only in Washington, D.C., “The Island of Misfit Toys” for common sense, can this be seen as legitimate.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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tonks missed the point....again

Obama seems to appear like 'how much can he get away with"??
No one will say anything or stop him.
This is unbelievable except he was very recently voted back in.
How did this happen??

And he subsequently begins more outrageous programs !
,highly touted, not even secret

Its as if he wants just to taunt us.
And we keep taking it.
Just like an abused wife who won't take steps to stop it, but just keeps defending his behavior.

Maybe we are co- addicted to him!!!!

The emperor has NO Clothes!

The point of this post is that, because the federal government is in debt, it is pointless to
encourage financial responsibility on a personal level? I do not share that point of view. I also
find it interesting that the reporter leaves out the fact that George W. Bush inherited a surplus,
but found a way to spend it all and then involve this country in two unfunded wars.

He announced that yesterday, "Lord's Day", and for the religious Christian world Easter a day to honor Cesar Chavez. Google had Cesar Chavez on their homepage yesterday. I will be leaving that search engine now. One day, but I'm about to lose hope on this, perhaps the American people will awaken to find that the president is not their friend. His preacher in a sermon yesterday told America that we are all bigots.

Perhaps Google is not run by Christian people. In this country, we don't force people to observe a
Christian holiday. I don't think Pres Obama is my "friend" but Pres. George W. Bush was not a friend to this country either.

You got that right, Tinks ! Anyone who is fooled by party is blind to the truth. Reagan, Clinton, Bushes, Obuckwheat, all the frontmen to a shadow government some call ZOG.


Obama is a fool, and now he's an April fool to boot.

Yes we are heading for a crossroads. Stockton California just went bankrupt, for real. Judge signed off on it. First major city to go under (and LOTS of California cities are in the same boat.) Union pensions will not be worth the paper they are printed on. Murders will be let out of jail. Taxes skyrocket (more like go in orbit as for California.)

All because of Obamanomics and Obamacare.

Truth to power!

Imagine a corporation that cuts to the chase and is in business to laden it's customers with debt. To accomplish this, the corporate strategy is to hire two advertising agencies where each appear as separate competing corporations. These advertising agencies would then co-ordinate opposing add campaigns which generate business (debt to consumers) for the original corporation.

In order to keep the true corporation hidden behind the add agencies, each agency assumes the task of creating a CEO to promote it's appearance as a real corporation. To prevent an agency from going rogue, the true corporation would keep control of the media. Democrat, Republican are the agencies, Progressive , Conservative is the add campaign, Obama is the appointed CEO, and we all know what group controls the media

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