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Better check Marco Rubio's math, memory


POSTED: Wednesday, June 19, 2013 - 3:27pm

UPDATED: Saturday, June 22, 2013 - 12:42pm

More keeps coming out about the immigration bill that the senate will be voting on.

Marco Rubio of Florida, who speaks with forked tongue, meaning, he tells whatever media is interviewing him what they want to hear about the bill, says it will add all these fabulous tax payers to the system.

How many? Let's look at the federal government’s numbers which always come in low.

The Congressional Budget Office has new figures and says the cost estimate of the legislation that was released on Tuesday, would actually allow the flow of new illegal aliens into the United States to continue at a rate equal to 75 percent of the current rate of illegal immigration.

This will be the case, in part, argues CBO, because of people who overstay temporary work visas that will be authorized by the bill.

This revelation that 75 percent of illegal immigration would continue if the Senate immigration reform proposal were enacted is included in a section of the report headlined, "Future Unauthorized Residents." The section is on page 23 of the 63-page report.

Also today, the CBO, which progressives love to cite, says Senate bill allows 46-million immigrants by 2033.

Word is getting out what a turkey this thing is and that is why Harry Reid is trying to get a vote as soon as he can.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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The only one in Washington D.C. that is making any sense what so ever is Ted Cruz. It is funny that the one senator who is standing up for the american citizens is Hispanic. He is the only person in the Senate who makes sense.

My biggest problem with this is the fact that my elected representatives don't care what we the people want or think about this issue.
All this distracts from the fact that congress hasn't passed a budget since April 9, 2009. Our entire congress needs to be impeached for dereliction of duty.
All the top 10 fugitives in this state have 2 things in common a Hispanic surname and gang affiliation. Take a look. I dare you.

Dinghy Harry is living up to his name. People don't want this so-called reform but he is still trying to force it down our throats. I hope our senators and representatives from Texas have the "you know what" to stand up to him and do what is good for the country, not what the Liberals tell them is good for their re-election campaigns!

With no national identity, our borderless nation is a train wreck. A government gone wrong, citizens treated as an enemy, a president who sends our tax dollars to terrorist in Syria instead of protecting our borders. Any American not disgusted with our government is a traitor. I can no longer look at our flag much less salute it and I refuse to pledge allegiance to a nation I can no longer call my homeland.

Americans love to vacation in Mexico and businesses hire Mexicans by the droves. Let the U.S. go down and take over Mexico and add it to the union. We could develop the new addition and stop it with all of this immigration issue. I think Mexicans might just like that idea. They could enjoy all of the misery the U.S. has with taxes and Obama.

The United States already has done this. It was called the Mexican War. It took place from 1845-1848.

Rubio has screwed his base. Never ever will he be elected to a higher office.

What happen to the 1986.... I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification? There are already laws on het books addressing immigration issues.

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