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Wednesday, March 4, 2015 - 6:36pm
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Bob gets the best of both worlds


POSTED: Tuesday, March 11, 2014 - 5:53pm

UPDATED: Sunday, April 13, 2014 - 12:30pm

Our old buddy Bob Costas has been on the media circuit trying to explain why he engaged in the gun debate oh, so many months ago.

Like many of you, I watch sports to get away from the pressing issues of the day.

During a Sunday Night Football game months ago, Mr. Costas, we now know, according to him, at NBC's behest, decided to give us a minute editorial about the NFL gun culture.

Now, Mr. Costas says he went about this wrong and and should have been more clear that he has no problem with the second amendment. The problem he said he had was people playing a violent game who used firearms as a final step.

But, now he's stepped in a new pile of it about armed security guards. Bob Costas has armed security when he works. Costas says he never has employed armed guards for his personal life.

I take him at his word. But, when he works-- and through his work --that's how we know Bob Costas. Mr. Costas says Armed guards are provided to him by the NFL and NBC.

The reason why armed guards are hired is because Mr. Costas is a high -profile TV personality and there are many unbalanced people in the world who may target a guy like Costas. So, technically, he has armed guards.

The best of both worlds for a celebrity. He gets the protection, but can still lecture us and say he's never hired them.

Bob is a heckuva sport announcer, but now, with all his stances on team names and guns, I really choose to look away when he is on.

I hope Mr. Costas let's this gun debate die, and I hope next years lectures are on draft picks and not the social issues of the day.

Lord knows we have enough liberal commentary about those without injecting it in sports.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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If the person who had this 'mental illness' passed the NCIS instant background check, which checks for mental illness, then it was legal to sell the gun. I presume she pass that check, right idiot?

A gun shop employee told Janet Delana that the store had "little control" over whether to sell her a gun. As for the law suit, you can sue a ham sandwich but that does not mean you get to eat.

Neils wannabe girlfriend Diane Feinstein reports the CIA hacked her computer an removed files crucial to a congressional investigation of that agency. STOP the PRESS ! Forty years ago it was televised coverage with special prosecutors when four guys were caught removing campaign contributor lists from the Watergate hotel. If you can't tell where this nation is as to where we were in the 1970's them, you should order your Jackboots now. That's my point of view, what's yours?

Amen Deaf Smith! Bob Costas is just another useful idiot that the media uses and they will soon trash him too.

I knew if Don kept posting all that weird stuff about Neil it would eventually drive Neil off the deep end. While the US (CFR/CIA) maintains three active fronts of insurgency, our congress stages a "sit-in" on climate change, the president jokes-it-up to make a Ponzi scheme work, Hillary speaks in Yiddish code to her constituents, and we Americans pretend that our military leaders are not being purged by sex crime prosecutors; isn't it boring to always drill the second amendment stuff.

Maybe he had his panties in a bunch that day.

In NYC there are less than 50,000 permits to carry .vs. 8 MILLION people. Mostly movie stars, mayor's friends, and few, like couriers, who have very hazardous jobs.

And it takes big bucks and time to get them, but only if the police decide you have a 'need', and self defense there is not a 'need'.

So you would think NYC would be a very safe place, right? WRONG.

Bob Costas is just a symptom of rich elites who have protection but you don't, cause they are special and you are not!

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