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Boehner's bad leadership


POSTED: Wednesday, January 2, 2013 - 7:16pm

UPDATED: Monday, January 14, 2013 - 11:17am

I wonder if John Boehner cried last night. He's prone to doing that.

He presided over a mess in the U.S. House. A house that capitulated to the president late last night.

He voted to go along with the Senate's version of a fiscal bill which collects $41 in taxes for every $1 dollar cut from spending.

In Rasmussen's poll out today, 62% of Americans favor across the board spending cuts. But, 57% say I will never happen.

We continue to live in the gimme my free stuff world this administration and Congress is providing.

East Texas congressman Louie Gohmert said this week he's ashamed to be in office when so many of his colleagues are not building a better America to hand to their children and grandchildren.

We are in the hole $16 trillion and maybe that's a conservative number.

$16 trillion and except for a few what I would call brave souls who voted against it, we're shooting the financial rapids in a raft which will collapse.

You can get on the internet and see how your Washington lawmakers voted. If you like the yes vote for them. If you don't, tell them as well.

I am sure they eagerly await your opinion, he says sarcastically.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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Gohmert - I hope you are ashamed enough to step down from office and leave Texas. You are as obstructive to government as Boener is. You whining little excuse for a man. Try the Arab Emirates for your next abode. Gohmert = Nasty, resentful, obstructive, and most of all, Unamerican.

Remember when Snydergal was quick to label white redneck racist as KKK members who attacked and set on fire the black girl in Louisiana using lighter-fluid. And remember Snydergal what you called white men in your rant, and remember how police found that the black girl had been lying and had set herself on fire to make a false claim before the election and remember how you never retracted your vile and disgusting comment towards whites. Well I remember every time I see you call someone a name.

Gohmert spent money like crazy under George WMD Bush from 2005-2008. He didn't have any problems or campaigns against running up national debt to $10.8 TRILLION by 2009. Why is he so concerned now? Half of new debt added under 4 yrs of Obama is from debt-driving GOP legislation like Medicare Part D, 2 badly planned wars, and 4rs of annual interest due on original $10.8 Trillion. Gohmert/GOP have lost all credibility concerning any wise opinions on budgets. History has recorded their failure.

Well louie, you could resign today and make Congress and America a better place for all Americans today, tomarrow and for our children and grands.
It would be the best thing in the world and I will even donat a few dollars to help you pack up.

You should be more frugal with your taxpayer financed pension. Remember, it's guys like you that has private sector retirees up in arms to snap-back those wonderful pension packages you government socialist voted for yourselves. While retirees skrimp to get by, you government socialist have money to burn, disgusting.

By the way Charles we did not vote our pensions in your legislator did.

Every one of you so called private sector workers that are mad & cry about some retired government worker who risked his or her life for 20 years to protect you because he / she receives $593.00 a month befor taxes could have the same benefit but you are all a bunch of cowards and would run if asked to risk your life for another citizen or human being. NOW THATS A FACT.

Louie Gohmert is right and I am glad to see that at least he has a backbone. Our financial condition in America is in shambles. Al Gore should be banished from America. He is anti-American.

I agree Katie, Louie has it right and I'm proud that he voted for the taxpaying citizens who realize that this government has a severe spending problem. Leave it to the racist Snydergal to name call anyone not of her socialist belief a nazi. What bigger insult could one American call another after the lives of so many Anglo's gave to to save the jew from Hitler. They should ban you from this site Snydergal, you're a disgusting racist always attacking capitalist Anglo America.

Al Gore??? Our National debt was onlt 900 Billion when your great Regan idiot took office and left Georg H W a 3.9 Trillion dollar Debt. Then Good ole G H W left Clinton an additional 2 trillion on top of what regan spent. Clinton left little George a surplus and when he left office he left Obama a debt of 10.9Trillion and climbing. so lets subtract from 16 trillionthe 3T of regan=13T -2T GHW=11T -3.9T Gw=7.1T which means the Repubs spent more than half of the 16 T we are in debt.

did not hear any of you hypocrits cry about the Republicans spending

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