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POSTED: Wednesday, May 29, 2013 - 4:30pm

UPDATED: Sunday, June 23, 2013 - 2:56pm

When Senator Diane Feinstein is not after your guns, she is helping her husband get some great government contracts.

The United States Post Office is selling 56 buildings

They claim they don't need them anymore.

The government owns them free and clear and the government, surprise, doesn't have to pay taxes on them.

So, Uncle Sugar is going to sell them and guess who Uncle Sugar gets to broker the deal, Richard Blum.

Who is Richard Blum, Diane Feinstein’s husband.

He'll broker this deal and get a six percent commission.

Di-Fi and Rich are in the government business.

And baby, for them, business is good.

Was he the lowest bidder?

Doesn't it matter?

Is this right?

While digging into this story I also ran across this little pearl.

California is putting in a high-speed train.

And guess who got the gig to build that.

Why look, it’s Richard Blum, Di-Fi’s beloved.

Business is good.

Breitbart reports, “This is not the first time Feinstein has come under scrutiny for cronyism using taxpayer dollars.”

But, who cares?

A recent study by the Reason Foundation found that the California High-Speed Rail System will lose between $124 million to $373 million a year.

Is this is government project or what?

So Di-Fi has a busy life, grabbing your guns while hubby is grabbing your tax-payer cash.

Business is good.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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Deaf Smith. You are absolutely right.

Neal reports this like it's some new revelation, this has been happening every place as long as humans have been in the picture. I know you cry babies have the right to whine about everything every day, and I have even defended that right in places you would not want to go. But how about this, if all you do is whine and cry ALL the time about how things are here how about try living someplace else like Iran, Pakistan , North Korea or Afghanistan. Let us know how all that works out for you.

Stupid response... militant thugocracies do bad things,too -- so why worry if DiFi is crooked bastard. stupid thinking...

We're not whining, we're bit**in'. Mostly we're mad about guys like you that think big deal, America's better than Iran. I don't know that I agree with that. They don't support our immorality, live within their means, and hang people who break the law. In this nation a political class is above the law. Affirmative action sidelines hard work simply by skin color. Men want to kiss other men. Political correctness replaces common sense and eliminates free speech. Iran doesn't sound so bad.

Yes, your whining.If you think Iran would work out better for ya, don't let the door hit ya.

The big scam is money. The TARP bailout represented a privately owned bank (the Federal Reserve) bailing out all it's member banks at the tax payers expense. The fed charges taxpayers interest for all currency put into circulation. Which Bloomberg Business is reporting as 2.12% today on ten year treasuries. There really is a sucker born every minute just like P.T. Barnum said.

"Cronyism" is the new user friendly description of the old term "corruption" which carried legal consequences back when terns like "kick-backs" and "bribes" meant disgrace and jail time. Bribing a congressman is now called lobbying, and no longer are there consequences to insider stock trades. The old standard of buying real-estate and re-selling it to gov. made Harry Reid rich. How long before the owners of Delek Refng, or Lufkin Ind. have Louie Gohmert thinking the same way, the Feinstein way?

Yes Congress is a racket (as is the executive branch.) Insider trading is rampart. Nepotism is the norm. Gov. Unions keep wages very high, work very low.

Must have been just like that before Rome fell.

There are unfortunately a lot of similarities between the U.S. and ancient Rome. Probably the saddest is erosion of ethics in business and government. And we will probably meet the same fate unless we change politics in the U.S. A good start would be to abolish all tax exemption for political contributions. The two parties combined spent $ 4.2 billion on the last campaign. That buy's a whole lot of corruption!

Let's look at the big picture. Democrats and Republicans do this. For example, Paul LaPage, Governor of Maine hired his daughter in an entry-level position in his office for $41,000 a year. This is $10,000 more than entry-level police officers or public school teachers earn a year in Maine. Governor LaPage is a Republican. We can only blame ourselves for letting this happen. We continue to settle for the status quo of republicans or Democrats. They have always been it for themselves.

And a tip of the Ice Berg to ya.

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