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Catnip for Christie


POSTED: Monday, January 20, 2014 - 5:47pm

UPDATED: Sunday, April 13, 2014 - 2:03pm

The Media Research Center continues to focus the hypocrisy of some in our business.

This week, the national media trumpeted the controversy involving New Jersey Governor Chris Christie with an enthusiasm they never showed for any of the various scandals involving President Obama, with MSNBC's Chris Matthews even summoning the specter of Watergate:

"The more we learn about Chris Christie, the more he does look like Richard Nixon."

Also, the same reporters who eagerly handed the microphone over to disgruntled ex-Bush officials to criticize a Republican President during wartime, now find it objectionable that a new book from ex-Defense Secretary Robert Gates criticizes President Obama, with NBC's Matt Lauer asking Gates if he was being "either dangerous or dishonorable," while CNN's Jim Acosta channeled how "the memoir is seen by some critics as an act of betrayal."

And on MSNBC, Chris Matthews revs up the liberal fear mongering machine, saying if Republicans win this fall, it launch "the return of something like Jim Crow days, literacy tests and poll taxes and all the rest."
Let's ignore Obama Scandals and stick to Christie's "bridgegate"

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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Pale in comparison?

dave.... Obama was.. where when Benghazi went down and FOUR PEOPLE DIED (and Hillary was where?) Obama ordered Fast&Furious where many people, Mexican and Americans, have died.

But nobody died at Watergate.

Pale in comparison?

dave.... Obama was.. where when Benghazi went down and FOUR PEOPLE DIED (and Hillary was where?) Obama ordered Fast&Furious where many people, Mexican and Americans, have died.

But nobody died at Watergate.

Politics has always been sleazy. Especially here in Texas. I get a little offended when people let drama get involved in the political discourse.
For the record Nixon conspired to commit a felony (burglary), then obstructed justice and tampered with evidence. Obama, Christi, Clinton all pale in comparison. This is not worse than Watergate.Sleazy? Yes. Political retaliation? Maybe.

You are wrong again Dave, it was never proved that Nixon ordered the break-in. There was however, a deleted section from audio tapes made in the oval office which suggested strongly Nixon's involvement in the cover-up of those staffers who did order the break-in. We now know it was Mitchell and Libby working with Bob Haldeman who stole the DNC contributors list from the office in the Watergate hotel. Haldeman did go to jail. Next to Obama and Holder's gun running, it was kid stuff.


You have spoken as a true liberal democrat.

You just have pulled that ad hominem attack right from the progressives playbook, right?

Shall I post the link to the progressives playbook they published for all to see here?

I just post the facts. That is what I want people to judge by.... FACTS.

Hope for change in 2014. Lots of democrats up for election and re-election. Need to show them what unemployment is like.

"The Media Research Center"? It doesn't take a genius to understand this is in truth another "Propaganda Bureau" of agenda driven govt. A blind man could see that ex-Defense Sec. Gates is the next election sham GOP candidate. Procedure is to begin with a book so that contributors can donate anonymously under the guise of a book purchase. Whether Hillary or Gates the American citizen could be no further isolated from freedom. Puppet presidents, bribed congress, yellow journalism; Amerika today

deaf, you continue to be a disgusting excuse for a thinking man..your opinion on everything could be a cut and paste on everything you hate...which IS everything that isn't you. As for your on-going rants regarding President Obama, how about shutting up...wonder what you base your hate on for this president..the only difference between Obama and all other presidents is the color of his skin, so can one extrapolate, from your on-going diatribe about everything Obama, that you are truly a racist?

And to think that many good posts are censored by this venue while you are allowed to post your disgusting racist rants at Deaf for being white.

News flash.... Mayor who accused Christi of Sandy relief fund mis-allocation exposed for lying about it. For years she as said it was fine, wonderful, and timely funds. Even under oath.

Yes DEMOCRAT Mayor Dawn Zimmer caught lying. Her 'proof' is a "Journal" she says she wrote in it.

Now personally I won't vote for Christi for prez. He is a super RINO.

BUT I want honesty in both government AND news reporting. Dang hard to get either these days.

Well might be able to ignore Obama scandals but Obamacare, like herpies, is real hard to ignore.

You dolt! Christi's involvement in not only "bridgegate", but also the mis-allocation of Sandy relief funds, exposes him to the most thorough investigation of illegal, improper and thuggish practices of this loud-mouthed, power-crazed dough-boy...his bullying tactics have finally caught up to him, but it is no stretch to realize neal really loves anyone who gets away with sticking it to others...the only problem is that neal just can't stand when these smarmy twits are exposed...nice try, neal.

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