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POSTED: Tuesday, September 11, 2012 - 6:10pm

UPDATED: Sunday, September 23, 2012 - 1:11pm

What a mess this teachers strike is in Chicago.

You have the nations third largest school system. Teachers making 76k a year and that's before benefits.

A school system that's $700 million in the hole. Only slightly more than half of the kids graduate.

This morning, it was revealed most 8th graders can't read. The school system is a mess and they are turning down a 16% raise.

They want 20%. A while back they wanted 30%.

And listen to this, one of the main sticking points is despite the school systems lack of success, they demand not to be evaluated.

If you deserve such a huge pay increase, why won't you be evaluated? I'm evaluated. The newsroom and everyone putting on the news right now is evaluated.

This is a huge test for unions because this is showing how out of touch they are.

The head of the president's Department of Education used to run Chicago schools. Even he has said they need to look at other ways of teaching, such as demanding more from teachers, looking at vouchers and common sense steps.

Both the NEA and the AFT have strongly endorsed Obama's re-election despite his administration's support of policies to expand charter schools, weaken tenure and base teacher evaluations on how much student performance improves. But they still are one big happy political family.

Well, the world is watching. That is the world that pays attention to news and not what the Kardashians are doing.

This is lunacy to the 10th power.

Hey, I learned that in school.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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Performance based raises ONLYwooosterbullet??? Is that what corporations do??? I do not think so....CEO who under perform still get millions in salary, stock options and bonuses every year at the expense of the worker benefits and share holders.

you are loosing wooosterbullett

Looks like the courts sided with the Teachers in Chicago and also against Scott Walker. Republicans are totaly against American Workers. They want a workforce like the ones in China and India where you get paid 42 cent a day for your labor so CEOs and Share Holders can put billions more in their own pockets.

Fire ALL of these teachers and administrators, if that is really what they are? The students will learn more staying away from school, if that is what it is? Of course these teachers (Misnomer) don't want to be evaluated. The results of their teaching or lack thereof is their evaluation. A big fat "F". If they were paid by their worth they would be well under the poverty line. Disgusting reprebates who couldn't care less about the students, or anyone else for that matter.

(1) Teachers have been screaming for year what research shows is the most influential way to improve education - smaller class sizes, more hours per day, and more days per year. Taxpayers just don't want to hear this message and are blaming the messengers. (2) Unions are needed for balance of power. Laborers need a voice. (3) As currently conceived, teacher evaluations are not objective - they're capricious.

every employee in America should have the right to form an employee organization or union to combat poor working conditions, wages and hours. The BOSS ISN'T ALWAYS RIGHT AND NEVER HAS THE RIGHT TO DO WHATEVER HE OR SHE WANTS TO ANOTHER HUMANBEING JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE THE BOSS. If you are anti-worker rights you are un-American..."in order to form a more perfect UNION".

Come on now.. lets be honest. I can see being evaluated to gage a persons craft skills. But look around here in East Texas and look at this fairly , there are a lot of people that do not place much value on an eduction. They send their kids to school everyday only as a place to receive a babysitter. Never check to see if homework is done and most times have never met the teacher. They are not involved in the educational process of their child. How can you evaluate a teacher for the outcome ?

Ask Republicans why they do not want poor and elderly people to vote. There is not one case in the history of Texas where an illegal immigrant has voted...NOT ONE. Where are the jobs the T-Publicans promised in 2010 if we elected them to Congress....JUST ASKING? Is your employer lowering your wages and benefits but the company is making huge profits and the ceo receiving a bonus....organize a union and get your share of the profits made with your labor

You are losing Don ald the the union steward........

NEA union president(female) makes $460,000.00/year and the AFT president(male) makes $380,000.00/yr. !!!!!!!
OUTLAW unions SAVE AMERICA VOTE Romney/Ryan in November.

Performance based raises ONLY, if they don't produce FIRE them hold teachers to the same standards WE are held to! Now you know why the majority of public schools are cesspools UNIONS.

unions are UN-AMERICAN, WE the PEOPLE can't afford unions.

OUTLAW unions SAVE AMERICA. Vote Romney/Ryan in November.

OUTLAW unions and SAVE AMERICA. School teachers MUST Be based on performance with only one half passing/graduating and their union has put the school district $700 million in a HOLE so, the union strikes for a RAISE!!!!!! The tail is wagging the dog here. The Gov. of Illinois MUST follow Gov. Scott Walkers lead fire every union teacher. No more contracts NO MORE UNIONS, students and taxpayers suffer. The average salary for a teachers across the U.S. makes $39,000/yr. $76,000 is out of line.

I'm evaluated on a yearly basis by my employer (daily by my customers) and if I don't measure up I can eventually be replaced. Evaluating performance is the only way to maintain standards. As for the NEA ant AFT, like most labor unions, they likely care more for their political power and little for the teachers or the students they serve.

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