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Debating Obama and Crowley


POSTED: Thursday, October 18, 2012 - 11:13am

UPDATED: Sunday, October 28, 2012 - 6:54pm

Time Magazine this week set off a bombshell when it leaked a copy of Tuesday night's presidential debate contact to the media.

It said the debate moderator should just call on the audience and stay out of the way.

When asked about it, the moderator, CNN's Candy Crowley beat her chest and said she was more than a fly on the wall. She wanted to be part of things.

Well, sister, you were a part of the debate and you disgraced yourself.

Case in point: The tense moment about Benghazi.

Mr. Romney was making the point that it took 14 days for this administration to even say our four Americans died in a terror attack.

The President and his folks are going back to the Bill Clinton lawyer days of parsing what "is" actually is.

Mr. Romney said the President never used the words terror attack to say what happened.

Crowley, who had already lost control of the debate went to to the President's defense saying basically "yes, he did."

They are using this as an example:

In the rose garden the day after the embassy attaks the president said and I quote: "No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation, alter that character or eclipse the light of the values that we stand for."

He used terror attacks in the plural. A broad statement.

He then dispatched our ambassador to the UN Susan Rice to shill for the talk shows that the attacks were all about a YouTube video....not terror.

He spent $70,000 dollars of TV time in the Middle East running a commercial saying the U.S. is sorry that a YouTube movie caused all this mess.

It took the administration 14 days to ever say the specific - in the singular - attack which killed 4 Americans including our ambassador was terror.

Now, starting in the debate last night, the Obama Administration is trying to run for cover by using the Rose Garden uttered word "terror" as a general statement.

Not only did Crowley let him, but agreed with the President.

She's the political reporter for CNN and she doesn't know any better?

Yes, Miss Crowley, you got what you wanted.

You wanted to be recognized.

But. you're being called out for being wrong... by CNN and Anderson Cooper of all people.

I don't have time to mention the extra three minutes she gave the President.

Last night Ms. Crowley was a disgrace.

Thats my point of view... what's yours?

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I'm so horrified that this great country has come to this low, and ignorance, that you would support a Marxist Socialist President, to run this country, he' has done nothing but lie to us all from day one and you know it I know you know it, But you wont let go. you rather see this country come to its knees that try to fix it. And blaming Bush at this point is out of line he's been gone 4 yr's all that wrong is Obama.

After 4 yr's. Obama remains blameless for the poor recovery. You watch tazz, if Romney wins, his policies will be called a failure and all the blame will be on him and it will likely start even before he's inaugurated.

Better than a Communist corporate hypocrite liar like Mitt Romney. Which way is the wind blowing today?
Will the real Mitt Romney please stand up.


What free handouts are you talking about? You do not know do you tazz?

Neal slammed this one home. MSCNN has no shame.

As a registared republican, I thought that Candy Crowley was correct in pointing out the lie that mitt was attempting to tell the viewers. Any time a moderator knows for a FACT that a candidate is telling the people a flat out lie, they should ALWAYS CALL THEM ON IT NOT JUST SIT THERE AND ALLOW A WRONG TO BE DONE NO MATTER WHAT PARTY THEY ARE IN. GREAT JOB CANDY. NEAL YOU SHOULD TAKE SOME POINTERS FROM CANDY, YOU ARE P*SS POOR NEWS MAN.

Don, just say it isn't so!! How on earth can you align yourself with the republican party (a registered repub?) and be so liberal and Democratic? Either you are baiting people like Charles, enjoying getting under the old goat's skin, or you need to "come out of the political closet" and live what you write...if you are a registered repub, but believe what you write, how can you have it both ways? How could you ever vote for willard/liin' ryan and condone their stated plans for this country?

I voted republican in the primary against all the T-Party candidates

I actually thought you mis-stated and meant Ms Crowly was a Republican, I didn't find anything to support or deny that idea. However, I did find some stories including an interview on "The View" where she stated that Romney was correct and claimingthat she was just trying to move the debate forward.

I made the mistake of watching KETK news last night, only to be reminded why I stopped watching. What is a disgrace is a news Anchor man who is so bias in his political "opinion" that it is sickening. I am offended as a woman and a Democrat, at the blatant disregard for any other viewers opinions. You stated that Obama spent 70K on TV time, yet you sir are just as guilty. All you have accomplished for me, is to drive me further toward the Democrats. You disgust me Mr POV

Way to go, ETDem!! At least there are three of us in Tyler who stand up and speak out against these
in-you-face lies...with "triangle head" and "charles" we have a view of the racist, holier-than-thou, right-of-right teavangelical mindset we are surrounded by in this bastion of ultra-conservativsm. President Obama has endured unbelievable hate-filled rhetoric from all sides, but the answer to this hate is the vote against those who are truly un-American and anti-democracy. OBAMA 11/6/2012!

Cry me a river ! Women who think, vote republican !!

Women who care about their daughters, vote Democrat !!!
Women who care about their sons & DO NOT want them in another GOP war & sent into IRAN, vote Democrat

thats cool let tham get a nuke, Israel will take care of them when the time comes anyway, they will just tell Obama to shove it. and you cant blame them it's there survival over there.


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