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Thursday, March 26, 2015 - 10:53pm
Neal Barton's POV

Dems duck 'Obamacare' for another year


POSTED: Wednesday, July 3, 2013 - 3:40pm

UPDATED: Monday, July 8, 2013 - 10:03pm

Well, it's official, the hot, steaming load of...That is called "Obamacare," is being pushed back until 2015.

The individual mandate is still there, but business is screaming for time.

In a monstrosity, that I think is nothing more than hijacking one-sixth of the nation's economy, is proving to be un-wildly.

No one still knows what the rules are.

No one knows exactly how punishments will work if you do not comply.

It still amazes me how the so-called best and brightest (I am being sarcastic) of federal government see no bumps in the road when you all of a sudden tack 11-million more people to health care and actually sold it and some folks believed it, would not cost any more money.

In California, insurance companies are leaving the system.

A Houston TV station did a story this week about one of the most prominent OBGYN 's just shutting down next year because the government, right now, won't pay up and know they won't when "O-Care" comes to town..

The national debate about health care should have been one of the longest and most thought-out debates in our nation's history.

Instead, it was a back-room deal that now is coming home to roost and Democrats are running for the aisles because it's unpopular.

The strategy from the White House is to push this back past the 2014 elections.

That is all this is.

But I think Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal said it best when he tweeted this:

"You know things are bad when you can't even successfully implement your own bad ideas."

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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The biggest problem we're facing is the idea that someone can enforce whatever injustices they want upon you and you have no redress in the court or otherwise. That a federal government can violate the rights of disarmed men who seek nothing more than protection for their rights. The idea that one person is bound by a rule and the other is not. That I can assert my arbitrary wish upon you, and the law will stand on the side of my wish, regardless of the bill of rights.

HOw come people wish to compare the U.S. to this other countries that do not have the population or illegals running around. Canada does not have the population of say Los Angeles. WHo has the money? The problem is the medical industry is a total scam with buying new equipment that has to run 24 hours a day, sell meds that most do not need, Unessesary test for all who have insurance or medicare? American health care is unsafe and a scam if you can afford it. Uninsured with no care are healthy,

To pick on one item, the medical tests you see as unnecessary, doctors and hospitals see as CYA tests. e.g. the pregnancy test they give Grandma before running other tests. Why?, on the off chance she is then they become liable if she looses the baby. Or the patient who lies to the MD then goes into shock when given penicillin. Yep, you guessed it, the MD is still liable.

When Canada and Europe instigated socialized healthcare in was in times of a robust economy where it could be accurately determined the number of indigents unable to pay their share. A controlled experiment that fails the test of providing needed coverage when an emergency arises. Now in our struggling high or under employed economy where a reported 11 million which is most probably 35 million people are without any insurance George Kaiser's insurance scam is passed. A bad idea at a bad time.

Ms. Jackson: I do not know where you get your facts from. Many European countries adopted universal care for its citizens after World War Two. England, Sweden, Norway and especially Germany did not have a robust economy. Also, there was not a determined amount of indigents. Most people were indigents due to the war. Luckily, the Marshall Plan helped eliminate such despair. I do agree that 35 million people do not have health insurance and we need universal health care to address this.

Don't really matter if they delay it to 2015. It still is a train wreck as all individuals have to comply. BUT, big businesses will be spared till after the election (so Democrats can get more donations.) See they are gonna sell this delay as maybe permanent IF the companies donate to their re-election.

See it's a form of blackmail. It's the Chicago way!

I'm in the crowd that sees it as a way of dooping the low information voters. The individual mandate starts in 2014, but won't be seen by them until 2015, after the election, when they file their returns. By postponing the business mandate, the low info voters who haven't already lost their jobs to Obama won't loose them until 2015.

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