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POSTED: Thursday, October 10, 2013 - 6:56pm

UPDATED: Sunday, April 13, 2014 - 5:36pm

When I first saw this yesterday, I was stunned. I literally put off saying anything about it until I read everything I could.

This was such an easy mess to avoid and I thought maybe I had something wrong. But, I didn't.

There are American Soldiers who where killed in Afghanistan and their bodies were shipped back home and the U.S. government tells the families that you'll have to pay to come and get them because the government is shut down.

Make that 17 percent shut down. We have the nerve to make our soldier fighting for us pawns in a political game.

It's bad enough this administration turning away Veterans at their own monument and trying to send people away from seeing monuments that stay open 24/7, but this?

This is clearly on the president and defense secretary, Chuck Hagel.

Hagel needs to be fired. No, not even given the chance to resign, fired.

There is all sorts of "butt-covering" going on. Administration hacks saying are now saying it was a misunderstanding.

Even the dumbest, low-information voter knows we are still in a shooting war in Afghanistan.

Those killed are flown home every week. We didn't figure that in the plan. It was in the plan all along!

And when has this president ever been shy about spending money? Even if caring for the dead was cut out with a government shutdown by executive order, which he loves, he can write a check for that or anything else he wants to.

This is disgraceful.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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I have absolutely no problem gloating regarding the fact that your beloved wacko tea party anarchist/repub reps. came away from the debt ceiling issue and government shutdown with ABSOLUTELY matter the motive (except Boehner's admission that they picked the wrong fight and lost...mightily!), no matter the bully tactics of the likes of cruz and gomer, invoices from House "purchases" will be paid, federal workers will work, and those without adequate insurance can now buy into a plan.

ted cruz began a push to shut the government down over the ACA and the house republicans supported him when he he could not do it in the Senate and they shut the government down. Now they are protesting the shutdown. What a bunch of stupid people the republican / t-parties have as leaders not to mention the people who support and believe such stupidity. WE WANT IT SHUTDOWN SO WE CAN PROTEST THE SHUTDOWN....Republican created crisis for political gain that backfired.

Oh, that deaf smith's computer would crash & he'd go sit in the closet with his scrapbooks to re-live days gone by when he just might have been relevant...on this & other sites, he's just one lost soul who hates everyone, no exceptions. Bless his heart, 30 years after his "gung-ho" picture was taken, he's desolved into a bitter, old, cranky sort who bashes the president (racist?), hates Democrats, and thinks the tea swillers & swell...hopefully, the swillers will flame out soon...poor deaf.

BBC reports the Chinese Finance Minister as saying " the US should avoid debt crisis for sake of global economy".

IMF head warns US debt crisis threatens world economy

While congress was performing it's comic opera. The Chinese signed a currency swap agreement with the European Central Bank. Just one more step toward dumping the dollar.

Remember 2008?

Yeah, the Republicans are the only partisian party in town, right? Dingy Harry says " Why would we do that?" referring to passing a bill to fund cancer research. HE really cares about the people who keep putting his a-- in office, doesn't he?

If not for the republican / t-party shutdown or denying of funds for cancer research in the first place, there would be no need for such a bill now would there

Where is deaf at? I wonder if he is ill and trying to get some ObamaCare or is he ill and going to DEFAULT on his medical bills cuz he has no insurance and we that are insured can pick up his tab? in either case, if he is ill I sure hope he gets better soon.

Neil is such a liar Vets turned away from the WWII memorial???Obama had park rangers working without pay so the memorial would be open for them. Do you need a link to the photos? 2nd, the GOP / T-Partiers was told by 3 different departments that this would happen if it came to a shutdown and ted cruz and the speaker did not care...the republicans initialy shut this government down knowing full well this would happen. No excuses for the GOP Neil, they all knew.

Try again you political hack. AP posted three hours ago as of 10/13/13 8:23pm about barriers erected to keep people out. Previously the mounted police, I'll confess I don't know if paid or unpaid, were posted to keep them out, not keep it open.

"Texas Vets visit WWII Memorial"
By Allie Wright | October 4, 2013

"This park is closed, but I can't do anything to stop you," a park ranger told a visitor.
Throughout the week, many veterans' groups have visited the memorial.

The Constitution requires the house to appoint Conference committee members to the budget when both houses pass a budget. The Senate made their appointments but the house republicans have refused 19 times in the last 6 months to make their appointments.Had the house republicans fulfileld their their Constitutional Obligations there would be a budget in place and no need for a CR or debt limit increase. The GOP had planned this out in an attempt to get rid of the ACA....aka ObamaCare.

Oh brother. Like it or not this is obummers change, hope you enjoy it because we still have 3 years of this idiot to go. Don't think that this country can stay afloat that long.

You hate FACTS don't you Suz? If you would like to see the Senate budget go to the Library of Congress , search Conference Committe and look for the Senate Budget dated 3-26-2013.

If the rapubs would get rid of that cry baby Boner things would be taking a step in the right direction. Quit holding the US people hostage and do their job.

Just read Federalist No. 58 (Madison).

And you will see James Madison anticipated the possibility of a government shutdown and predicted that the house of representatives could and should prevail. You see, those old geezers knew a thing or two about human nature and how and why power must not be concentrated.

Our government is made complex and hard to make laws for a reason.

The House passed bill after bill. They passed funding bills for the military, the infrastructure, etc... but every bill passed the senate, a DEMOCRAT senate, voted it down.

The problem is the DEMOCRAT senate. The Constitution was made so the house is where all spending bills originate. That was done on purpose to keep the government from overspending (as we are doing now.) James Mason, one of the founding fathers, wrote on this very subject.

The house is doing it's job. No one else is.

The house is not doing Jack Diddly. All they have done the last 5 years is do their best to drag their feet and make it as hard as possible to get anything done unless it's their agenda. If they would just try to think about the people that put them in office and not make it as hard as they can on us, then we can see some progress. I believe that we should fire every body in congress, from the Governor to the President and put some people in office that loves this country. Problem fixed...

When you Republicans shut down the government with your antics, you have to expect that national parks, national museums, and some benefits will be delayed. As a party, you hate government. Ironic that when those services disappear you start screaming that they aren't there. Decide who you are. If you hate government, don't whine when government services are shut down. You made your bed.

It's not an either - or situation Mr. Eastman. Few disagree that government isn't a requirement of civilized society, Republicans are said to opposed the; in your face, all for the shared good, style of government that robs individuals of their freedom to make personal choices. This gov. easily collects enough tax to maintain the greatest society in the word, it's the additional trillion in added debt annually that Republicans argue we don't need. Gov is not the solution, it's the problem.

Republicans are the only group that is glad the government is shut down but want to say it is not their fault....what a bunch of IDIOTS. That is why almost 80% of Americans are placing the blame right where it belongs on the GOP, so joe and suz you can jump scream and cry all you want.

More deflection from the truth, neal? The folks who botched the benefits for the fallen and their bereaved families were the boot-licking better-late-than-never repubs who just happened to accidentally leave this provision out of the bill they passed last week...again, you only get a boat-load of lies from Tyler's tea swiller pundit...but it is so easy for tea swillers to bend the truth and then send it out for the masses who hang on their every word...guess the truth is just to, well, truthful.

They're sure spending a lot to be sure people are hurt by the shut down, even if they must go out of the way to do it. If people must get hurt or die so they can blame the GOP, well worth their sacifice

If the GNOP is so concerned about the people that are hurt by the shut down, even if they must go out of the way to keep hurting the people. If people must get hurt or die so the GOP can keep American Citizens from buying private health insurance, they think well worth their sacifice to hurt the people even If people must get hurt or die.

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