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Neal Barton's POV

Does this go on too long?


POSTED: Tuesday, October 18, 2011 - 6:32pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, October 19, 2011 - 10:09am

Another republican debate tonight.

After tonight I think there are 12 more presidential debates.

I've seen most of them and it's like watching people audition for a play.

They keep saying the same different lines over and over until perhaps they get the part.

I don't think this many debates are really doing much good.

What I know about all the candidates-- I learned from the first one I watch back last summer.

The only thing I recently learned is that Rick Perry is not a great debater.

It seems to me this is all this ha become....just a chance for the elite media to slap down and grade everything these guys and ladies are saying.

If you follow the tweets of all the pundits during the debate you can see outright viciousness them..

We are still a year away from the election.

And lets face it.

a lot of this dog and pony is for the national press.

We all know most Americans don't pay attention until after labor day.

The season is too long.

And do the little primaries really matter anymore?

There needs to be a venting process for the man or woman who has access to the nuclear codes.

But we have this thing called the internet now..and lets face it....networks and cable nets with 24 hour news cycles.

Is that not vetting?

The old mossback reporters would poo-poo most of what I am saying here because living in the Howard Johnsons for a months covering a primary is a right of passage to them and job security.

The last time there was a debate on CNN the moderator asked candidates if they were a soft drink what kind would they be.

Do we really need that?

That's my point of view whats yours?

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Follow up: To me, the best debate format would be a round-table discussion among the candidates with no moderator and issues raised by drawing from a pile of submitted questions from voters. No time limit and every candidate should get his/her opportunity to expound on each issue until the group decides to move to the next issue. Put it on public TV and let it go until they get tired and decide to go home; after all, what is public TV for?

Having propagandists, otherwise known as journalists, ask intentionally misleading questions of candidates in order to support the propagandists' agendas is absolutely worthless. The only one winning these set-to's is Newt because he has refused to play that game! If only the other candidates would adopt the same approach and tell the "moderator" to ask serious questions!!

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