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Thursday, March 5, 2015 - 4:57pm
Neal Barton's POV

DOJ + MM = Love


POSTED: Wednesday, September 19, 2012 - 5:55pm

UPDATED: Sunday, September 23, 2012 - 9:38am

The media is so busy trying to kill Mitt Romney, here's one they missed.

Come to find out, there is evidence the Department of Justice is in cahoots with left-wing, non-profit group
Media Matters.

The reason why? Media Matters has been allegedly working to make sure the DOJ gets positive spin for all the messes they've been involved in like "Fast and Furious."

But, this is just not hearsay. There are emails obtained by a Freedom Of Information Act. There are emails from Media Matters between the liberal messaging group's employees and a top DOJ spokeswoman.

Texas Republican Rep. Blake Farenthold said Tuesday that he expects the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform to investigate collusion.

Farenthold, the first member of Congress to demand Attorney General Eric Holder's resignation over Operation Fast and Furious, said he thinks the committee should examined Media Matters' tax-exempt status. That status allows the group's donors to claim an income tax deduction for their contributions, and also permits Media Matters to pay no federal tax on its income.

Tax exemption under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, which Media Matters enjoys, is typically reserved for organizations that don't engage in excessive partisan politicking.

Of course the DOJ hasn't gotten around to investigating Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebilious for violating the Hatch Act. Since she's a cabinet member, she's not supposed to be politicking.

I'm sure that's in Eric Holders inbox for first thing Thursday morning.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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The media outlets that push propaganda vise news will go the way of the Grey Lady. Sooner or later folks wake up to realize which ones are peddling the truth and which ones are peddling an agenda. You can say the same thing about Congress and the rest of Washington. Votes will be cast, choices will be made. Let's see just how smart we are. If America goes under, we're the stupid ones.

.... and when the communists that use the media as a tool no longer need them to gain control of the U.S. they will be thrown away as yesterdays garbage, along with Hollywood. MM is bankrupt in more ways than one.

I am glad you see fox for what they are katie

this is all true. Check it out
Kool aid is not what you need....its common sense & some sleuthing on your part.
Neal is right. Do you know who owns Media Matters??The media does NOT "just report'; it slants. Check that out too.Mr IQ.

In 1997 under Clinton, congress (repub) authorized the deregulation of media of which market-share rules were a part. From that, monopolies were formed and this nation went from 57 media outlets to 5, all jewish owned (yes Murdock is jewish). The end result is that the same ethnic group that controls our economy also controls the media -now where does that leave a government addicted to spending? We are essentially a big Israel and like Israel, we treat the world like it was Palestine.

Nail Barton sounds like media radio; Savage, Limbaugh, Beck, the "yang" of "ying-yang" propaganda. He's like the kid in math class who gets half the problem right and proudly presents a wrong answer. Yes, Media Matters is a government mouthpiece designed to appeal to a created "liberal" school of thought, but then so is Freedom Works a government mouthpiece for the created "conservative" issues. Both are tools of the one faction that controls our government, both to imitate a true democracy.

Paranoia has set in on you Neal, better put the Kool Aid jug down.

Romney is doing it to himself, the media is just reporting what he says and does. In other words the media is doing their job, informing the People.


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