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POSTED: Monday, August 23, 2010 - 5:43pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, August 24, 2010 - 1:22pm

The fight about the Ground Zero mosque continues.

Now, some on the left are trying to deflect the issue by saying the mosque, community center, whatever is not even at the Ground Zero sight, trying to imply this is a non-issue.

Well, from what I have read there are about another 100 mosques in the area, so why another one?

Why right there?

I still say this is nothing more, but a victory lap for extremist trying to rub 9/11 in our faces.

The Imam behind all this says the U.S. is responsible for 9/11, baloney.

Again as I have said before, it's legal to build a house of worship anyplace zoning allows it. But this is wrong.

Last week, we told you the Associated Press came out and said reporters can no longer call it the mosque at Ground Zero.

They say since it was a few blocks over, it makes things different.

Let me remind you the shootout at the OK Corral was never at the OK Corral.

It was down the street, in the ally by Fly's Photography Studio.

But ask the Clantons and McLaurys who got shot at that gunfight. Did that make a difference?

Also- the New York Giants said the New York Jets have no credibility because the play in Secaucus, New Jersey.

And, "America's Team", the Dallas Cowboys' record really won't count because Jerry World is actually in Arlington.

So, c'mon. Don't insult us with that.

And Nancy Pelosi wants to play Joe McCarthy and investigate anyone who disagrees with her wanting the mosque to be built.

Funny how dissent is only patriotic for the left.

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Here is the conundrum. It is the Christian Based Religion which gave birth to the very concept of the individual freedoms which Muslims would demand in our gift to them of equality. They like most Liberal thinkers would claim all the benefits of the Christian American society, yet would not accept the responsibility and SACRIFICE exemplified by Christ and the Christian tradition to make the proper choices that are required to make the Christian concept of freedom work.

Sure the Muslims have a right to believe Sharia Law should replace our Constitution. The conundrum is that when that right is exercised you destroy America, Christianity and the very tradition that made it possible. This is where Bush, Cheny, Obama and the others went astray. Democracy can only work in a Christian based culture. It cannot work in a culture where those in power rule through the intimidation of the foot on your neck and the sword on your throat. Name one Muslim Country where it ha

Yes, pls let's change the subject. Ur commentary on the 16th,18th,19th,20th, & now 23rd has been about this stinking mosque. Reminds me of how Nero fiddeled while Rome burned. We have more pressing issues. Let's discuss the upcomming issues both local and national. We have a jail to build. We have an outer loop to nowhere that carries 200 cars a day, we have no tourist dollars not associated with roses & a nut for a congressman and ur concerned with Muslims in New York? Please focus locally.

I thought the tea party movement, of which you are a mouthpiece, wanted strict adherence to the Constitution. If that's the case, then you must adhere to the principle of freedom of religion. Period. You can't pick and choose which parts of the Constitution you like. And if you want to play that game then I'll take your right to carry an automatic weapon in exchange for your right to take my freedom of religion. Deal?

The first amendment also allows you freedom of speech, yet you cannot shout Fire Fire in a theater or you will be crushed in the Exit. It's not about whether you have a right to build it, it about whether it is proper or the right thing. Building your Mosque at ground zero is the equivalent of shouting FIRE in a theater and it will be your people who will be crushed THIS TIME in the exit. This first concept of having Civil Rights is that you behave civilly! This act will only promote animosity.

And you, Eastman, cannot amend the type of weapons which legally we may carry. To my knowledge nowhere can we carry automatic weapons on the streets of America. And if you're willing to surrender your freedom of religion for the right to carry and bear arms then you are worthy of neither. Sounds to me you are neither veteran nor historian. Those who beat their weapons into plowshares will pull the plow for those who do not. Educate yourself and vote in 70 days. It's not too late.

Last time I looked you can't buy an automatic weapon legally. You have to be a special license from the fed. Most people don't have those. The ones that do, have extensive back ground checks. They aren't the ones doing crimes with them. Just because you can doesn't make it right.

You can buy automatic weapons, but prepare for a 6 month cavity ream by the Feds and total loss of privacy, not to mention your name going on to a government data base for future collection on demand. In spite of this many do own them and the market demand price of these items since Obama was elected has risen precipitously.

Sharia law will be next.

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