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Electric cars: More negatives than positives

Electric cars: More negatives than positives

POSTED: Monday, January 21, 2013 - 8:28pm

UPDATED: Friday, July 5, 2013 - 1:27pm

The only thing the federal government is good at is looking at ways to fix things and losing lots of money while they do it.

The so-called, non-partisan Congressional Budget Office has some sickening numbers for us.

First of all, the government has been backing cars no one wants. Yeah, there are always a few who want the latest thing no matter what, but they can't give these things away.

The National Legal and Policy Center reports the outlook is that federal subsidies for the cars will cost taxpayers $7.5 billion over the next few years for little or no benefit, even when including the impact of total gas consumption or emissions.

The CBO report also breaks down the cost to government (they should say cost to taxpayers) for every gallon of gas saved by buyers of electric cars. The cost estimate is $3 to $7 for every gallon of gas saved.

The writer of the article says, I don't see that this cost includes lost tax revenue from gas taxes, nor would it include state subsidies. I have previously calculated that the cost per gallon of gas saved would increase to about $10 per gallon for short term leases, like the subsidized 2 year leases that have helped manufacture demand for the Chevy Volt. Ponder that logic, taxpayers pay $10 for every gallon of gas that the lessees of those Chevy Volts save. We would be far better off having these people drive gas-powered cars for two years and paying for the extra gas in full!.


This is what happens when the ham-fisted government tries to help.

Let the market make it.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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This evening news today (7/4) gave an electric car report ignoring hybrids. Hybrids are in the mix, have significant advantages, and people are buying them. Electricity from the grid, while cheaper energy (not enough to offset the electric car's price), is produced at 40% efficiency which the EPA does not consider but was reported somewhat accurately tonight. The 93 mpg Chevy Volt should be rated at 37 mpg and hybrids easily beat this. The MPG formula EPA uses is WRONG!

Electric car is the latest invention bur it is now dead in market. The above blog is a nice article but now it has less value. At the time of invention of electric car the main theme behind it is cut out the fuel expense, make our environment pollution free.
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As we know Electric cars are the best car but there are some problems with the electric vehicle as these consume our natural resources and the car has also got charging problem. So some people are there is where more number of people is now interested in normal cars. So people are more focusing on the usage of new cars.
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Are you the REAL Demi Moore, famous actress in Ghost, etc.?

As a professor of physics and engineering I'm upset with the EPA's unscientific methodology. Grid electricity is produced at about 40% efficiency. Burning 10 lbs of coal gives 4 lbs equivalent electricity. The 93 mpg (electric mode) Volt should be rated 37 mpg - this is the true carbon footprint of the Volt.

BTW, the world's mpg record is 1800 mpg - a powered tadpole bicycle with body.



This is what passes for journalism in Texas these days? Yo Neal, why do you hate the American government so much? It is this kind of petty argument that is polarizing our great nation. Have you whined about the cost of the Pentagon to taxpayers? No. Whined about all the Federal money Texas gets? I thought not. You'd better just stick with news directing because as a pundit, you're weak.

Not too hard to see who butters DrBaldo's bread. Yo Baldo, here's a heads-up for ya; Texans pay in more to the Federal Government than they get back and nobody even counts the devalued saved assets a printed worthless dollar robs from Texans. So Yo' Baldo, go to your socialist America and don't let Texas's door hit you where you think on the way out.

In the United States there are two Americas. Those who who live in an America that derive their living from government and those others who live in America and assume the cost of government. We are two distinctly different peoples with fundamental differences that share no common ground. There will never be a day of reconciliation, there will never be a time when either America gives-in to the other. There is but one answer, only one solution; civil war. Secede from the socialist.

Charles, I have seen some of your ridiculous commentaries before, and this one is no better. Where did you get the idea of seceding?- was it from idiot Perry?- probably so. Have you any idea how difficult it would be for one state to secede? Obviously you do not. To me, to suggest such a thing is treacherous and tantamount to treason. If you considerer our Nation as being irrevokeably split and in separate parts, I have a number of suggestions as to where you should go. Russia, China, Iran, etc.

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