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POSTED: Friday, December 2, 2011 - 7:49pm

UPDATED: Monday, December 5, 2011 - 11:30am

I had a hard day Thursday. When I get like this, I try and hide it from others.

Why drag them down with what depresses me? But, I'll share it tonight.

I lived in the Seattle, Washington area for years. Met my wife there. And some of the best people I ever worked with in TV are still there and I love them.

But, when I saw this Thursday, I literally thought I was going to have a conniption fit. There was a local business group there in Seattle which wanted to buy advertising signs that are available for local busses.

They wanted the sign to read "Buy American." Not a big deal, huh?

Well, Seattle Metro, the organization that oversees transportation in that city, shot the idea down because
they said the slogan was too political.

Asking people to "Buy American?

I bet it it would have been OK if the ad would have said "buy from Mexico."

I am so sick of this politically correct business. We're not losing our county at the barrel of a gun. We are giving it away on a silver platter.

The Forth Worth Independent School District today was called out because they said they wanted no Christmas in the classroom. Well, this hit the fan and they came out with a clarification hours later that said Santa was allowed everywhere else in the school, just not in the classroom because it was disruptive.

And my day has been better today. Because it was reported late last night that Seattle Metro - after the hell that was raised - backed down.

They blinked.

After further review, they decided that "Buy American" was not too much of a political statement and will accept that slogan on bus billboards.

Isn't it a darn shame we even have to go through this?

But, people who have had a gut-full on PC are speaking out. The silent majority isn't so silent anymore.

And that has others concerned.

Too bad.

That's my point of view, wha'ts yours?

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Get out your "U.N. good, America evil" filter and the Metro actions make sense. "Buy American" can be seen as pro-right wing isolationism. Naturally, pro-leftist, pro China, anti right-wing is unbias

Liberals seek to prevent us from discriminating against thievery and would have it codified into American laws through the redistribution of honest wealth to the lazy, incompetent and dishonest socialists. They would prevent us from declaring people stupid by stating the obvious on the threat of commiting a hate crime because by revelaing the stupidity and emptyness of their empty heads and arguments, our reason would then remove them form power and release us from their destructive stupidity.

"Buy Local" probably wouldn't have been blocked.

Our liberty and freedoms will have been rescued and restored when no public figure anywhere makes it their job to protect ANYONE from being offended; and that includes not protecting special populations' precious self esteem!!!!

Welcome to the age of "Emotionalism" which has replaced the 'Age of Reason" The edification of children and poverty which just ends up resulting in a Country of poverty run by emotional Children in adult bodies that has degnerated back to the animal kingdom, dominated by pure instict and emotion having abandoned the reasoning power of the human brain which used to differentiate us from the beast who now walks the earth in the form of the new age socialist Progressive modern man.

Mr. Danny, the doctor will see you now.

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