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Even gun stickers should be banned?


POSTED: Thursday, February 6, 2014 - 6:09pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, February 12, 2014 - 7:58pm

Just when I thought I had heard everything, I come across something stupid like this.

As a nation, we are losing our guts. We are becoming wimps.

The following is from YAHOO News:

"Administrators at a school in the South Suburbs of Chicago are up in arms over a state law that requires schools to post small signs announcing that guns cannot be carried in schools."

You know, the black gun with a red circle?

The new law relates to a new concealed-carry license law, reports the SouthtownStar, a suburban newspaper.

"Schools in Illinois did not allow guns previously. Now, though, schools - and churches, government agencies, liquor stores and certain other organizations - must post four-by-six-inch stickers as visible reminders that guns are forbidden on premises. Many schools in the Chicago area - and, presumably, other parts of the state - have already posted the small stickers in compliance with state law. Others expect to post them over the next couple weeks.

Some school officials aren't happy about the stickers because they contain a very basic image of a gun.

"It is bothersome to have to post a sticker of a gun that says, 'Hey, folks, leave your guns at home,'" Theresa Nolan, principal of Tinley Park High School, told the SouthtownStar.

Nolan stressed that she is very concerned with "safety and security," and concerned that, somehow, someone could wrongly interpret an image of a gun emblazoned with the universal sign for prohibiting something.

"I think the general public will be alarmed by it and wonder if people have been allowed to bring guns to school in the past," Nolan also fretted.

She said she would prefer "something more subtle."

"You can't look at this (sticker) and not think about Sandy Hook," the principal added.


That's my point of view, what's yours?

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I suppose Sheila's admission that she is not a Christian in the ET buckle of the Bible Belt could lead one to presume we have an atheist, or at least an agnostic among us..that might explains why someone so filled with hatred might harp so much about Jews, Muslims, Christians, the government, the media, social constraints that are meant to keep all of us safe, and on and on..apparently there are a few Black women who live to ramble on, thinking their words make a difference...ramble on, Sheila.

Places of worship, intimidation, and a school teacher to boot? Are you kidding me?! This isn't the "wild west" these days, Shelia..we have "laws", and you republicans just seem to make them up as you trudge frightening that YOU are molding children's young minds. You bible thumpers and gun nuts are the scariest of all, and should be shipped off to Siberia somewhere. I bet you're a good 'ole christian that hits that church constantly while gossiping away about others, huh? Hypocrite!

Yeah, the gun nuts are scary. Why do you think crime is less in states with concealed-carry laws, the criminals are scared they'll get shot. Places like Chicago and DC where gun laws are extreme, not so much

Nope...not a republican and haven't been to church since Jesus was a minnow. Maybe the govt. should put this sign on the door of your house; " Keep off the Grass". I

In Palestine high school in the 70's every redneck on campus had a rifle or shotgun in the pickup. No one got shot. There were fist fights. Teachers usually looked the other way for a minute or two then broke it up. No one faced jail time for assault.
This generation has a spiritual problem. They've been taught Allister Crowley's satanic commandment "Do as thou will". We all choose what's right or wrong for us. There are no absolutes. How's that working out?

Well, since public schools tend to have so many students WHO CAN'T READ, they must use a no guns sign with a image of a gun in it.

Hoplophobia (fear of weapons) tends to make one afraid of their own shadow and that's a tendency of the anti-gun crowd.

Notice Chicago has a huge crime rate yet ban guns. They used to ban all handguns until SCOTUS forced them to relent. But they still ban any gunshops from selling them in Chicago!

Hope for change in 2014! Most Democrats need to be shown the door!

We have a. birddog who has that. No, I'm not confusing your term with hydrophobia. It seems our birddog is smart enough to know that he doesn't have to obey when all trying to be quiet in the boat while duck hunting. Yelling at him in a loud whisper hardly distracts him from getting up and moving around, but point the shotgun at him and he becomes a mind reader.

I've heard that phrase before, but it's still really funny ( in a good way).

If people are that scared of guns or even pictures of them then they should seriously consider moving to another country that does not let their citizens have guns, which is just about any country but the U.S. This is America folks, we own and carry guns, we speak English, we have rights and freedom & will protect them at all costs, that's a heck of a lot more than most countries citizens have. If you don't like our way of life and our privileges here then by all means get the heck out.

Kids are getting suspended for having pictures of guns, even if they're in reports on the Revolutionary War. So should we suspend the school boards for posting pictures of guns?

Agree 100% Nolan needs her head examined. It may turn out that she is unqualified for her position and will be "retired" at the end of the school year... if not sooner.

As a testament to our vast free society it is necessary for govt. to remind us that our liberties must be curtailed in certain places; is that how you see it Neil? Before we enter any structure, including our places of worship, we must be reminded that it is forbidden to smoke, carry a gun, or consume alcohol. This isn't an indicator of freedom, but a method of intimidation. As the police state expands, this teacher realizes the ill effects of an overbearing govt. on impressionable children.

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