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Federal workers aren't special


POSTED: Wednesday, November 21, 2012 - 7:57pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, November 28, 2012 - 11:47am

This has to be my favorite story of the week -- if not month -- all because of the wrong reasons.

Here we are looking at a so-called fiscal cliff. It's a tax-maggedon-slash government cutback cocktail.

But while we keep getting closer and closer, reportedly federals workers are saying leave us out of this mix, we have done enough.

Let me repeat that. Leave us alone. Get the money and the hurt from someone else. That means the private sector.

Unions representing federal and postal workers have a message for legislators seeking a "grand bargain" on deficit reduction: don't look to us for more savings.

"Our position is quite firmly that we are the only group of Americans that have [already] had to make any sacrifice whatsoever to deficit reduction," said Jackie Simon, the public policy director at the American Federation of Government Employees. AFGE, the largest federal employees union, represents some 670,000 workers.

"You've got to look elsewhere for your cuts if you have to make them," Simon added.

Lawmakers will spend the coming weeks scrambling to avoid the "fiscal cliff," when drastic cuts hit domestic and defense programs in early 2013. If they want to stave off the automatic cuts, they must find other ways to help reduce the $1 trillion deficit. The president has already warned his progressive base that they may not like some of the measures that emerge from the deficit talks.

The looming cuts have kept labor unions in full-on campaign mode after the Nov. 6 election.

If any have done well the last few years it has been government workers.

Let me tell you this, if there was not a private sector, you and me pulling the wagon, there would not be a public sector fueled by our tax money.

Talk about a disconnect.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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SO Charles, name calling persists instead of a logical arguement.
Could YOU make any point using logic instead of name calling???....or is that beyond you??

You call me 'an ignorant dolt" yet you cite the wrong reasons the economy crashed.
Do you know in whose administration this housing crash got stated & who started it???
Bet you don't.

Wonder why Neal has not reported on how Private sector contracts with the Govt. has driven the cost of operating Govt. through the roof. For example, in the 80's Tx. prisons manufactured & produced everything that was used to operate the prison system & it cost tax payers $7.50 per day per inmate. Now everything is contracted out to the private sector at a cost to tax payers of $47.80 per day per inmate. Govt. workers do it better & cheaper. Privatization = Corruption.

Don = Socialist

Charlie, you do not even know what that word means but I am glad to see that you do not mind paying higher taxes to pay for private sector CEO million dollar salary & benefit packages with million dollar bonus checks to boot.

Federal pay has been frozen since 2010 through the middle of 2013 (for now). Inflation has been going up, and gas/groceries cost more. When it's finally unfrozen, the cost of living allowance will go up a whopping 1.5%. The bulk of the workforce has had to do more with less, (as jpttm pointed out). Whether it's a Federal Bureaucrat or Private CEO, nothing has been fixed at the top. Find a new scapegoat. Has any other group of Americans made a tangible sacrifice in the name of deficit reduction?

I was refering to only the frontline postal workers, not anyone else. And certainly not the Whitehouse staffers whose average wage increase in 2010 was at least as much as my yearly salary.

Neal is part of the class of People who want a service but do not want to pay for it. They expect Govt. workers to provide the services without any pay or benefits. Just as SM has pointed out in his/her post. Most Govt. workers pay has been far lower than that of the private sector & received in lieu of pay increases over the years benefits such as pensions & health insurance. Charles is correct in Neal does nothing for his pay & but calls to reduce benefits for those who protect him.

How many VA employees you want to cut Neal? How many Border Patrol? How many ICE agents or DEA agents or FBI? How many DOD employees? Or for that matter Forest Rangers? I don't think you know what you are talking about. Real easy to lump in all those NASTY federal employees without thinking about who they are. HUH?

That's not what I said dunderhead Don. Learn to read ! Your government pension is on the line because you allowed a union boss to do your thinking for you. The rest of us know if a deal sounds too good to be true then it isn't. Union negotiated contracts have bankrupted the post office and now, like it or not, citizens are unwilling to pay for the lavish retirements bestowed on people whose jobs could be done by a monkey.

Unions have had nothing to do with Texas State employees pension, are you stupid or what? Texas is a RIGHT TO WORK FOR LESS STATE. As for the post office and their union, that is not why they are going broke it is because the GOP congress under Bush & their legislation and Bush signing it NOT the Union look it up and learn. Glad to see that you think a monkey can do the work that Police, Firemen & Soldiers do. You are very un-American Charlie.

From, "Too big to fail, now "Too traditional to fail" , the legal remedy of bankruptcy is not an option when government assures all business plans to be a success in waiting. From the "Forgotten man " taxed into poverrty, to the "Hollow man" whose job and entitlements were as secure as the bondholder's triple A+++ rating, this is how a nation ends, not with a bang, but with a whimper; made to congress. *** Is there even a question why 37 states have started petitions to secede from Washington DC

Char-LIE, 37 states have NOT started petitions to secede from Washington DC, only a few idiots in 37 states. Those IDIOTS can leave at any time, this is a free nation after all. Not one elected state government has voted to secede from the U.S. which is what it takes, YOU NEED TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL AND TRY A PUBLIC SCHOOL CUZ THAT PRIVATE SCHOOL YOU WENT TO FAILED YOU.

Before you rubber stamped Failed GOP Talking Points Memos, you should have fact checked the official .gov websites for federal employee information. You would have found 40% of fed workers are Dept of Defense, followed by 350,000 Dept. of VA, followed by 200,000 Homeland Security ( created under GWB). The remaining 12 depts make up the rest.

So if the top 3 make up 58% fed employees, which ones do you cut pay/ benefits for to make the most reduction? Defense? VA? Why does GOP hate the military?

love your commentaries Neal, you are right every single time!!!

Pull your head out ! This commentary is in suggestion to that sent by wire across the nation weekly. It is part of the national conversation defined by media. Neal, the ignoramous media hack who simply collects a check for keeping his hair cut and reading from a teleprompter, rewrites his opinion from the opinion supplied. Through this process we are led into the predetermined outcome set by governments agenda. DON should be doing handstands as this opinion defines an attack on gov.pensions.

To some extent they are right. As memory serves, the last few years postal workers, at least the ones we see on the streets and in the offices, have seen reductions in their numbers and hours worked. Just recently they closed a few offices. But as usual, no apparent reduction in the bloated bureacracy that runs the post office. As usual, a bottom up solution to a top down problem.

More opinion from the uneducated "journalist want to be" whose media outlet censored the campaign of the true Republican conservativewhich addressed this issue. Read Amity Shlae's economic writings about government expansionist and learn how these times parallel the depression era. Rather than support a candidate pro-business like Widel Wilkie in the time of FDR, Neal supported the media's selection of a Republican, Mitt Romney. You're a spoiler Neal, and too ignorant to realize it.

your point charles is???

I wish we could stop NAME CALLING here.
This is done when no good arguement exists. Please state your logic

My , my Wendel Wilkie =,not really relavant or topical.

I don't recall what this has to give to2000.
I have never heard Neal call a name or a disparaging remark. Why can't you make your point doing the same????????????


Grow a brain and research Wilkie's campaign for president. Like most ignorant dolts you only see what's in front of you never realizing that this is no accident that our economy is crashed, that the problems before us are the very same as in another time, a time when socialism got it's start in our nation, a time when democrats found that they could expand their base by stealing from the have's to give to the have-not's. Understand now dim-witt, expansionist vs private sector / Gov. vs citizen.

As far as calling us names...why didn't you get insulted when KETK censored the true conservative Republican running for president and instead supported the liberal who called himself a republican? Sometimes it's what someone doesn't say that is just as much a lie or insult as what they do. KETK and it's commentary is addressed to a fourth grade that who we are here in East Texas, too dumb to know better?

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