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Thursday, March 26, 2015 - 10:53pm
Neal Barton's POV

First Amendment common sense


POSTED: Thursday, May 1, 2014 - 6:54pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, May 27, 2014 - 4:36pm

I always like to hear from the audience and a few of you have weighed in about the crazy NBA owner in LA.

You ask me about his First Amendment rights. Well, yes, he has them. So do you. So do I

That's what I am doing right now. I can speak against the powers that be it state, local or federal government.

In fact, an attorney friend of mine said it best on his Facebook page: "Don't we have freedom of speech?" they asked him. My friend replies by saying, "Please allow me to point out that the First Amendment protects us against attacks by the government on freedom of speech. The First Amendment does not apply to the NBA or other private businesses. "

You can get on the federal government all day long, but what you say here in East Texas may hurt you.

Case in point, I could get mad about somebody or something and trash them right here. You could do it at the grocery store or down at the VFW hall, but what you say can be held against you.

If you run a business, people may never buy from you again because they think you're a nut. You have the right to take on your employer.

They have the right to have the last say and that may not pay very well. I'll wrap up with that old Johnny Paycheck song.

The one that was titled "Take this job and... [you know]." If you ever notice, the entire song Mr. Paycheck fantasizes and dreams of telling his supervisors what they could do with their job.

Even the late Johnny Pycheck knew better than to really tell his boss what to do.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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It is true, none of you offer any 'brilliant' counters to the facts I lay out. Personal attacks, yes, but factual counters, no.

And it's the facts most people listen to.

Hope for change in 2014. Super Majority of Republicans/Tea Party/Libertarians in both houses is the ONLY answer to Obama and the democrats will understand.

Fantastic!! Maybe now more people with brains who happen to find deaf's, neal's, jpptm's, etc., posts laughable will finally step and offer more brilliant counters to their blather...I am so tired of mean-spirited, mad-as-hell, militaristic gun toting street walkers who advocate for guns in everyone's Christmas stockings...thanks to town and least there are 3 of us in the area who have working brains, can distinguish truth from lies, and have the guts to "talk back" to the goonies.

Thanks, town...if we didn't counter deaf's rants, we'd be giving tacit approval to his garbage...appreciate every time we can post rational, fact-based and true answers to his hate and lies.

Apparently, sir, you are not the ONLY other person in East Texas, who has tired of this "gentleman" and his rants. He seems rather bitter most days about something or other, and I find him most unpleasant in general, with his smug condescention. I watch a variety of news, and this segment represents for me personally something less than professional to say the least, as it is routinely biased and slanted, which I suppose is the way he perceives reality, with no room for debate whatsoever.

Well pete... all you seem to do here is use ad hominem attacks.

Logical debate with facts must not be one of your strong points.

News flash.. SCOTUS upholds right for government to start meetings with prays, even if they stress Christianity.

About time folks!

that includes muslim prayers

Funny how deaf can show a moment of sanity in his post below...that "you are held accountable for what you say...there can be consequences," and yet continues to spread lies, foment fear, militarism and anti-government slop, all the while defending his comments over and over without batting an eye...little bit of double-mindedness there, deaf. Hope for consequences in 2014...that deaf is held accountable for HIS words and deeds.

When I listen to the 3 stooges (Rush, Beck, Hannity), I get the distinct impression they share Sterling's sentiments. Especially when they talk about Obama. In fact the talking heads on Fox seem to be frustrated that they can't jump on the table and scream the N word at the top of their lungs. There's a lot of thinly veiled racism and bigotry in business and media. And people of all races engage in it.

So, it's okay to threaten Bush but not Obama? Oh wait, in the progressive world threatening Bush is protected free speech and descent of Obama is a federal felony.

You have the right to say what you want. But, like Sparta, you are held accountable for what you say. There can be consequences.

Hope for consequences in 2014.. vote dems out for their words AND deeds.

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