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Fix the hole in the boat


POSTED: Wednesday, January 23, 2013 - 7:46pm

UPDATED: Saturday, February 2, 2013 - 11:54am

Yesterday, I did a POV on Texas Senator Ted Cruz ruffling feathers in our nation's capitol.

Cruz is a darling of the Tea Party. He's gone to D.C. saying the same things he was elected for, but the intelligencia is having hard time with Texas Ted because he wont shut up and go along to get along.

I've mentioned many times that politicians in D.C. and the so-called journalists, or now-a-days stenographers, are living on a different planet.

Last week, one government report said, if we don't stop the spending train we are on and cut back, we are headed to a black hole. Has this been mentioned by anyone except Fox

If you will remember the last time a Republican was sworn in for his second term, the media attacked George W. Bush and his wife for having lavish parties while so many were hurting from a 5.4% unemployment rate and we were at war.

What are we hearing now about how expensive everything was? Crickets, nothing?

We need people on capitol hill to shake things up. Political pundit Steve Roberts just last week said the reason why things were so rancorous on the hill is not enough politicians live their full-time anymore.

Mr Roberts point is they just see the other side as the enemy. They don't see each other at shopping malls and ball games,
and see the other side as human. But the founding fathers never set up for our elected officials to be full-time fat-cats.They were supposed to stay near the people and represent the people when they went to D.C.

This is your problem. The old-timers on the left and right want a good time. Don't rock the boat.

We're $16 trillion in debt. The boat has a hole in it. People like ted Cruz want to fix it.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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Next time your family sits down for supper you might ask your self if the Solyndra big wigs are eating better than you are. It was your Tax dollar.

The gov't plan to fix a sinking boat, drill more holes and let the water out.

I thought that was what you Republatards / T-Idiots wanted was to drill more holes. Wasn't it y'all who was screaming "DRILL BABY DRILL"?

Deaf Smith - we are already there.
Consider this, if we translate each dollar of debt into one second, that would equal approx 507,024 years. Does anybody REALLY imagine that we will pay this back???
Do you know where this debt comes from? 50% from Bush tax cuts, 25% from Bush wars. So why is everyone yelling that Obama is to blame???
But we elected Bush - so take the medicine you prescribed for yourself!

I watched Hillary Clinton eviserate the Republican senators. Rand Paul was daydreaming about being president, but that's as close as Captain Hairdo will get to it. You can tell he enjoyed trying to dominate a powerful female. He would have never spoken to Colin Powell that way.
56 State Department employees died during the Bush regime. 56. No questions were asked.

I watched Hillary Clinton in the Senate Hearings and House Hearing. The one question that I wanted answered was why was Chris Stephens in Benghazi anyway? I wanted the Reps to really grill her on that question. They let her get away with not answering it. Dana Rohrbachr and Rand Paul ( I believe that was his name) were the two that stand out most in my mind. The Dems don't care one whit about this country and what is right nor the deaths and our enemies KNOW it. They are selfish.

One day that debt, if not stopped, will get so large the INTEREST on the debt cannot be repaid.

When that happens it's called DEFAULT. We would default cause we just cannot ever repay it.

Then businesses and nations would only deal with the U.S. on a cash basis (or gold.) No gold, no do.

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