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Food stamps...for a while


POSTED: Monday, March 10, 2014 - 8:01pm

UPDATED: Sunday, April 13, 2014 - 1:33pm

I wonder why Michelle Obama hasn't jumped on this and wanted people on foot stamps to "move"?

Let me say fist, food stamps are needed for some people. Some folks at a bad time in their life have no place to turn. They need our help....for a while.

But, Right Wing news reported the South Carolina Department of Social Services cited health concerns, like the fact that the longer people are on food stamps, the fatter they get.

The S.C. Department of Social Services said Friday it will seek a federal waiver for a pilot project that would require many food-stamp recipients in Bamberg, Calhoun and Orangeburg counties to prove they either have jobs or are looking for employment.

In its announcement of the proposed "SNAP Work 2 Health" waiver, Social Services cited an Ohio State University study that found Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program recipients gained more weight the longer they received food stamps.

The report stated-- and I agree --I don't know how anyone could object to this proposal. Food stamps were invented to help people who are struggling to get back on their feet, not to provide a lifetime of groceries for lazy people and their dependents. Since long-term food stamp use is linked to poor health outcomes-- the opposite of its intention --this is a step in the right direction.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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And idiot.. who owns McDonald's? Bet your 401 and 403 have some funds in it as for stocks.

So that means YOU are to blame if it is true. Now ain't that a gas?


Didn't you just say it was a lawsuit and it 'claimed'?

So that is your idea of a conviction?

Hope for change in 2014. Lets put Dems on the unemployment rolls.

I'm loving it, Mickey D employees deserve a break today.

Folks.. 'Government Cheese'

Give a man a free house and he`ll bust out the windows
Put his family on food stamps, now he`s a big spender
no food on the table and the bills ain`t paid
`Cause he spent it on cigarettes and P.G.A.
They`ll turn us all into beggars `cause they`re easier to please
They`re feeding our people that Government Cheese
And that is how you get them to vote.. Democrat.

Idiot... NY, especially NYC, is super liberal. So why are there so many 'slum lords' in such a liberal state with liberal laws and so much rent control?


Sorry to interrupt everyone's straw man argument with a pesky fact. Military families receive around $100 million in food stamps every year. Cuts in the program will probably hit them first. You know if compassionate conservatives raised the minimum wage to $10 an hour, very few of those "dead beats" will qualify for HUD, and medicaid, and food stamps. Problem solved. News flash! If you eat off the dollar menu you just had a subsidized meal with my tax dollars. You're welcome dead beats!

Kinda makes you wonder why anyone other than whites would serve. Whites have no choice as their future is subjected to Affirmative Action laws which deny the both education and jobs because of their race. For whites,military service is the only means for some to overcome the discrimination of anti-white laws this nation has sustained for two generations.

I agree with you on all the above except the increase in minimum wage, Dave. I am on food stamps and even an increase to $10 p/hr wouldn't enable me to get off assistance. Of course, many will say I am lazy which is complete b.s. People who have never needed food stamps have no clue what it is like to try and feed a family right now.

Hmmm, internet connection subsidized by taxpayers - > oh well.

I got a better idea than raising minimum wage. Since the left believes taxation stimulates economic growth, let's add an employment tax. Let's say $200 per yr per part-time employee, $500 for full-time. While we're at it, let's raise taxes on money coming from overseas to 50%. This should really stimulat co.s to bring $$ on shore and employ full-time work. At least according to the progressive economic theory.

foot stamps.....LMFAO

And this is where you get your news and who you follow? What a bunch of moron idiots

You're so funny, Don!!

Whats your excuse? By the way that's not a very favorable picture of you. LMFAO.

that is a picture of your HERO doing what he does best.....LMFAO

Neil had to say something about weight and laziness, like the inexpensive high carb diets don't have anything to do with food stamps and the need to stretch a meal. Then that Neil infers blacks are lazy since blacks are twice as likely as whites to have received benefits and won't go to work unless kicked-off the dole. Yes, more of Mr. Media man's divide, And then lastly to concern with health issues, isn't that the whole complaint against ACA, that it gives Neil a reason to complain about me.

Quit trying to play the race card, no one said a thing about blacks. You got a guilty conscious or something? There are lots of people that have been on food stamps for years that need to be booted off the system, and if they are getting food stamps then they are more than likely getting big discounts on their phone and electric bills. There are a lot of programs out there that are being abused by people to lazy to work. What else would you call it, " to Special to work" or "they owe it to me ."

No, there are no big discounts on phone and electric bills. There is a discount on the electric bill but, that is only in the summer. My electric bill, like everyone's, tripled this past winter. Oh, and in the summer months, the discount is approximately $15. Umm, as for lazy, I myself have been going to school part-time for the past seven years. Part-time because I work and have children to care for.

Caution, Snyderpal (note not Snydergal) seems to be playing both ends. Why, I don't know. He did play the card. The same one Obama played. So it's Obama being the racist for implying only blacks get food stamps. So maybe snyd is attempting sarcasm?

in·fer /inˈfər/ verb
verb: infer; 3rd person present: infers; past tense: inferred; past participle: inferred; gerund or present participle: inferring
deduce or conclude (information) from evidence and reasoning rather than from explicit statements.

Sadly there are those who get foot stamps and sell them. Why? Booze and drugs.

Yes there are those who are totally disabled and desperately need disability SS checks and food stamps. And yes there are those who, no fault of their own, are jobless and in a credit crunch. They and their family need that food.

Bur as they found at Jamestown Virgina about 1608.... after mass starvation, no work, no eat!

For there is no such thing as a free lunch (TINSTAAFL). Someone has to pay for it.

DS We have become an entitlement nation and yes, some do game the system. It is inherent to human behavior to take the path of least resistance and that is the saddest part of all. When morals were important, the pride of self responsibility, to be above charity, was core to who we were. A work ethic was understood and every man stood on his own two feet. Government was (is) the Great Demoralizer. For two generations whites have been denied both education and jobs under Affirmative Action laws

...which discriminate against whites solely by their race. These laws fly in the face of MLK who asked that all men be judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. The Supreme Court routinely upholds this demoralizing discriminative law which pushes whites down into poverty where media can re-brand their identity into Honey Boo-Boo's and Homer Simpsons. So who has it worst Deaf, those demoralized by entitlements or those demoralized by racial discrimination?

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