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POSTED: Thursday, June 6, 2013 - 2:52pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, June 11, 2013 - 2:24pm

The reason I am not standing here before you speaking German, is because 69 years ago, today, brave American boys and men put themselves in harm's way.

Americans, along with our allies from all over the world, went forward with “Operation Overlord.”

The invasion of Normandy.

If you know anything about military history the location and the weather made this almost a suicide mission.

But, we went anyway, because we had to.

Americans are great at many things, but not great at remembering history.

And in my personal opinion, not grateful enough for those who risked all or gave all
so we can have a life of freedom.

Many “D-Day” remembrances are starting to dwindle because, let’s face it, 600 World War II vets are dying every day.

They are getting older.

I just hope the love of country and will to sacrifice doesn't die with them.

One 88-year-old man who went in with the Rangers on Omaha Beach said this, " I hope people remember that there were people like me and all the Rangers that I worked with, those of us who really believed in democracy. I didn't have any education. America was good to me. I hope people remember there were many men who sacrificed their lives and youth. We were young when we went over there, but we came back old men. It was a supreme sacrifice. I hope people remember, there were some of us willing to die for democracy, because we believed in it."

He also said he never thought he'd live to see his 20th birthday.

Most 20-year-olds, now a days, have no idea of the sacrifices these men and women in the service have made for us.

And they still do.

Let us never forget.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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The scandalous Government we have today is a far cry from the one my father fought for. Our rights are being tossed aside or trampled with the blessing of a press that no longer serves the people but has bowed down to a deceitful power grabbing government. Nothing good ever comes of a press and a government in the same bed.

Neal, America did forget and I am afraid that our fighting men and women did it all in vein. After hearing that my personal phone records, along with emails have been tapped by the feds and being targeted by the IRS, I just don't see the freedom any longer. You can't even pray at school anymore, or have Biblical slogans before football games. You can't mention God at all. Little kids pointing fingers for guns are dismissed from school. On and on I could cite our freedoms being taken.

You are incorrect about praying at school. I attended several functions at various public schools last week, and prayer and scriptural references were incorporated at every function. Just remember that the (un)Patriot Act was passed into law by that good Christian, George W. Bush, and a Republican-controlled Congress.

Yes, some schools still allow it, but many have banned it. Yes, the "(un)Patriot Act", as you put it, was passed and signed under Bush. But don't overlook the way Obama is taking full advantage of it to spy on and possibly persecute the people he is sworn to protect.

Our public schools have too much to teach without adding theology into the mix. I personally take my children to church, and don't want them to learn religion at school. I find it interesting that the very people who scream about taking God out of public schools are the ones who can't be bothered to get out of bed on Sunday mornings to take their kids to church. I disagree that "many" schools are taking "God" out of the school system in terms of prayer, etc.

Yes, I know history and I know the price we paid to live as a free people, a people who deserve a real democracy with an honest election free of media interference and electronic vote fraud, a people who have earned the right to a true economy and not a fake "bail-out" printed worthlessness currency controlled by a jewish banking cartell, a people who can only say that they no longer have a national identity, over-run with governments blessing in an authoritarian agenda that wraps us in a flag.

I had a father, uncles and friends who were in WWII, and several went in on D-Day. It is so wonderful to have had the pleasure of visiting with these family and friends and hearing the stories of what they went through first hand. In fact i have an aunt who lived in Austria and was forced into the Hitler Youth. The stories whe tells about the russians comming into berlin were unbelievable. She is like a walking history book.

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