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Gas prices got you down?


POSTED: Friday, August 24, 2012 - 5:43pm

UPDATED: Monday, September 17, 2012 - 2:45pm

Every Friday we always look at the gas prices around the area.

We were doing special reports about how much was was...when it hit this level a year ago. this the new norm?

I think back when president bush was in office.

Back then..I'd drive by a gas station and see gasoline costing more that 2 dollars a gallon.

One time I saw it hit 2.30, and I actually thought...I'm glad most of my older relative are dead because if they saw this they surly would be,

back when gas was in the 2 dollar price I remember many of the northeastern liberal democrats like chuck schumer of new York...holding news conferences at gasoline stations in new York state.

We'd hear the same old tired lines about working families and yadda yadda.

It's funny.

Not that gasoline if reaching the near 4 dollar make here....nothing.

Not a peep.

I've actually seen some stories written..of course by journalists on the east coast that the price of fuel really doesn't matter anymore?

I remember gasoline was averaging about 1.86 a gallon when Barrack Obama was sworn it.

Then..he declared war on anything having to do with traditional energy and we've raised the price.

Now..the learned liberals tell us we have a good start.

Let is raise prices even more and we can strap a windmill on our cars.


In an election year if gasoline was 4 dollars a gallon this would be in every talking point guide for every liberal politician.

i have also noticed that when dems are in the white house there is never a homeless problem either.


If Romney wins this thing i can bet your November the 7th at 8 am....the high price of fuel garnered by rich republican will be the topic of every talking head Sunday show that next weekend.

That's my point of view what's yours?

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It hit more than $4.00 per gallon when Bush was in Office

are you enjoying a 3 day weekend from your job? if you are, THANK THE UNIONS OF AMERICA

Outlaw unions and gas prices will drop. Vote for the American in November.

Great Job Garrett Sanders!!!!!!

Neal, you are right-on, you have just summed up the democrats to a "T".
Thank You.
Vote for the American in November.

I've lived in Tyler when oil sold for $11.00/barrel (1986) and now at $95.00/barrel. We live better in this region with $95.00 oil. Oil feeds my family and pays my taxes every time an oil man spends a dollar in my shop. You'd have to be at least 40 years old to remember how bad cheap oil is on Tyler's economy.

Have you ever heard of Hugo Chavez and his union oil???

You are stupid aren't you wooster? Hugo Chavez and unions,....lmao. The oil in his country is owned by the Government and unions are not allowed in a dictatorship.

Don ald Duck the union Stewart:
"The unrest followed a government warning this week that employees would be suspected of subversion unless they joined pro-Chávez trade unions and community groups."
First day of school Donald Duck(quack) 101
I will be testing you......

where is the link, can not find your claim about chavez....even google has never heard of it.....honesty 101.


You are typical union a failure:

Easy Don ald Duck....... unions are the dictator! Now you really just made a union member out of yourself!!!!!!

the nearest thing we have had in this country to a dic tater was "W" and chaney

It hit more than $4.00 per gallon when Bush was in Office which is more than double the 2 dollars a gallon you talk about.

Donald Duck the Demorats and unions are done in November. Romney and Ryan will create private jobs based on performance not seniority, Drill baby Drill, American Oil companies will be hiring non-union personnel, gas prices will drop to $1.25/gal. unions will be outlawed, crime will drop to an all time low. Eric Holder will be sentenced to prison. All $$$ saved by outlawing unions the National will be at "0"(zero).
Romney and Ryan will save the U.S.A., Vote for the American in November.

Long ago there was a woman named Marie Antoinette. Enough said.

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