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Global what?


POSTED: Wednesday, May 7, 2014 - 6:53pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, May 27, 2014 - 4:34pm

Here we are again.

Yesterday, the White House invited TV weather folks from TV stations all across the country to see the president. The reason: to bring awareness about global warming or climate change or whatever is the new name.

What's really going on is we are creating a crisis because there is government money funding for my project if I can fly it under the emergency of climate change.

The weather is classified by what is happening right now. For example, it's sunny and 80 degrees. Climate is weather plus time.

Every decade all the averages for hi's and lows and rainfall are averaged for new climate data. The reason: the climate is always changing.

We're told computer models are signaling doom if we don't change. I want to know who is putting the data in computer to calculate what the model spits out.

We're told reputable scientist agree. Reputable according to whom?

The same crowd who said back when I was in high school we were all going to freeze to death. Shift gears to the 80s. Now, they say warming will kill us.

Make up your mind.

Didn't actors Ed Begley, Jr, and Ted Danson in 1988 tell us we have 10 years left to save the seas? Last I looked, the seas are still there.

We're ok.

Only 36% of the nation according to polls, care about climate change or global warming. Take your picture to a name.

Right now, let's get this economy rolling.

That's my point, of view what's yours?

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News flash.. Another 'Climategate'.

A scientific study which suggests global warming has been exaggerated was rejected by a respected journal because it might fuel climate skepticism. Prof Bengtsson’s paper suggests that Earth’s environment might be much less sensitive to greenhouse gases than previously thought. The research, would be a huge challenge to the finding of the UN’s IPCC, that the global average temperature would rise by up to 4.5C if greenhouse gases were allowed to double.

'bad news' idiot?

Tell us all about this 'bad news'?

Tell us how bad it is that the temps have not gone up in 10 years.... Hurricanes have decreased in size and number. And the seas have,uh, risen how much?

Yea, tell us all about this scary bad news.

News flash... Timothy Geithner admits the WH asked him to lie on occasion.

Meanwhile the IRS,ATF, and FBI still stonewalls. Lois Lerner still takes the 5th.

And Obama stands by his 'you can keep your doctor' lie while 20 months later we still don't know where he was for EIGHT hours during Benghazi.

And yet, we are to believe them about 'global warming'.


Rubio? Oh, is he your straw man here to knock down?

DoD has always looked into what is needed to help in disasters, be it hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc... Note in Japan they sent an aircraft carrier to help. DoD, EPA, DHS, the whole alphabet of gov. agencies, keep tabs on natural disasters across the world. Always have idiot.

Next thing we know, you will say the sky is falling, or cry wolf.

Sad thing is the 'climate change' fakery makes it harder to believe any of you.

Town, keep at it...keep telling the truth...disregard every single attempt to discredit the truth by dippy deaf...thank you also to DrDavidC...without voices of reason, those who have their heads in the sand will erroneously believe they are right...facts, science, climate changes don't seem to phase deeply entrenched folks who don't have the smarts to do independent research, so keep hammering away at those cranks with facts, figures, and reality checks.

"accepting climate change is a proven science".

idiot... the climate has 'changed' since the world began. You do know there have been ice ages, periods of elevated heat, seas have risen and receded over the millennium, etc... right? You do know when it got hotter on earth it also got hotter on mars where the rover recorded heat spikes. Seems the sun as a bit to do with this.

What we can't do is upend the whole world economy on a 'science' that has falsified their own data for decades.


Hurricanes are at the lowest level in DECADES.

Gore's predictions of rising seas, super storms, vast heat waves, melting ice (BTW ice in the Antarctic is now INCREASING faster than expected!) have all been false.

It's all bogus idiot. Even Bush figured that out.

DrDavidC, COMOS??? Yea we have seen every one of them (both Sagan and the newer guy.) Nice try but again... all the predictions have been failed to materialize.

Hope for change in 2014. Give Dems some global warming.

Bash on, deaf...hollow and mean-spirited...oh, by the way...concerning the drought in CA, one of the problems is that marijuana grows siphon off (get this bit of news) approximately 60 MILLION GALLONS of water PER DAY...50% more than used by all the residents of San Francisco...SF Public Utilities Commission (2012), et al. Along with natural drought, clown potheads are diverting critical water supplies to make their cash crop grow big and strong...probably the same here in good ol' Texas?

Pete don't you think watering lawns in Midland, Odessa, Amarillo, San Antonio, El Paso, Phoenix, and Las Vegas uses more water than growing pot? Building major population centers in the middle of the desert doesn't make much sense. Folks in South Texas and California better start building desalination plants now. It really isn't optional. Failure to plan ahead on their part does not constitute an emergency on my part. It constitutes stupidity on their part.

100 percent in agreement Dave!

Why use FOOD to make gas? If you have to make alcohol for gas, then switch grass can do the same as corn, and we don't eat switch grass.

But politicians on all sides are beholding to the companies they give subsidies to not grow this or that (big subsidies!) and thus they keep using corn, food that is, for making gas.

Politicians are rarely sincere in their motivations and Obama is a proven liar. So what's his real motivation? Because we know it's not concern for the environment. Is it pandering to the environmental wackos, a continuing attack on American business, especially small business, or his continuing war on the middle class?

Many major cities in the world have air quality problems. Beijing, Mexico City, and Paris have all experienced days where pollution levels far exceeded safe levels. If Obama or our government was serious about climate change, the first step would be remove ethanol from gasoline. That one step would improve mpg by roughly 5 - 10%. And they'd convert the government fleet of vehicles to CNG. Then they'd invest in public transportation coast to coast. Obama's a liar and a hypocrite.

BOTH sides bought into the EtOH for gas BS! How many politicians are Dems in the corn growing states like KN, IA, NB, OK? Not many most are GOP. It's not 1 sided as you claim! What you have to realize is most on BOTH sides are "bought off" ! Take off your RED glasses and see reality !

You're right doc both dogs in the fight (red & blue) are owned outright by corporations. True fascism the melding of business and state. Working for their interest over over ours. Using media as a propaganda arm to "reeducate" us. Exactly what Orwell described.

Seems his new shtick is 'extreme weather'. Re-package the 'global warming' to 'climate change' to now 'extreme weather', yep he does have the most 'transparent' administration!

He points to what's happening in California (the drought) but kind of conveniently forgets they have rerouted the water for so long 1/2 of the drought is man-made! They created their own dust bowl, ironically at the same time we have Obama's FDR policies for the economy!

Hope for change in 2014. Vote Dems out, way out.

That's right, disavow science and make every failed attempt to discredit it. Then when you fall ill you run off to your local doctor or hospital seeking a scientific cure while praising the best medical science money can buy. The media you use to blast science was created by science and if not for science, we wouldn't have to read to your political biased rants. But then again you're probably still concerned about falling off the flat earth which many of us wish you would!

Only 36

Only 36% believe in global warming? Well, neal, unfortunately I am going to have to suffer the same hotter summers, the same water rationing, the same scarcity of fresh local produce, and all the other dullards will suffer as the climate changes for the worse... it's really a total waste of my time to post anything more.

42% of Americans think waterboarding isn't torture. Maybe there's a link between fascism and climate change deniers. The the 2 numbers are about the same. The air in Mexico City is so bad it irritates your eyes. Asthma and COPD are common. Mexico City is basically a big bowl so an inversion layer traps pollutants over the valley. But it does provide a good example. Finite amount of air. Narrow band of Oxygen ratio required for all life on the planet.

For any doubters, go watch the latest COSMOS episode. IT IS happening. Wait til food price skyrocket because of the widespread drought in CA. We have more "Sandys", and wildfires because of heat waves drought in the plains. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to see the polar caps are receding and melting at a rapid rate- just compare satellite photos from 2013 to 1990 !! Only a fool says nothing is happening - no difference !

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