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POSTED: Monday, February 24, 2014 - 5:22pm

UPDATED: Sunday, April 13, 2014 - 12:54pm

Many times during a week, I am reminded how proud I am to be a Texan.

This past week, I was proud again when the state told the NFL to stow it.

Just incase you have not been paying attention, the NFL seems to be getting on board with every social issue there is.

The latest is if you have a CHL you cannot bring a firearm to an NFL stadium.

And the craziest is, if you are a police officer off duty, you cannot bring your firearm into the stadium.

Now this is about the dumbest idea I have ever heard.

If you know anything about peace officers in the state of Texas, you know they are always on duty and are charged with carrying a gun.

That means if you are a Tyler Police Officer and you decided to go to a 7-11 one night at midnight for a snack and you see a robbery taking place, you have to take action.

Again, you are always on duty.

Well, the NFL says no.

The Blaze reports Texas state law states that so long as an off-duty law enforcement officer checks in at specific gates and lets stadium employees know where they'll be sitting, they will be allowed to carry a firearm, according to a Dallas TV station.

This flies in the face of an NFL memo that declares that off-duty officers who, "attempt to bring firearms into an NFL facility will be denied entry."

Dallas Police say, "our officers are 24/7, on or off duty, and if they run into a critical incident, they are required to take action," he said.

"Our officers will be allowed to carry their weapon into AT&T Stadium and other football stadiums in the State of Texas due to Texas law."

The reasoning behind the NFL's firearm policy in the first place?

The NFL believes its stadiums already provide adequate security and, therefore, those armed, off-duty police officers are unnecessary.

Yeah, like a no-gun school zone?

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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What cop makes enough to even go to an NFL game? The cheap seats are $100, parking is $40. Another straw man argument from KETK.

Sheila, because everything is getting way too heavy for you these days, what with all the things that are disturbing you, re: EVERYTHING, we suggest you look into short-term "housing" at the ET Behavioral Center or the cozy little hospital in Terrell....bless your heart, one wouldn't have believed the NFL issue would have elicited such bilge water rhetoric, but you took the bait and ran over the cliff with it...good luck with building that ulcer, girl!

I enjoy reading Sheila, she adds a different dimension to these comments.

Uh idiot... You and this Nancy Robinson do know that buying guns for people who cannot own them is a FEDERAL FELONY, right? Nor can you give a gun to a person who cannot legally own one.

Demonstrating you're too stupid to contribute to the topic being discussed, you once again post idiotic crap like usual. Show us the polished education you claim to have everyday and stay on topic for a change Yankee Blowhard/liar.


Unless they really DO limit weapons, say metal detectors, x-ray machines, searches, etc... then it's just a farce.

See you can put up all the signs you want and tell the thugs no, but they can get guns, bombs, knives, etc.. unless you make it one big PRISON.

We will see if NFL football becomes one big prison.

Oh no doubt Paul, the next step is a TSA style entry. I don't agree with the policy, but wanted to clarify what the NFL was actually saying and not what Neil claims is their position. I understand Minnesota's police are suing the NFL, but in Texas an exemption has been granted. I guess the NFL knows not to "Mess with Texas".

In an October letter to police, the NFL's chief security officer wrote the league believes limiting weapons inside stadiums creates the safest environment for fans. Did you read that in Neil's Op-ed? Neil reports; "The NFL believes its stadiums already provide adequate security and, therefore, those armed, off-duty police officers are unnecessary." Neil's statement is not an accurate account of the NFL's position. Often seated behind that typical drunken foulmouthed yankee, I want my own gun.

Looks like they would welcome the extra security, but thats cool, I have a better seat and more conveniences in my living room. They can keep their overpriced tickets, concessions, parking.

Now that the NFL has adopted a rule change where use of the "N" word will result in a 15 yard penalty, my seats behind the end-zone are now the best in the house.

Well the NFL is so pro-UNION and ANTI-GUN, they want only those LEOs that are 'on the job' to have a gun. See that way the UNIONs get more work.

Safety? No, it ain't safety they worry about. UNIONS protect their jobs. Safety for everyone else is a very secondary consideration.

Don't they realize their unintended consequence? At some level they are telling law enforcement "we don't want your business". is more the adopted rule from the FAA where the number of weapons allowed on an aircraft will reduce the odds of a terrorist act rather than "the more the better" security plan you suggest. I'm reminded of the old "Twilight Zone" where William Shatner grabs the firearm off a snoozing LEO {Paul's police jargon} to shoot at a creature reconfiguring an aircraft's engine while in flight. A Glock swiped from a LEO has the potential to be a WMD at an NFL arena.

Actually, I wasn't trying to suggest anything. It was just one of those things I noticed as one that has been in retail for 30 yrs. and where customer service is paramount. To turn away any customer for some excuse is just bad business. Along with that argument is that the NFL, or at least their associated teams, is a private business and has the right to set what criteria they want for admission into the stadiums.

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