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Neal Barton's POV

Good luck with that California thing!


POSTED: Friday, December 7, 2012 - 7:18pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, December 11, 2012 - 10:40am

Back when I was a kid, everyone wanted to go to California. The westward migration was a big this in the 60s and 70s.

They called it the land of fruits and nuts, but still they came.

I lived on the West Coast for years and they always told me the West Coast was full of people who didn't fit back east and came out there. Their words, not mine. But now the luscious land of plenty is starting to ask a lot more than it gives.

Capitol alert reports high-income Californians may pay the nation's highest tax rate.

Thanks to passage of Proposition 30 last month, high-income Californians would pay the nation's highest marginal income tax rates -- nearly 52 percent -- if President Barack Obama and Congress fail to make a deal to avoid the so-called "fiscal cliff."

Without a fiscal cliff deal to the contrary, the Bush era tax cuts on high-income taxpayers would expire next year and rates would return to their previous levels.

And this election Californians voted in a Democratic super majority. That means they can meet and jack up taxes anytime they want to with a basic majority.

Goodness knows that have to pay for all the entitlement programs that state is known for and wants to do more of.


That's my point of view,  what's yours?

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Neal notes the many migrations that California has experienced, all the down & outs from Americqn society and the world community . From the 49er's seeking the wealth of gold, to the post emqncipqtion farm migrant that were attracted by the agricultural diversity of the central valley later to incude the dust bowl Oakie starved by drought, The Asian Coolee and the hispanic illegal,attracted to a place known to look the other way & where Jewish Hollywood and their casts of thousands paid nothing.

Common Sense isn't all that common any more, at least in Cal and D.C.

That is how a democratic Republic works Neal. We had to live through the Republican majority for 6 years under Bush and look at what they did to our Nation with their greed for those with the highest marginal income tax rates. Now the majority of the Nation and Californians have spoken so live with it and stop your crying or get the h3ll out of this country.

Overall, however, their tax burden is only slightly higher than what we pay in Texas. They pay a bit more, but they get quite a bit more in return. I'd say that's a problem not with California but with the Texas legislature and Rick Perry.

For those who don't understand the "seismic standard" here's my attempt to explain....Every public works project (highway, water line, waste water line, electric line, train line, etc) must be constructed to withstand an earth quake of a certain magnitude. California manages to build and maintain that infrastructure designed to a higher standard than what is required in Texas for only a small amount more. Texans pay a much higher property tax rate than Californians, while they pay income tax

eastman: You do not know of what you speak.
Texans do not pay STATE tax( sales tax but not State tax).Water in Ca. is vastly higher. We do not pay higher RE tax than Ca.( that is county originated anyway).cCa. have vast public retirement systems, which Tx. does not have( $200K yr for life guards at Newport Beach for instance)

I think Ca. don't Ca.cares...

Apparently just like the rest of the LOW information voters!!

I see you got a new phrase from Rush today as he kept using the phrase "LOW information voters".
It appears that you are the LOW information voter sparrow being that any tax passed by our state legislature is a STATE TAX. No,we do not have a state income tax but a state sales tax which is a state tax. We also have a state gasoline tax which is also a state tax. We do do need a state income tax and eliminate the education property tax. We would most of that money back through deductions on a 1040

You're mixing up California state tax rates with federal rates. Any deal about the fiscal cliff would impact federal rates, not California rates. What's your point with this story? The overall tax burden on California citizens is only slightly higher than on Texans. That includes state income tax, sales taxes, and property taxes. For that slightly higher amount that Californians pay, they get public infrastructure built to seismic standards and a superior public transportation system.

They deserve the government they get as well as this nation.

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