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Monday, March 2, 2015 - 9:31pm
Neal Barton's POV

Goverment stay out of our newsroom


POSTED: Thursday, February 20, 2014 - 3:37pm

UPDATED: Sunday, April 13, 2014 - 1:03pm

I am sure you've heard by now what the Federal Communications Commission is up to.

They now want a newsroom monitor in every TV and and radio station in the country. They even want a monitor in newspaper newsrooms, as well, even though the FCC has nothing to do with newspapers.

The reason is that they want to keep an eye on our content. In other words, one of the FCC commissioners says the government has nine areas they want monitored. They said they'd like to monitor topics such as the environment. They believe something they deem important is not getting  enough coverage.

Do you see where this is going?

In other words he or she could sit in our newsroom and say, "Hey, enough of this Obamacare debacle, let's move on, let's have stories about green energy."

And what about this little First Amendment, Constitution thing? That's so 2001.

They also want to know which managers are picking stories and what everyone is paid. I can tell you right now, there are journalism advisors who just hate me because every year they pester me to go online or fill out a paper about newsroom demographics. They also want to know what each position is paid. What my news people are paid or anything about their lives is none of anyone's business.

If this FCC idea, which is not mandated yet, does not chill you, you are dead in the head.

Just remember, appointees to the FCC won't always be Obama appointees. Plus, if the federal government is just trying to harass us with people in our newsroom who live out of town to pester us about content and don't really have a handle on things, most news directors already have that.

They're called TV consultants.

That's my point of view, what,s yours?

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uh pete...

They did find tens of tons of Uranium ore that if processed became WMD. They also found some artillery sarin gas shells. But most of the WMDs were moved out to Syria and Iran as intelligence photos showed.

See Sadam bragged about having WMDs. He told the world he had them. And he had Al Qaeda training camps to boot.

Now if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck... well it becomes a dead duck (as Sadam himself became.)

bush/cheney/rove/rumsfeldt/rice, et al, led us into a war based on lies...speaking at a white-tie event, bush stood up and referred to the crowd that they were "my people"...the rich, powerful, huge donors, socially elite...bush/cheney/rumsfeldt snowed the mindless public into believing Iraq had technology that would, eventually, be a credible threat to the US...bush was able to separate war budget from the fed. budget...adding a devastating burden to American citizens...on and on.

Corporations have been censoring news content for years now. There is no "free press" in America anymore. Don't worry about comrade FCC dictating content, worry about the corporations that put their bosses into power. I do find it ironic that the very thought of censorship sets Neal off.

You on the left don't get it do you? When a station chooses to run one story over another, its NOT censorship. Its free speech. When the gov't tells you what to run, THAT'S censorship. When the gov't says "critical information needs" they mean descent is not "critical" and needs not be run. It also means if you offer descent you must offer pro-gov't stories, but not the other way around.

And you to pete? Were where you?

I bet all you jokers where out there calling Bush all kinds of names and protesting his policies as 'un-American'.

What goes around, comes around.

Hope for BIG CHANGES in 2014. Who knows pete, might even really impeach Obama.

" un-American troop of clowns calling for impeachment of the POTUS".

Were were you don when they called Bush a chimp, monky, and pushed for his impeachment?

Were you with them that time?

What is good for the goose.. is good for the gander.

t didn't see neil out front of the S. Broadway post office yesterday (Saturday) covering the un-American troop of clowns calling for impeachment of the POTUS...can you imagine someone passing through Tyler for the first time, someone who had heard nice things about this town but hadn't seen with his/her own eyes the level of hatred that is coming to the surface here...I only wish I had had my camera with me to catch the hate on the protesters faces...would have sent it to national news!,

That's OK Pete, under Obama's administration the FBI, DHS, CIA, and NSA all have pictures they will share. You'd be wasting your time sending it to media, they could take a thousand just like it any day of the week. I know it's an abstract thought for you, but did you consider that they are the Americans and you're the odd ball socialist supporting those who rob their freedom and livelihood ? It's un-American to want someone else to pay your way. Call your buddies at the IRS and tell them.

Well don and folks, Jesus said if you break one commandment... you broke them all. So don, how bad does that make you?

Neal's job is that of a COMMENTATOR, as in comments. He is not the anchorman at the news desk in this column. He is giving his opinions.

So he is not bound to tell every supposed fact you think he should.

Hope for change in Nov. of 2014. Time to cashier the Democrats.

Yankee Blowhard, whenever a flunkie social worker calls me a bigot and I know that they practice bigotry by supporting Affirmative Action Laws, denying white's their rightful place in society based solely on their race then, the accusation is meaningless. {Like everything you say}

If he ia a Christian as he has claimed then he is bound by scripture to always tell the truth no matter if he is an anchorman or a COMMENTATOR. By not telling the truth (FACTS) he is a liar no matter if he is an
anchorman or a COMMENTATOR. You are correct for once deaf & dumb in that Jesus said if you break one commandment... you broke them all. So deaf, how bad does that make you?

Dumber than Dirt Don, I first heard Neil's POV being spewed by the shill Mark Levine, a radio propagandist. When I looked into the matter it was as you say, a lie predicated on a half truth. Obama threatened the media (reasons stated below) by promising to restore the FCC's authority to enforce "Market Share" laws which protects free speech. It's pathetic that the threat of free(er) speech would be met with such opposition by the media.

Rescinded on 2/21 by the FCC, this comical display of "back-biting" between the Justice Dept. and Fox Jew James Rosen, where the FCC is Obama's "muscle", should be seen by all for what it is, proof that a free press can't exist in this nation. Holder,caught in a lie to congress over AP phone records when Rosen revealed his Emails had also been the target of a search warrant. Mr. Transparency attacking the media is as idiotic as a puppet attacking the strings that make him dance.

No they won't always be Obama appointees, but they will certainly always be liberal, pro gov't. Also, bureaucracies are already violating the Constitution by writing regulations and levying fees without Congress, what makes anyone think they give a rat's @@@ about the 1st Amendment?

You're not even close Yankee Liar. The FCC was created in 1934 when the influence of mass media {being radio and newspaper} was seen to be dangerous to individual liberty by garnering majority opinion. The main function of the FCC was to assure diversity in markets, but this soon changed as Hollywood was caught "RED" handed inciting this nation to war. History proved McCarthy correct. Clinton won the info-war by eliminating FCC control of market-share, Obama eliminated equal time rules.

Could be they are sick of people like you who abuse their positions by not telling the truth or not telling all of the true FACTS so we the people can make an informed choice. Crying shame that someone like you is even paid for all of the lies that you tell neal. You know Neal being a liar like you is just as bad as any woman who has an abortion or any homosexual act in the eyes of Christ.

Time for you to get back on your meds Don.

time for you to check back in at Rusk Shelia J

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