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Friday, March 27, 2015 - 11:34am
Neal Barton's POV

Grand ole politickers


POSTED: Wednesday, June 25, 2014 - 7:20pm

UPDATED: Sunday, July 6, 2014 - 10:37am

If you think old fashioned smoke-filled politics are done, you're wrong.

Case and point, the Republican Party in Mississippi: A Tea Party candidate almost took out Republican fossil Thad Cochran in the last primary election, but fell a few votes short.

It turned out to be a runoff last night between the Tea Party's Chris McDaniel and Thad Cochran, Cochran has been in the senate since 1972. He was asked last week about what he thought about Eric Cantor losing his race in Virginia.

Remember, Eric Cantor is in Republican leadership. Thad Cochran had no idea Cantor had lost a week after that election took place.

Also enter boss hog Hailey Barbour. Barbour is like the Huey Long of the state of Mississippi, a kingmaker.He was governor and now he is a lobbyist. He's tied to the old-time republican party. He can't let a 42-year newcomer who is actually a conservative lose to a 300-year-old man who has no idea what year it is.

So knowing last nights race was going to be tight, he went to work with a ground game. He went to work mainly getting black Democrats to vote in the Republican primary runoff. It worked. He was fuel with RINO senate money.

Some of that money was from Texas Senator John Cornyn. You know, "Big John" as he likes to call himself.

You may think this is funny. You may think this is good politics. To quote a line from from the movie Tombstone when scoundrel Ike Clanton linked Doc Holiday and the Earp brothers as a single unit.

He correctly said, " they're all in it together." Truer words were never spoken. You can say that about the the ruling national Democratic and Republican parties.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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don... the Tea Party IS made up of alot of Vietnam vets. Go look at photos of their rallies. Retired military, retired workers, retired housewives, whites, blacks, Asians, Spanish... but look at any democrat rally. Almost all white!

Hope for change in 2014. Can't vote Obama out, but we CAN vote all the democrats out to dhow our displeasure with this administration.

A lot of Vietnam vets Retired military, retired workers, retired housewives, whites, blacks, Asians, Spanish do not agree with the T-Party too.

News flash (big one, but with Obama they are all big): A new report by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) – designed to prove that ObamaCare is increasing access and lowering health costs – may provide evidence to the contrary. A government health analyst says that ObamaCare could be in the early stages of a financial death spiral.

Told you it would go broke.

Really, the Tea Party lost. That is rich. Go check your facts and nationwide you will find that isn't the case. Yeah, the Rhinos don't like the conservative side of the Republican party. That is a given but the worst RHINO you can find or mention is a heck of a lot better that the liberals, Odumass, Biden, Reid, and Fienstein, but conservatives and independents will reverse that problem in about 4 months. Live with the fact your liberal asses are going to lose the senate. Live with it.

The T-Party NON Patriots are trying to take over the traditional Republican Party because they are not strong enough , smart enough nor have a back bone to stand on their own un-American US Constitution Hating, communist idealogy merits

Look, the 3 anti American, Constitution Hating, Veteran Hating, Military Hating dummies showed up with their anti American BS. The FACT is the T-Party is made up of a bunch of losers. A Mississippi tea party leader who was facing charges in connection with photos taken of Sen. Thad Cochran’s bedridden wife was found dead Friday after an apparent suicide, police told local media. Good that this hunk of crap did himself in.

Right here Don,

Constitution loving, 2nd amendment supporting, anti gun rights hating independent conservative, T party and Ted Cruz supporting independent conservative. You don't need to look far to find me. By the way smart ass, where were your two bit( that 25 cents to you idiots) when you odumass loving buddies were lying to Congress earlier this week. Seems like you crawled into your hole and hid for a couple of days. Welcome back "Cowards".

you only love parts of the US Constitution and not the entire document like the dumbass ted cruz who can not understand "Green Eggs and Ham". I was right here watching the liars in the GOP house lying to the citizens of America just as true hypocrite Jesus hating, Veteran hating, military hating America hating T-Party cowards do

Oh Hypocrite Conservatives, Anti - America and American Constitution GOP / T-Party Supporters,

Where Art Thou HATE filled ,Anti-American, GOP / T-Party Hypocrite Conservatives?????????????????

The only thing worse than John(RHINO) Cornyn is the alternative, a stinking liberal democrat. So insignificant that I can't even remember his name. I wonder why that is? Most likely because he isn't worth remembering. We need another Ted Cruz and John(Rhino) Cornyn is not it. I can't stand Cornyn but he will beat the hell out of any Liberal Democrut. Just wait till November and find out. Those old white men you hate so much vote. Say that about your punk liberal democruts.

2014 midterms are only about 6 months away. Obama is so for down and way way over 1/2 of them HATE HIS GUTS expect them to take it out on the Democrats in office. Massive loss of seats.

News flash: UNANIMOUS: SCOTUS strikes down Obama recess appts. That's 13 cases before the Supreme Court since January 2012 that were unanimous decisions that Obama lost.

And now EPA has lost their emails that they are supposed to turn over to the courts and Baghdad may fall and 2 more years of Obamafail to go.

Town and Don!! Where you been? Strange isn't it that both Town and Don disappeared at the same time (stopped posting their slimeball drivel) and "VOILA" They both reappear on EXACTLY the same day.
Can you say LIBTARD TROLL????

My point of view is Cornyn won the primary with 59% of the republican vote. That sounds pretty good until you realize he only received 388,000 votes out of 18 million voting age Texans (13 million are registered). That's the key point is 2.9% of the total voting age population is enough to get nominated. He'll win with less than 50% of the voting age population. Both parties count on your apathy.

I agree. It sounds like to me from reading neal's POV that the T-Party does not want blacks voting for republicans. Do they not want blacks in the GOP or is it that they only want blacks that are millionaires who give them money?

With the way the massive corruption in the government is going, I'd love if the tea party won every office.

They surely can't do any worse than these bozos.

The next thing we will see is the T-Party trying to supress the votes of the old white men and women who vote for the traditional GOP republican values instead of the T-Party values. I can hear them now....we can make those old people on walkers go to a polling place with no handicap access and we need to stop mail in ballots from going to nursing homes and assisted living centers.

And now Rick illegal immigrant lover, I will veto any legislation that mandates E-Verify, come to Texas illegal immigrants and attend Tx colleges at in-state tuition rate perry is trying to keep illegals out of Tx after he invited them here? What an idiot all of you GOP T-party idiots support. Why hasn't Greg illegal immigrant lover Abbott enforced current laws on Tx businesses that hire illegals? Hope for change 2014 vote the GOTP out of office

One true FACT in this story the T-Party LOST AGAIN with more than 51% of the voters being against them!!!! And now they are like a bunch of score loser children and are crying foul.

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