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Tuesday, March 31, 2015 - 10:11am
Neal Barton's POV

...He's sorry

...He's sorry

POSTED: Friday, November 8, 2013 - 7:21pm

UPDATED: Monday, August 4, 2014 - 2:21pm

Did you see the president said he was sorry? NBC News had that "apology" exclusively, Thursday night, and I made sure I watched it.

Then, I realized, he said "I'm sorry," but he didn't apologize, and there is a big difference.

I think the president is annoyed that this is still and issue or became any sort of issue in the first place.

He's never had pushback from the media and seems to live in a world where he is being told, "all is well and the only folks who oppose you are crazy-whack jobs."

I guess he was told "Obamacare" passed and then never read the final tally which said not one republican voted for it.

I guess he never saw the town hall meetings where Americans passionately stood up and defied anyone who tried to mess with their health care.

And also, drawing a lot of heat, during the exclusive sit-down with NBC  the president "misspoke" and mentioned "he" was burned by the healthcare website then quickly corrected himself by saying the American people were burned by the website that won't work.

I've been amazed where it's now been counted, at least 40 times, he said you can keep your insurance and doctor period, butt now says that's not what he meant.

And the most amazing this he's sent out his buddies to try  and get people to agree with him.

Oh and one more thing, do you remember all the hullabaloo, about a year ago, when we had the gun debate? The same people who are telling us we misunderstood them when it came to what they meant about healthcare that they didn't want to take our guns.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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Can't say my opinion, my post always get deleted

What did President Obama lie about? You could have kept your insurance plan that you had prior to March 2010...they were all grandfathered. If you or your insurance company changed that policy it lost it grandfater status and if it was you who changed the plan you had prior to march 2010 it is safe to say that you did not like your plan to began with. So if you or your insurance company changed the policy you had after march 2010, whos' fault is it, the Presidents?

Obama didn't know he was lying when he promised you could keep your existing insurance, like all modern empty suits/ puppets, he was simply repeating what he had been told by the Kaiser Institute. Had not the roll-out of the ACA been such a miserable failure then, the (6 to 15 million-who really knows?) cancellation notices would not have even been mailed. Why would anyone healthy under 55 buy ACA when a negligible fine and guaranteed acceptance replaces your old catastrophic plan?

Thanks Sheila,

I was trying to find something about this issue. Wasn't it the Office of Human Services who made this change?


Arthur J Spong
Rome, GA

No one seems to be pointing out that the ACA was passed to provide healthcare for the uninsured. As it stands today the 6 million uninsured people in Texas are still uninsured. There is no current plan from Cruz or Perry or any other republican in the state to do anything about it. You will continue paying for their coverage, it'll be added onto your bill. Your insurance rates will probably go up. And the Federal funds set aside to pay for the poor will go somewhere else. Goodbye tax dollars.

He's sorry alright. A two bit socialist/communist that loves to preach against the pie but certainly likes to live off of the largesse of the American people. Typical of communists. He should be impeached.

What, no Bible quote w/your post this week ? How about this one from the book of Revelations; "[T]hey who call the shots in this promised land are only elected in boardrooms". To name call the puppet is like a dog who barks at shadows. Fake economy, fake democracy; get with the program already.

Is that all you have Katie? Your un-Godly , un-Christian name calling and lies? Do you not have any FACTS to support your claims?

And when Deaf turns out to be RIGHT?

We do know for a fact at least 8 MILLION people DID get cancellation notices. And that is after Obama on at least 20 occasions that were filmed said 'you can keep your insurance. You can keep your doctor. PERIOD."

Is any of that incorrect? No?

And the GAO has said it will be at least DOUBLE the 8 million who get cancellations and are forced to buy more expensive policies. Is any of that incorrect? No?

Do the math.

Hope for change in 2014.

And when Deaf turns out to be RIGHT?......LMFAO

How realistic is it to think that a law would be put into place that makes it illegal to deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions, but then turn around and say "no fat people allowed"?

47 million people in this country are uninsured. Medical bills are the biggest driver of bankruptcy. 67% of the US population falls in the subsidy range:

The ACA certainly isn't perfect, but it IS beter thanwhat we had before.

Let's be clear: Obamacare does NOT "force insurers to drop people". This is a choice being made by the insurance carriers. They COULD keep the grandfathered plans, but see profitability in pushing people to newer 'compliant' plans. Basically you folk are blaming Obama for business decisions made by corporations. Here's the TLDR version of the rules:

Most of the people I see speaking out against Obama ARE 'crazy-whack jobs', and want to put him on terrorist playing cards because he's 'the sorriest president in history'. The hyperbole doesn't help your case at all; it just makes you sound like a hutjob.
Did Obama lie? He made a statement of certainty about the outcome of a complex system. If Obamacare doesn't ban you for being fat, as Deaf sugests, did Deaf lie? Can you ascribe nefariousness to Deaf's intent if he turns out to be wrong?

Did Obama lie? Probably, yet it can not be definitively proven. But if he didn't lie, that means he had no idea would occur. That makes him incompetent. If not incompetent, then he did lie and that which has already occurred was intended.

Obama has took NO responsibility. His non-apology and saying he will 'look into it' as just a delay tactic. Since regulations force insurers to drop people all he as to do is ORDER KATHY SEBELIUS TO CHANGE THE REGULATIONS! It is that simple.

But no, over 50 MILLION will loose their insurance because of his LIES.

Oh, and say, if Bernie Madoff, the swindler, and swindled 50 MILLION people, what would one say?

Yea yew would be the worst swindler in history. Well Obama is just that.

Why do some godless people put out Disinformation - it is unAmerican. That's your president for you, telling lies to try to cover up lies. And you are right he is very un American.

Are you speaking of yourself and deaf, Suz?

Why do some godless people put out Disinformation - it is unAmerican. That's you, telling lies to try to cover up lies. And you are right you and deaf are very un American.

In the UK their NHS (National Health Service) prohibits obese people from getting healthcare. Yes bars them even though they pay taxes like anyone else.

And this is what Obamacare will one day do. If you don't do as they say, you will be 'fined', and by fined they mean bared from the service.

Hope for change in 2014 with 16 Democrat senators up for re-election.

Yeh but his supporters just LOVE the emporers new clothes.

Yeah, and he doesn't want to tell you what to eat either, does he? I agree with you on this, but you need to get someone to proofread or else someone else to transcribe 'cause they are making a lot of mistakes in typing the words you spoke.

He shows strong leadership moving our great nation forward while others choose to hold it back.
Forward, are you nuts or what, he has done nothing but take this country down the drain since he took office.
Catch up with Canada, England, etc, we used to be #1 until your idiot took office, now we are well on our way to becoming a third world country. We can not make our own products or even grow our own food for crying out loud. We are dependent on other countries for everything, even leadership

we used to be #1 until your idiot George W. Bush took Office. All of you republicans are REGRESSIVE not PROGRESSIVE.
You stated "We can not make our own products or even grow our own food for crying out loud. We are dependent on other countries for everything, even leadership"
Well Suz, when did all of the Free Trade began and who passed it in Congress? Thats right the republicans did.

He's sorry alright, the sorriest president in history who has done more harm right here in the good ol USA than all the terrorists put together. He should be on that deck of cards they used for the terrorists, the Ace of Spades, representing the spade he has driven into Americas heartland, trying his very best to kill this country and its people without mercy. One day he and hillary and the rest of his henchmen will pay for their crimes against humanity, no one escapes judgement day, no one.

President Obama is the best President that this Nation has had after William Jefferson Clinton !!

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