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Hey Mr. President, what about us?


POSTED: Monday, July 1, 2013 - 4:16pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, July 9, 2013 - 4:58pm

I'm confused by this.

The President is over in Africa worried about their energy problem.

He's worried about the energy program on another continent.

In the meantime we have gasoline at more than $3 a gallon.

He seems to want to give money to anything with the name green on the application.

We have so much oil here in our own county.

Look what's going on in the Dakotas.

Look what could be going on in the Gulf of Mexico.

But, we are going to write a check to Africa for $7-billion.

This is an outrage and an insult.

He is in love with another continent.

There, he is putting our money into electricity.

He spends $100-million to go over there and then quips to the audience when he made the announcement.

You'll all find the United States is a friend, but don't trust us.

He actually told the crowd, watch out for other countries, even us.

He is the President of the United States.

He is speaking badly about us internationally.

And the strangest, most insulting part of all, he starts telling Africa how to create jobs.

This is one for the archives.

A President leading a country with no money, spenfing more of it on another continent.

Then, showing more of an interst in their economy than our own.

This is just downright wrong!

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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One cannot really blame him being so crazy about Africa. After all, thats where he was born.

Obama is willing to help any country except for the one that elected him. We welcome the 15 million illegals to our welfare rolls with section 8 housing for all who cant speak english. Arm yourself america because you will soon have to fight for food and life in this country we all call america. America is in a self destruct mode as Japan said after surrendings war world II, China is waiting as we still have resources that other countries need and will take when the time is right.

Yeah, I'm crude, rude and not politically correct but I'm smart enough to know not to vote for Barrack O'dumbass. I'm smart enough not to go around defending what will go down in history as the worst president in history and I'm smart enough to know a duck when I see one. You don't like what I said about you because the truth hurts and you know it. Now you can get off your knees and quit dreaming of being under the desk of B.O.

History will record him as a great POTUS. Look at FDR, he's one of our worst, yet it is beat into us and our kids that he was one of the best. Bush will be the only one, not that he's blameless, who will bare the weight of the bad economy, Obama will be praised in the light of FDR even though they both have damaged the U.S. the most.

What you lack in couth you more than make-up for in ignorance.Look stupe it goes like this; history is an abstract of those who record it and if you haven't got it figured-out by now, the media is all behind O'buckwheat. This nation didn't elect him, media promoted an opponent that neither surprised nor concerned the citizen when fake election results announced Obama pres. It's how they do it every time only changing R or D to fake a democratic process. U think we could let idiots like U decide?

Just exactly the kind of statement I would expect from a liberal black woman wearing her brains somewhere other than between her ears. I guess you want to be to Barry O'dumbass what Monica Lewinski was to Bill Clinton. Maybe you would swallow insead of spit too. You seem to have that mentality because you comments make no sense at all.

You should change your name to East Texas Deadneck because you're dead from the neck up. And besides being thick, you're crude.

Congress hasn't passed a budget since April 2009. The only thing that kept us from a 1929 style depression was Food Stamps. Gas in Libya is 62 cents a gallon, in the US it's $3.35. To fix all this congress proposes a cheap labor/amnesty bill to make sure US companies have 12 million cheap laborers. Congress should stop all foreign aid until it has a surplus to share.But congress is going to take your money and spend it any way they want. They don't answer to you, they rule you.

Obama doesn't care one thing about America and he never will. Every decision that he makes is toward tearing America down financially, militarily and religiously. Has been pretty successful at it too. He sides with the enemy and with the money going to Africa, the people will never see it, it will be the enemy over there too. Kruschev once said they would not have to attack America, it would fall into their hands like an over ripened fruit. Guess he was right afterall.

Is anyone fooled by Neil's rant? He simply doesn't like the president. Is it because of race, or that he is really a puppet, or something more sinister like his being a socialist with ideologies akin to Carl Marx, how are we to know? Does it even matter anymore now that we are a nation without borders or a constitution. Neil needs to be more like Gohmert, befriend those who tear our nation down and they might buy you a job at foxnews with their left-over AIPAC money.

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