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Thursday, June 7, 2012 - 6:02pm

Im sure if you are a news watcher, you say what happened in Wisconsin earlier in the week.

Governor Scott Walker for all purposes was re-elected. Actually sailing through a recall election 53%-46%.

That's pretty much a blowout for him, although the main stream media outlets like to use words like "survive" and "gets by."

But a powerful message was sent this week.

That message--- enough is enough.

Timothy P. Carney writes a piece for the Washington Examiner stating "what if you are fighting the man...but it turns out you are the man?"

He writes, The Democrats' defeat in Wisconsin's recall election Tuesday carries a lesson that sounds obvious: A politically connected class of people who get paid much more than their neighbors, thanks to tax dollars supplied by these same neighbors, cannot pass itself off as an oppressed minority. And that privileged class certainly can't get away with running against " special interests.

When Wisconsin's government employee unions and the activist Left began their failed crusade against Gov. Scott Walker, they saw themselves as the peasants storming the castle. They compared themselves to the Tahrir Square demonstrators overthrowing oppressive Egyptian ruler Hosni Mubarak."

Mr. Carney, true words.

You saw the guy crying on the news saying democracy died that night.

No sir, it didn't, but perhaps a lot of sacred cows or territory when it come to negotiating a more financially responsible America did.

That my point of view, what's yours?

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