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House Organ silent


POSTED: Thursday, March 7, 2013 - 8:40pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, March 13, 2013 - 11:10am

- I can credit or blame my late father for getting me into politics.

I've followed politics ever since I used to watch him shout at the T.V. or throw down the newspaper in disgust.

I often think now it's a good thing that dad has gone on because I have picked up his role of shouting at the T.V. and throwing down the newspaper in disgust while reading about politics.

In following politics since about 1979 I know the playbooks of both political parties.

I've seen this picnic about 4 different cycles.

I'm not surprised but wonder where the howling I of the uber-left?

The same left which was beside itself about Homeland Security and the FBI wanting to
wiretap in the name of national security..

They almost had a stroke about waterboarding.

A technique which if we would not have used Osama bin Laden would
still be walking around in his pajamas.

And now...I watched and listened as senator Ted Cruz of Texas had to make four passes on the top cop of the nation
Eric Holder that it is unconstitutional for the president to kill anyone on us soil with a drone.

In other words the A-G would never come out and say "Mr. Cruz, it is against the constitution of the United States of America for a sitting president to have it out for someone and just decide to kill them with a done while he drinks coffee at a café or pulling weeds in the back yard."

I'm still not convinced Holder even meant that.

Where is is the house organ..the mainstream media while all this is going on?


They reek.

That's my point of view what's yours?

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It sure looks like Holder and Obama wanted to have the option available for some future event.

I think the Democrats should have been all over this drone issue. I don't think the sitting president would ever use drones to kill Americans, but the past President, and more specifically his vice-President Dick Cheney, would have used them in a minute. Can you imagine war-monger Rumsfield with his hands on a done? Using the same standard of proof they used in Iraq, anyone digging a ditch in their backyard would have possibly been hiding weapons of mass destruction.

...and, oh, by the way, your wonderful pres, gw bush, brought us the longest running war based on lies cooked up in a back room with cheney, rumsfeldt, rove, et al...seems all on the mean side of this country have lapses of memories about what gw did to this country...he also "cooked the books" so war funding was not shown in the national debt...for anyone who portrays this POTUS as a "communist", harken back to, and transport yourselves back to, Nazi are spewing bilge water!

None of these incidents by Eric Holder, Obama etc. is by mistake. It is by design and the useful idiots of the media are more than willing to accomodate. It is hard to believe that in some cities of Texas the flags were flying half mast for a Communist. America had better wise up. Obama needs to be impeached and now and a lot of others need to go with him. Richard Nixon was impeached for less. Now the women are honoring an antisemite woman. Unbelievable.

What kind of "funny" candy does this woman eat? Where, on earth, do you get the stuff you post, katie? You are either a senile bitter old woman, listen to whatever lies others shove down your throat, or are so full of unbridled hatred for anyone who isn't White and/or doesn't think or believe like you do...I'll say it over and over again...I wouldn't want to be inside skin that is so full of venom or a brain that can't think for itself to discern truth from lies..

The MSM and Democrats only think it's bad if Republicans do it and then it becomes a campaign issue they can use. But if their side does it... well no comment.

OH're too smart for that Paul. The Left-Right, Liberal-Conservative, Democrat-Republican divide is simply the "made-up" conversation of media. As long as you "buy-in" to this ruse of what television defines as democracy then, we will be continually herded into a police state. Get smart, fight back!

chuck, what are your weapons of choice in your "fight back" scenario? Along with deef smith, do you advocate outright revolt? Do you join a Texas militia hell-bent on taking on the federal government in the face of true military units under the command of the Commander in Chief? If you are against main-stream media, do you get your faux news from beck, rush, hannity, and all other liars and twisters of truth? Does your TV only get faux news? Don't sidestep these questions...answer them!!

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