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How dare they

How dare they

POSTED: Monday, August 1, 2011 - 6:50pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, August 31, 2011 - 6:15pm

Anger and angst as well as disgust is on Capitol Hill about the Tea Party.

How dare these people come here and not do things they way they are supposed to be done- meaning the D.C. way.

Liberal Juan Williams on FOX last night was flabbergasted that Tea Partiers are not kowtowing to leadership and doing things the old boys way.

Better example- if you watched Brian Williams on NBC Nightly News last night. Williams doing a chat with long-time NBC reporter Andrea Mitchell who sniffed these people, meaning the Tea party, came here and they don't even care about being re-elected.

And they don't ever want to bring pork back home to their district.

They both harrumphed.

This was a lot different than the Brian Williams who had his own hour long special Sunday going behind the scenes at the White House.

When Williams told Republican and Democratic leaders that America thinks this system nowadays is dysfunctional and broken, they looked at him like he was a two-headed goat you see at a regional fair.

I don't think this budget deal is going to pass. And Tea Party folks have to realize upon some things, you'll have to bend some.

But, You cannot win the entire war with one vote.

And I laughed out loud when the Republican congressional leadership was arm twisting the South Carolina congressmen.

Instead of asking for perks, they prayed.

Does the ACLU know people are praying in the capitol?

What to do with these awful people who did what they said they would do. These horrible people who don't care if they are re-elected?

So far they have won because the slam-dunk debt ceiling raise is a thing of the past.

They are forcing Congress to have to sit down and work, read and know what they are passing.

That's my point of view what's yours?

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I am tired of being a Tea Party Republican. Why can we be a third party, the Tea Party? Let us get federal matching funds, the whole thing and forge ahead!

I am so tired of this. Let us not be Tea party republicans! Lets qualify for federal funds and BE the Tea Party! Nothing wrong with a third party, plus independants!

Mace, @ Lake Tyler

It's obvious the liberal elites in Washington feel their way of life is threatened.

If the spending cuts are not immediate, then once again we will have experienced that oh-so-irritating smoke-up-the-derriere experience that the Congress is so skillful at providing.
The only proposal deserving a yes vote was immediate and large REAL spending cuts, meaning spend less than last year and not just reductions in the increase of spending!!!

We didn't have a Tea Party when we sent Louie Gohmert to Washington but we do now and we couldn't be more pleased to see Louie stand with us against this two trillion dollar blank check just voted to our financially and morally bankrupt government.

The T-party Reps sold the tea party out today.

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