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Hypocrites: 'Let 'er rip'


POSTED: Tuesday, August 27, 2013 - 5:26pm

UPDATED: Monday, September 16, 2013 - 8:08am

Remember when so many on the left were mad at George W. Bush back in the early 2000's?

We kept hearing about Bush's war when it came to Iraq and Afghanistan and they kept saying we illegally got in the way.

Well, he did form a coalition through the United Nations. That's the right way to do it and then there were howls.

Now, the president is thinking about getting involved with Syria. Where is the outrage from the far left? Listen for it, oh wait, there is none.

They are hypocrites. Their guy is in power and they say "let 'er rip."

Getting involved with Syria is not a good idea. John Kerry says they've used chemical weapons. That's horrible.

If indeed that is the case, that needs to be shut down, but, I don't think we need to send one soldier over there.

We don't have to.

If we feel comfortable with retaliating tp the chemical weapons, the best way to handle the situation for that is "tomahawk missles."

Let's do it from the air and make sure the job is done, then walk away.

The best weapon we have is a good energy policy. When I say energy policy, I'm not talking about unicorns and windmills and
small cars still catching on fire during the audition. I mean get drilling. That's what we have right now, then find a fuel additive for that or whatever works.

Then in five years, we can tell them to go and drink their oil.

We have people right now trying to kill each other who do not like the United States, so let's not get in the way of our foes fighting.

Let's kill the chemical weapons and let the others fight it out over there.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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Sheila, you are a racist and an idiot...and ketk is a sham for continuing to print your mess.

The US needs to let the united nations handle it and start minding our own business for a change. Funny how the US can always find money for other countries, but can never find any for anything in this country except illegals and big business. This country is going down the tubes faster and faster every month and has been for over a decade.

You guys have a warped view of presidential power, and just how much a president actually runs. The Beaurocracy runs more than you think. Remember Eisenhower said beware of the military industrial complex.
While running for the Republican nomination in 2007, Gen Wesley Clark said plans for invading Iraq were written up long before 9/11. He also revealed existing pentagon plans for invading Libya, Syria, Iran. Somalia, Sudan. POTUS is a figurehead.

You are 100% correct Dave, plans were made to invade Iraq long before we actually did so, they were decided the day Saddam Hussein announced that he would no longer sell Iraq oil in US dollars and instead accept Euro's. That's what ALL these wars are about, preserving our dollar which has been made worthless by the Federal Reserve who have printed it into 17 trillion worthless slips of paper. The ethnic group which controls our dollar controls our government, those who you call "The bureaucracy"

Put blame for the decline in the US squarely on the shoulders of the radical repubs/tea swillers you and others voted into the House...the all-glorious party of "NO" for bypassing the UN and building a coalition of nations determined to see that Assad never uses chemical weapons against innocent men, women and children again, this is being done to bypass the automatic "NO" from Russia and China, had it been run through the UN Security Council. And for "Pete's" sake, shut up, Mr. Smith!

America is ignorant of what significance Syria plays in our national security, certainly not oil, Syria produces very little oil. The evil dictator excuse hardly applies when six weeks ago the UN found USA backed Rebels using Sarin Nerve Gas and our media was quiet with hardly a mention of the UN findings, which is why we have no support along that venue. Of course it appears hypocritical when Obama and Bush carry-out the same foreign policy, they are both puppets of the same puppet-master.

...and if both presidents carry-out identical foreign policy when they are from different parties, then how could any American be so stupid as to believe that our national elections are real?


Remember Bill "I didn't have sex with that woman' Clinton and his pseudo-war with Gaddafi?

Well here is Obama with his 'Benghazi Missiles' to hide all his scandals.

See, a leader to take all the domestic troubles off the peoples minds, will start a war abroad. It has happened many times in history.

So Syria is Obama's way to take our minds off the recession, scandals, Obamacare trainwreck, and other problems.

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