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I can break the law as well as he can

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POSTED: Wednesday, February 12, 2014 - 6:32pm

UPDATED: Sunday, April 13, 2014 - 2:21pm

How well is Obamacare going over?

So well hat this week, the President has extended the business waiver for another year.

The reason why?

Red state democratic senators are on the hot seat. The 2014 elections are on the way.

This is a way of giving them cover because he knows once most people start getting their employee covered under insurance they'll take it out on democrats at the ballot box.

And like a king, the President just waves it off and say we're not enforcing it right now.

According to the law, he cannot do that.

No president can enforce the laws they want.

Each law must be carried out to the latter.

But, no matter. And to me, it gets worse for employers to keep their employee roster to below 100, so they won't be affected by Obamacare. They must now promise the President they are not laying off people or keeping things below 100 people just to dodge Obamacare.

Did you hear what I just said?

One must stand before the king (IRS) and promise they are breaking no law.

I can assure you if I had a small business making lawn mowers and I knew we'd taken an Obamacare beating if I had 100 employees or more, you're darn right I'd cut back to 99 or never exceed 100.

I can break the law as well as he can. Because now the law means nothing.

And where is the press?

They're worried about Chris Christi, the name of the Washington Redskins, or a football player who's announced he's gay. All that while we lose more and more freedoms each day.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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"The fact is republicans don't care."

Well that is your opinion but we see the democrats load up their Obamacare with pork, mismanagement, graft, ignorance, and well if they care so much why did they mess it up so badly.

And BTW, looks like the 30 million Obamacare was supposed to get insurance for won't get it. And if Obamacare goes bankrupt then NOBODY WILL GET IT.

And that is why... Hope for change in 2014 this November. Vote the dems who caused this trainwreck out!

Uh, alot of small companies ARE corporations.

One must realize that one of the main purposes of incorporation is to limit liability.

Sole proprietorship and partnerships are totally exposed if sued or going bankrupt. A corporation is only libel for it's assets.

Small companies incorporate quite often. I think it cost $1000 in the state of Texas for that.



No proof of those enrolled, no premium payments have been substantiated. Everyday you parrot media. So far the only accomplishment of ACA that we all know to be fact is the reduction in full time employment. As to R or D, you'd have to be thick not to see that both are a front for agenda-gov. which the American citizen has no say. McConnell has been selling his vote since he began advertising this to be his last term and Cornyn has been a traitor to our land since TARP.

America would probably be better off with a lot of small companies any way. They usually pay better and treat their employees better.
At this point the republican counter proposal to Obamacare seems to be, do nothing. In fact the whole party platform seems to be repeal Obamacare, and grant amnesty. After 5 years of this comic opera I'm ready for an intermission.
The fact is we are in Texas, and 25% of our citizens don't have health care. The fact is republicans don't care.

Mean 'ol Repub's, they don't care. Healthcare was affordable by all until government got involved. Does your mother know you play on her computer while she's at work ?

Oh and idiot...

If you have a IRA, 401(a) or 403(b) you are a greedy 'stock holder'.

Now ain't that a gas.

Who do you think owns corporations? Why people who pay INCOME TAXES!

You see corporation stockholders get any dividends. First the corporations pay taxes on the money and then the stockholders pay taxes on the dividends. Thus the money is TAXED TWICE.

Yes folks, profits from corporations are taxed twice. So idiot, don't cry.

and the working poor pay taxes on their income (at a higher rate than stockholders who get any dividends) and then again when thet buy the needs of life. Yes folks, earned income of the working poor are taxed twice and at a higher rate than corporations and stockholders .

Technically Dumber than dirt Don, you've never paid an income tax. Since you derive your income from the govt. and have to give some back as a tax, we could have all been spared the expense of your tax charade if govt. just paid you less. You live off the Gov.'s teat and I'm the one paying the price for you to suckle.

Paul, in all fairness to Damn Yankee, he is correct that the American Free Enterprise system is under attack by Crony Capitalist. The Crony's influence both parties by bribing Congress in what is allowed as "Lobbying". Crony's re-write existing anti-trust laws to form monopolies. George Kaiser {the financing behind Obamacare} bragged that he was a billionaire and never paid an income tax. You may know him through Solyndra, or as Obama and Pelosi's contributor. Immelt , CEO of GE is another. Jews

Hey Socialist Carpetbagger, did your Treasury Dept. forecast identify the number of individual income taxes collected come from employees of major corporations ? Like all your posts, you only tell half the story,

that is the most ignorant post I have ever seen SJ

And jpttm,

that is why equal protection under the law should mean to also have EQUAL ENFORCEMENT of the law. SCOTUS needs to expand the meaning of the equal protection clause for Obama is just picking laws he wants enforced just for a chosen few cronies.

Name one President that has not just picked laws he wants enforced just for a chosen few cronies.

You'll find Obama is not the first, and won't be the last, POTUS to arbitrarily enforce laws or SCOTUS decrees. That distinction will go to Hilary if she's elected. If you think Obozo is dictatorial, wait til she's in.

You've got that right ! Ms. New World Order herself would rule us minions with an iron fist. They already skirt US law by way of NATO treaty.

Ms. New World Order....LMFAO

George H. W. Bush mentioned the " New World Order" 11 times in just one of his State of the Union Address. The GOP are the champions of the " New World Order".

That is correct...gees I wonder if Clinton and Bush are really just fronts for the same powers that be ? You know, the people that print our money and control our economy and media.

So if the administration can 'wave' any law, or part of a law (statute) then the can ignore enforcing any provision of the CONSTITUTION they want.

Yes simply wave the Miranda rights of suspects. You say no? Well why not if they can ignore the very law that says they MUST do certain tings at certain times to get Obamacare up and running.

Or wave enforcing the 1st Amendment. Or civil rights act.

Equal protection under the law should mean to also have EQUAL ENFORCEMENT of the law.



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