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I hate the new normal


POSTED: Wednesday, October 10, 2012 - 6:46pm

UPDATED: Thursday, October 18, 2012 - 9:34am

Are you getting sick of the new normal?

To me, the new normal is "I know you love the way you used to live in America, but now, you need to stand down, check your ambition at the door and accept we need to live in a sub-standard country."

Let's take Big Joe. Sheriff of the Stimulus ,Vice President Joe Biden for example.

We know he's been sequestered for the past 6 days getting ready for the vice presidential debate.

Remember the last debate in 2008? Sheriff Joe made a big point to say "people can barely fill their gas tanks right now."

That was when gas was cheaper than it is right now. In fact, at the time (Oct. 2008), the average cost of a gallon of regular was $3.17 and only $1.93/gallon when Obama took office in January of 2009 - according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Today, AAA estimates that a gallon of regular costs about $3.82 (Oct. 9), while the latest BLS report says it cost $3.71/gallon in August.

Where is Sheriff Joe and the posse about that? Now I hear politicians cannot control the price of gasoline, except when George Bush was president.

And speaking of debate, now we learn the same moderator for the next vice-presidential debate invited Barry Obama - he was Barry back then to her wedding.

Is that bad?

And if you really want to see the new normal, which is the new BS, take a look at the coverup going on right now about the
death and destruction in Libya.

YouTube video indeed.

I'm sick of being lied to and insulted.

That's my point of view, what's yours?

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I hate it that the new normal is that a guy from Bain Capital is the Republican candidate for President. His dad actually built up jobs but he can't ship them overseas fast enough. I hate it that the new normal wants government regulation out of our lives except for reproductive choices, when they are all in people's personal business and think they know better than the person actually going through the situation. I hate it that the new normal thinks hatred of civil service workers is ok.

Welll,don't we need to "level the playing field" because " it isn;t right we are the only super power"? Isn't that why Clinton gave the red Chinese missle technology in exchange for campaign donations? After all, it's only fair that if we can reach them, that they can reach us.

The 'new normal' is grey. Euphenisms for everthing.People are now afraid of any 'label' for fear it will'hurt someone."
Give me back a definitive stance. C'mon people let's get a grip before we are gone & we didn't know!!Maybe the reason for moral decay & irreligion is because they only deal in absolutes.

The US dollar is not worthless. It is the world standard. Foreigners seek out Treasury Bonds. Do you know how much gold we have in Fort Knox??
The reaon people are worried about our money is that because the Fed is printing more each day to cover what we spend it makes the credit rating lower. ( Obama 's reign got the 1st devaluing of the US credit rating in history, remember?).
The bond is at an artificially created low these days;so when it stops the Bond buyers today will be locked in a low.

There is no gold in Ft. Knox. All gold reserves are now held thirty stories beneath ground level at the Federal Reserve bank in NYC. Treasuries represent the strength of our government not dollar. The dollar is so worthless that oil traders will not accept it as payment. . Hussein moved to Euro's and we invaded. Libya tried to form the Golden Dinar and we invaded. Syria and Iran won't trade it and we put Rebels in Syria, soon to invade Iran. Our dollar is as strong as lead and blood make it.

And nobody knows what the Federal Reserve bank holds in gold, they refuse an audit.

The new normal was brought on by "We the People...." We did not pay attention to who was being elected to office and then when we should have known better, we continued placing these socialists into elective office where they stayed for decades. Freedom is not free. Our forefathers fought, pledged their lives and their fortunes for this country. "A Republic if they can keep it." Ben Franklin

Far too much tolerance for EVERYTHING!

We knew who to vote for, the guy media didn't like. Remember he was unelectable, he was a kook, his foreign policy of non-intervention was dangerous, his cutting trillions from the budget was bad for the country, his call to phase-out the federal reserve was ...well you know. Now under martial law, and with a dollar so devalued our paychecks won't buy gasoline and the military in 3 wars, where no country wants our worthless money unless forced at the point of a rifle, Media Hack neil is unhappy.

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